801 & 802
Original -- Feb 18/19, 1991
Showcase -- May 21/22, 1998

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"Motherly Love"
Luke's away in Sydney visiting his mom. It's Cris's birthday and Jessie arranges a quiet dinner between him and Anne Brennan. Noel Reddick, the RSPCA officer who was making the rounds of the various farms looking for incidences of poor living conditions and cruelty to animals, is found murdered. Jan Anderson is the new RSPCA officer and she stays with Matt and Lucy. Initial suspicion in the murder investigation fell on a young farmer near Steve's place. It turned out to be his crabby old mother...he just helped cover it up and, before everything was sorted out, he had held Matt and Jan hostage and almost killed himself.

Complete details coming much later (when this ep is rerun on Showcase TV in Canada). Please check back.


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