723 & 724
Original -- Mar 19/20, 1990
Showcase --
John Ewart (Lachlan Morrison)
William McInnes (John Freeman)
Dylan O'Neill (Joshua Bates),
Adam Lloyd (Harry)
Michael Wyld (Dominic)
Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
Olga Yarad (Mrs. Palmer)

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"Romancing the Sloan"
Lachlan has invited Maggie to tour the great racing venues of the world with him but she hasn't decided yet. A car crashes on the road outside Boolaroo -- Lachie pulls a 7-year-old boy, Joshua Bates, from the wreck but they can't save the boy's mother. Maggie is upset (seemingly irrationally) by the young burn victim, as he brings back memories of her days as a triage nurse in Vietnam and of losing her brother when their house in London was firebombed in the Blitz. Lachie helps her cope with the overwhelming grief and she's able to bring comfort to young Joshua.

Cris and Jessie bring Matt a dog who was struck by a car. Matt fixes him up but the dog seems depressed. Herb Munro brings in a duck (Snugglepuss) who is also depressed and they discover that the dog (Cuddlepie) also belongs to Herb and the two animals have been missing each other. John Freeman has to deal with vandalism at the dig site and finds two young kids (who bear a marked resemblance to a young Bob and Cookie) are the culprits. He turns them on to archeology. Luke finally gets his cast off. Esme and Shirl arrange a surprise gambling party in the hospital morgue for Maggie. They think Frank doesn't suspect but he turns up at the party disguised as a strange Italian man (only Shirl guesses who he is).

A patient in the Muldoon Wing, Mrs. Palmer, is distraught over Maggie leaving -- when she goes to her daughter's for dinner, Esme thinks she has died and is in the morgue with the food and champagne. John tells Cathy that he was the one who bought her portrait, that the secret admirer stuff was originally a joke. Cathy doesn't let him explain how much he's come to love her. Maggie's farewell speech is very moving.


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