763 & 764
Original -- Aug 6/7, 1990
Showcase --

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"Old Wounds"
M. P. Briggs and his daughter Miriam are in town. He is to award the Senior Citizen of the Year award. Esme wants to win and is in competition with Ivy Clements. She finds out that Ivy has leukemia and throws the competition so that Ivy will win. It turns out that Ivy could live another 20 years or more. Miriam decides to teach Luke how to water ski and Luke is driving the speed boat when Miriam hits a stick in the water. Cris saves her life but she is paralyzed and has to go to the spinal unit in Sydney. Luke may be charged with reckless endangerment. He sees Miriam only as a friend now that he's got a crush on Steve.

Terence is away and Cris has a hard time dealing with Miriam's surgery because it brings back vivid memories of his helplessness when his wife was run over by a boat in a water skiiing accident and killed while he was elsewhere playing in his band. He finally breaks down and grieves. Cookie has gone off without telling Bob where he's gone, so Matt stays with Bob for a while. Bob's mad that the council has appointed a plumber from Burrigan to do the renovations at the Club.


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