773 & 774
Original -- Sep 10/11, 1990
Showcase --

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"When a Girl Marries"
Matt's dad, Gil Tyler, arrives for the wedding. He wants a return on his investment in Matt's business loan and gives him a hard time about not collecting his clients' debts. Gil also wants to try out a new drug his company makes which removes the wool from sheep. Lucy tells Gil off in no uncertain terms about his treatment of Matt. Gil backs down a little and eventually tells Matt he does love him.

Lucy's mom Lois arrives but says Lucy's father is having an affair with a barmaid and she's divorcing him. Also, she says he won't come because the wedding won't be in the Catholic church. Matt gets the Catholic father and Anglican minister to do the service together and have it at St. Mary's, the Catholic church. Lucy's father arrives and tells Lois that he only let her believe he was having an affair to make her jealous. He thought she didn't need him any more since she went back to performing on stage. They work it out. Cookie burns his hands and Frank takes over as caterer. Matt and Lucy finally get married.


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