729 & 730
Original -- Apr 16/17, 1990
Showcase --
Mary Regan (Ann Brennan)
Bernadette Hayes (Sue Daley)
Doreen Warburton (Eunice Lambert)
Mark Bower (Mr. Coombe, a patient)
Emil Minty (Danny Lalor)
Jon Sidney (Byron Skinner)
Paul Kelly (as himself)

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"Sisters I"
Sue Daley is acting Matron and sick of it. Steve copes with the farm. Frank is stumbling over his Italian lessons. Matt has a new car. Steve finds out that Snow left the farm to her and her half sister, Ann. She's having problems breathing whenever she gets stressed out. Frank is decides to open a youth centre in the Valley. Eunice Lambert arrives as temporary Director of Nursing. Her behaviour is very erratic.

Ann Brennan arrives from Perth. Lucy's garden is being destroyed -- she and Jessie stake it out and find the rabbit responsible (it turns out it belongs to a magician). Ann wants to sell the farm but Steve resists. Steve is hospitalized after suffering an anxiety attack from the stress of her dad's death and dealing with the farm and her sister. The police department arranges to lease the old School of Art building from the Council for the drop-in centre and Luke gets the Valley kids involved. Byron Skinner, a local realtor, had big plans for the property and is not happy. He arranges for one of the kids, Danny Lalor, to torch the Lodge but Luke catches him at it.

Eunice's behaviour gets more and more odd, culminating in her giving penicillin to a boy who was allergic to it and, after being sent home, being found wandering the streets naked. A CAT scan reveals that she has a brain tumor. Ann plans to return to Perth until she discovers that her married boyfriend's wife just had a baby and she knew nothing about it. She then decides to stay in the Valley for awhile and applies for a nursing position at the hospital. Once they see her excellent qualifications, she's offered (and accepts) the DON position. Paul Kelly makes a guest appearance at the Lodge opening and Luke, Matt, Cris, and Lucy perform as well.


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