793 & 794
Original -- Jan 21/22, 1991
Showcase -- May 11/12, 1998







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"The Two of Us"
Shirley is back and Frank is away. Sgt. Phil Goodwin is Frank's locum and has his son, Jason, visiting him. Jason is a hemophiliac. They stay at Esme's house. Cookie tries to date a transvestite, unbeknownst to him. Luke is at the aircraft plant in Sydney with 6 other fellows...only two will be accepted for the apprenticeship. The boss tells him that he would not be happy being a mechanic and to go home. Luke thinks the guy just has it in for him but learns later on that he thinks Luke should go home, finish his studies and become a pilot. Steve finds she really misses Luke. She comes to visit Luke in Sydney and they return to Wandin Valley.

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