715 & 716
Original --
Showcase --
Vincent Ball (Ted Campbell)
Emily Simpson (Katie Wellbourne)
Paul Gleeson (Alan Dwyer)

If you've seen the Channel 10 ACP series, you'll recognize the actor playing Alan Dwyer -- he returned in 1993 and 1994 to play Park Ranger Ian McIntyre on the last few eps of the original ACP series and the entire Channel 10 one.

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"Waltzing Matilda"
[part one will be coming when this episode is rebroadcast on Showcase in a couple of years -- unless someone else has this ep on tape and wants to write up a description]

Ted Campbell's prize ram was stolen in part one and Alan Dwyer, Ted's roustabout, is a suspect. A ransom note demands $10,000 or the ram will be slaughtered. Ted reckons that Luke did it. It's Jessie's birthday and Luke asks Bob if he can borrow the ute. Jessie receives the bicycle she's been longing for and all the accessories (helmet, pump, etc.). She asks Cris and Terence to promise that they'll be at her party.

Luke walks through the Park and finds Rambo, Ted's ram, tied to a tree. He can see that it has been injured. He takes some antibiotics from Matt's surgery and goes back to the ram where he is confronted by Dwyer. Katie Wellbourne's dog, Priscilla, is sick. Luke is acting the tough guy to try to get Rambo back. Dwyer is going to get the ransom money that Ted was going to drop off in a pre-arranged location. Luke frees Rambo and leads him to the ute. Dwyer sees him and moves to stop him. Luke makes it to the ute but it won't start. Dwyer drags Luke from the car and Luke falls to the ground. The ute rolls over Luke's leg. Ted wants to follow the ransom with Frank in close contact. Luke is now hogtied in the bush. Dwyer says he will pick up the money and then come back for Luke.

Cris and Terence have differing ideas of what children's party food should be. Cris thinks celery boats and fruit menu but Terence thinks
Chocolate Crackles and Fairy Bread. Matt urges Katie to let him operate on Priscilla. Shirley finds out that Alan Dwyer is wanted for questioning over a murder in Queensland. Dwyer is hiding in the bush. He sees Ted Campbell drop off the money and drive away. Ted calls out to Frank and Dwyer sees Campbell moving towards Frank. Frank sees Dwyer and gives chase. Matt removes an obstruction from Priscilla. She will be OK. Luke drags himself away from the vehicle and Dwyer goes after him. He drags Luke back to the ute, with Luke screaming in agony (his leg is broken). He tries to defend himself. Dwyer grabs a knife.

Jessie insists that her party guests see Doris. They play musical chairs and a kid cries when she misses a chair. Frank finds the ram slaughtered in the ute. Luke is tied to the tree again. Dwyer tells Frank to drop his gun. Ted creeps up to the ute with his rifle. He sees Dwyer threatening Luke with the knife and shoots. He hits Dwyer while miraculously missing Luke. At Jessie's party, they are now playing pass the parcel and Jessie is deliberately trying to win the parcel for herself. Cris tries to explain the rules of the game to her and she starts sulking. All of children begin to complain of hunger. Cris is called to the hospital to treat Dwyer and Luke. There are three cakes for the party so far. Dwyer needs a transfusion. Cookie the Clown turns up at the party to entertain the children. Ted is the centre of attention at the Club, bragging about what he did. Frank charges Ted with attempted murder. Ted essentially shot a man for a sheep, hardly warranted. Frank and Shirley visit Luke in the hospital. He bursts into tears and tells them he was frightened. Cookie performs some magic tricks at Jessie's party. Everyone thought that Cris would forget to get a cake so at last count Jessie had 5 at her party -- the ice cream cake that Cris ordered plus the ones brought by Esme, Cathy, Lucy, and Anne. Now, that's party food!!