779 & 780
Original -- Sep 30/Oct 1, 1990
Showcase --

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"No Case to Answer"
Matt and Lucy are back from their honeymoon in the Blue Mountains. Sr. Sargeant Bruce Sharp is in town and he works on the edge of the rules. Danny Lalor and Richie Holland steal Cookie's car and joy ride. Sr. Sgt. Sharp is driving the police car and Frank is the passenger when they spot Cookie's car. They pursue Danny but, when Frank wants to call off the chase because the speed is too high, Sharp won't quit. Jessie is on a school bus outing to the zoo in Dubbo when they reach an intersection at the same time as the speeding car. When Danny tries to avoid the bus, he and Ritchie go over a cliff into the quarry. Danny later dies in hospital and Ritchie has to have his leg amputated. Sharp goes to pieces over the accident but an internal review by the police comes to the conclusion that there was no wrongdoing. The town blames Frank until Sharp tells them that he was at the wheel. Steve finds a time capsule the Anne buried when she and her mother left the farm. It includes a diary and gives Steve insight into her sister. They re-bury it for another generation to find.

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