705 & 706
Original --
Showcase --
Peter Corbett (Keith Daley)
Melinda Marcellos (Frances Daley)
Olga Yarod (Mrs. Palmer)
Bernadette Hayes (Sue Daley)
Brian Harrison (Dr. Young)



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"Stand By Me"
Frank and Shirley discuss retiring. Frank is trying to think of a Christian fundraiser for the Xavier Refuge. A car rally is decided upon. Bob and Cookie are trying to raffle piglets to make some money. Sue Daley's father, Keith, and stepmother, Frances, return from their holiday abroad. Sue asks her father how he is coping and he tells her he can't cope anymore. Frances is much younger than Keith. Lucy is recovering from the operation on her fallopian tubes. Matt is being extremely helpful. Shirley is organizing the car rally. Cathy notices lesions on the piglets' noses while out at Camelot and thinks it could be Foot and Mouth Disease. Frances appears to be trying to hit on any man she meets, including Cris when she visits him to get some sleeping tablets. Luke is also trying to helpful towards Lucy. She talks to him about his HSC. Luke thinks that having an education might make him more attractive to women. Cris wants Lucy to be his navigator in the rally.

Matt realizes that the lesions on the piglets are from raw onion. Matt wants Lucy to be his navigator in the rally as well. So does Luke. Sue visits her father and stepmother and while she's there, Frances suddenly gets hyperactive and starts raving and abusing Keith. She slaps him and storms out of the house. Sue talks to Keith about Frances' behaviour. Keith says that Frances has changed, is withdrawn and depressed then turns normal again. Sue finds Lithium pills and anti-depressants under the sink in the kitchen and realizes that it is urgent that they find Frances. Frank talks to Terence about retirement and asks him what he would do when he retires. Terence tells him he has his painting. Frank considers completing his HSC. Keith is in the Club and asks if anyone has seen Frances -- no one has. She in as if nothing has happened and begins to chat to Frank and Shirley. She invites herself to sit with them. She begins to rant and rave again. Bob and Cookie want to shoot the pigs because they believe they are infected with Foot and Mouth. They can't bring themselves to do it, though. Frances refuses to speak to Cris. He says she has all the symptoms of Manic Depression (more politically correctly known nowadays as Bipolar Disorder). No one knows what causes it but there is medication available to manage it. Frances has stopped taking her Lithium tablets and is uncontrollable without them.

Bob and Cookie steal the pigs and put them in the ute. Frank follows them. Keith gives Frances her medication by hiding it in her soup. Frances, unbeknownst to Keith, takes some on her own with some wine. Frank catches up with Bob and Cookie and they explain what they were doing. Jessie tells them that the onions caused the lesions. Shirley goes through the rally rules with the competitors and there are still arguments over potential navigators. Luke ends up with Esme. Keith finds Frances unconscious and rushes her to the hospital. He thinks he killed her with an overdose. Cris flushes her stomach and wonders what else is in her stomach.

Frank is working on clues for the rally. Luke comes in complaining that the tires from his Dream Machine have been stolen. Luke thinks that Frank isn't doing enough to help him find them. Cris tell Keith that he didn't cause Frances' overdose. Frances took sleeping pills and tranquilizers. The partners for the rally are announced: Luke and Esme, Matt and Lucy, Terence and Cathy, Bev and Hymie, and Bob and Cookie. Frances is having a bad turn and thinks Keith is trying to kill her. Luke realizes he hasn't got a spare tire for the Dream Machine. Cookie has it. Luke thinks he's part of a conspiracy. Frances has another attack and this time wreaks havoc in Maggie's office, smashing things, throwing things, and ranting. She grabs the fire extinguisher and throws it through the glass. She tries to slash her wrists. Maggie and Cris are helpless to stop her tirade. The office needs replacing.

The rally begins. Cathy and Terence realize they have no spare tire -- Terence forgot to put it back when he got his car serviced. They hitch a ride on a sheep-filled ute back to Camelot to get the tire. Bob and Cookie change the direction on the sign to Kelly's Bluff and Lucy and Matt follow the wrong path. Luke is about to follow but Esme stops him, saying that it's a dead end that way. They reach the checkpoint and see Bob and Cookie already there. While Luke isn't looking, Cookie fiddles with Luke's fan belt. Frances has another episode and Cris suggests shock therapy. Keith disagrees. Matt and Lucy find the next clue and hear a noise. It's a cow stuck in mud [that seems to happen alot in Wandin Valley]. Lucy wants to rescue it. Luke discovers that his fan belt has been cut. Esme tells Luke that pantyhose make a good substitute and he wonders where he's going to find pantyhose now. She tells him to turn his back. Cathy and Terence discover that the spare tire at Camelot is flat so they will have to pump it up. They are pretty dirty and Cathy decides she wants a shower before continuing. Meanwhile, Lucy falls in the mud while trying to push the cow out of the mud.

Sue tries to convince Frances to have the therapy. Bob and Cookie's muffler falls off. Cris explains the ECT procedure to Keith and agrees. Terence pumps the tire up and then tells Cathy he wants a shower too. She is dressed in one of Terence's suits after her shower. She tells him they don't have time. Keith talks to Frances about the treatment. Terence and Cathy make the final checkpoint. Shirley offers to tell them where they will be finishing -- where they started. Matt and Lucy are at Boolaroo. Lucy is in her dressing gown and says that Matt is charmer. Bob and Cookie are in the lead towards the end of the rally but they run out of gas metres from the finish line. They get out and push. Luke and Esme make it over the line first. The race isn't officially over until the winner claims the fireman's hat at the top of a tall ladder. Luke volunteers to climb up after it. Bev and Hymie beat Bob and Cookie over the finish line. There are celebrations later on at the Club. Luke and Frank have both decided to go back to school to get their HSC. Lucy and Matt share a candlelit dinner at Boolaroo. Lucy gets giggly from the wine and they share a kiss.