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Pippa Grandison (Miriam Briggs)
Noel Trevarthen (Doug Briggs)
Ned Manning (Paul Adams)

The Variety Club Bash is a car rally organized by the Variety Club Children's Charity. The teams of participants drive around a course, usually in outback Australia in classic cars, covered in sponsors' signs. It's a race to see who can get home the fastest and the proceeds go to charity.

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"Promises to Keep"
[part one will be coming when this episode is rebroadcast on Showcase in a couple of years -- unless someone else has this ep on tape and wants to write up a description]

Paul Adams is riding his horse, Captain, all over Australia in a bid to raise money for children's cancer research. He has leukemia himself and is in hospital after collapsing. He's worried about not finishing his trip -- he's promised he would meet a young cancer patient in time for the boy's birthday and doesn't want to break that promise. Miriam Briggs, MP Briggs' daughter, helps Luke with his HSC while he is laid up with his broken leg. Frank questions whether the relationship will last because Douglas Briggs is not pleased to see his daughter going out with a "no hoper". Paul will probably develop pneumonia and he inquires after Captain's health. The horse is lame and in bad shape. Lucy tells him that Captain is fine and that everything is in order. Paul mentions he should be on his way again. Lucy rushes out of the hospital room and bursts into tears. She claims she can't care for Paul any more and Maggie tells her to snap out of it. Paul is coming out of remission. Terence tries to get Lucy to face the fact that Paul will not make it to see the sick little boy. They can't force Paul to stay in the hospital and they agree not to fight over what each person thinks should be done. Cookie and Bob think Esme's Bed and Breakfast will be able to accommodate participants in the Variety Club Bash.

Paul wants to leave with Captain tomorrow and Lucy points out the dangers. Paul is afraid of dying badly. He wants to keep the promise he made but acknowledges that he had no right to make it in the first place. Doug Briggs finds out about Luke and Miriam seeing each other. He is very angry and thinks that Luke is a thug (bully, petty thief, no hoper). Frank invites Doug around to meet Luke. Miriam and Luke are alone in the surgery and they talk about how nothing will keep them apart. They kiss. Frank and Doug catch them together and Doug blows his top. He threatens to take Miriam with him back to the boarding school. Cris asks Paul to try meditation and relaxation. Paul asks Cris to meditate with him. Cookie introduces Bob and Esme to his old friend Colonel "Major" Merv Morris who has arrived for the Bash. Maggie talks to Paul about gambling and they play a little poker. She likens life to a horse race. Matt comes in to see Paul. Lucy asks about Captain and Matt admits that Captain is lame. Paul is devastated. Cookie has a bet on the Major's tank in the Bash. Bob comes up with a plan to help the Major win.

Lucy and Matt fight about Paul and the horse. Lucy tells Matt to stay away from her. The Major has a plan of his own to beat the opposition and this is put into action by Bob and Cookie. Miriam and Luke are at Boolaroo. They tell Cathy that there is nowhere else that they can be alone. She tries to tell them they should try and show their parents how mature they are but finally relents and lets them stay at Boolaroo for the day only. Maggie tells Lucy to go with Matt to the exam cubicle to sort things out. Matt gives Lucy flowers. Matt tells her he did the best he could with Captain and he apologizes for being insensitive. He doesn't like fighting. He tells Lucy he rang up her mother and she told him about Katrina Hopkins. She was Lucy's best friend and Paul's situation brought up memories of Katrina dying. They hug. Frank cooks Italian and tries to speak it too. Luke walks in a confesses that he was at Boolaroo with Miriam. He says they will keep seeing her, that he drove her home and walked her to her front door. He says he thinks he did the right thing. Lucy tells Paul about Katrina Hopkins. Katrina was her best friend but Lucy never went to see her because she was too scared to see her. She thought that if she could make Paul better, she could apologize to Katrina. Paul encourages Lucy to say goodbye to Katrina. Paul says goodbye to the hospital staff and tells them they can't stop him.

Bob and Cookie are in their Bash vehicle. They believe that their map has been tampered with. They drive into a restricted area. Lucy suggests a compromise to Paul -- put Captain into a horse float since he can't ride him. There are explosions in the restricted area. Bob and Cookie think they are in a Communist area. In fact, they are on an Army base. Doug Briggs interrupts breakfast at the Gilroys. He rants and raves about Luke and Miriam. Shirley points out the fact that they were honest in what they did. Doug tells Luke that Miriam is being sent back to boarding school. Paul and Captain, thanks to the horse float and the help of Matt and Lucy, make it to the sick boy's birthday party. Shirley sneaks Luke and Miriam together for five minutes and they say their goodbyes. Luke shows Miriam a plan of the plane he wants to fly. Major Morris is waiting at the checkpoint as the Army tows Bob and Cookie (since their car has broken down). The Army has stopped the opposition. Matt and Lucy discuss the day's events and how they make a good team. They have a cup of tea.