799 & 800
Original -- Feb 11/12, 1991
Showcase -- May 19/20, 1998

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"The Promised Land"
An action movie is being filmed in Wandin Valley and Luke gets starstruck while working on the set. The star of the show, a young boy, is afraid of the fox who is his co-star and sets it loose. The fox is subsequently shot. Steve finds the wounded fox and takes it to Matt, who saves it's life. Matt shows the young star that he doesn't need to be afraid of the fox. A stuntman on the film, Tom Masters, is hospitalized with malaria. Turns out he's wanted in Malaysia for eco-terrorism (no one was hurt but he caused millions of dollars in damage). Lucy agrees with much of his ideas and ends up having horrible dreams about the end of the world. Cookie and Bob try to make money by letting it slip that Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the film and they dress up Bob for a quick photo. Arnie's people hear about this and threaten to sue. The producer of the movie, who had wanted to make a movie about the environment, not the fluffy action movie it ended up being, is involved with Tom Masters and when he is extradited to Malaysia, she promises to follow and stick by him.

Complete details coming much later (when this ep is rerun on Showcase TV in Canada). Please check back.


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