775 & 776
Original -- Sep 17/18, 1990
Showcase --

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"The Quality of Mercy"
The Council is spraying around the Valley again and Muldoon is up for re-election. Cris tries to hire solicitor Elizabeth Brown to take the case against the Council to court but she refuses, saying that they haven't got a chance. She has the hots for Cris and he likes her, too. Jessie, unfortunately, does not. Cris and Shirley both decide to run against Muldoon in the election, on an environmental and community-centred platform. Frank decides to form the Wandin Valley Players because he was turned down for every part in a play being performed by the Burrigan Players. A bloke named Leo, who is Ivy Clements' nephew, exposed himself to Esme, causing her great stress.

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