725 & 726
Original -- Mar 26/27, 1990
Showcase --
William McInnes (John Freeman)
Annie Ploughman (Janet Murphy)
Georgie Goldstein (Sandra Williams)
Allan Penney (Perce Hudson)
Colleen Clifford (Freda Spinner)
Lyn Collingwood (Jean Quigley - the celebrant)
Neil Roach (Jim Fredericks - the union rep)
Christopher Banks (Mike)

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"Kiss Me Kate"
Luke is waiting for a letter from Miriam Briggs. Lucy Gardiner becomes the temporary Director of Nursing. When Lucy fires Janet, who works in the kitchen, for stealing supplies a strike ensues. Perce Hudson is depressed thinking of his wife, Dot -- his last reminder of her, their cow Bessie, is sick with a bone tumor and has to be put down. Freda, an old patient at the hospital, is upset over something but can't articulate her desires because she had a stroke. Lucy finally determines that she wants her usual chin electrolysis. Bob Hatfield and Jessie are treated for lice by Esme Watson. Lucy decides to resign over the strike but then talks to the union rep to end the strike...one provision is that Lucy rehire Janet but when Janet hears that Frank will be conducting a thorough investigation, she quits. John Freeman and Cathy Hayden admit their love for one another, even though Cathy is afraid that it is too soon to be married. They do so anyway, at Kelly's Bluff in the National Park, overlooking Wandin Valley, with Matt and Lucy as their witnesses. A small reception has been arranged at Camelot. They leave right away for their new life up north, John in Darwin and Cathy in Kakadu. The last shot is of Cathy throwing her bouquet -- you don't see who catches it but it's headed straight for Lucy.

Where to now?