789 & 790
Original -- Nov 5/6, 1990
Showcase --

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"My Sister's Keeper"
Cris and Jessie are back from Melbourne. Shirley's gone to Surfer's Paradise to see her sick mom. Two sisters, Jennifer and Marnie, inherit their Uncle John's property. Fifteen years ago, they were in a motor vehicle accident in Wandin Valley which killed their parents and left Marnie a paraplegic. Terence starts receiving threats and damage to his property. They suspect Marnie, because of her crabby demeanor, but it turns out to be Jennifer, who is quite mad. Cookie tries to talk Steve into letting him manage her singing career. Steve agrees, hoping to make enough money to buy a new tractor but Cookie makes such a mess of it that she decides againsst it and gets a cheap tractor on a bank loan from the newly hired bank manager.

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