783 & 784
Original -- Oct 15/16, 1990
Showcase --

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"Eye of the Beholder"
Frank and Shirley are back from Sydney. Frank is working a lot of hours with Audrey Fullerton, the Artistic Director of the Arts Council to work on his musical "Cops". Terence badly burns his hand when he grabs a hot pipe while learning to weld his boat. Cris hypnotizes him to speed up the healing process and, to Terence's surprise, it works. Lucy falls for a cow at the auction and convinces Anne to buy it, since she can't buy it for herself. Steve meets Michael Herbert, a pastoralist who was three years ahead of her in school. She can't afford to buy any calves because they are being sold in lot sizes too big for her means. Michael Herbert buys the calves and gives them to her. She likes him and dates him until she finds out he's married. Shirley organizes two days of walking or biking in the town to oppose Muldoon's proposed new parking meters. The town wins and Muldoon backs down.

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