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Laurie Butler (Herb Munro)
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"Natural Selection"

[Part one of this episode will come when this episode is rebroadcast in Canada sometime in 2002. If you have this episode on tape and would like to provide a description of part one, please email me at klmacalpine@hotmail.com and let me know]

Events in part one include chopper pilot Carl Bailey arriving to take Cathy to New Guinea. No one likes him from the start but Cathy doesn't see why.

At Boolaroo, Cathy and Carl kiss. Matt, Lucy, and Luke come in. Luke has his piglet Constable with him. Luke is there to go flying in Carl's helicopter. At the Club Cookie talks to Tiger Woods on the phone. Bob is tossing a coin and it is getting heads all the time. Frank comes in and warns them about Tiger. They say they will be careful. At the clinic Terence and Shirley are talking about horse costs and a man comes in with a bandage over his eye; it's Herb Munro. A pregnant girl called Rhonda also comes in. Terence takes the man in to Cris and more women come in. Back at Boolaroo Matt, Lucy, and Cathy are packing for their trek. Lucy wants to take her hot water bottle with her. Cathy says that she and Carl don't need a water bottle. Carl and Luke come back. Luke is impressed by the helicoptor ride. Cathy asks Carl if he wants to look at the map. He says it is not necessary as he looked at the land from the chopper. At the Club Cookie and Bob are trying to work out where they can hold the game. Bob realises he has the key to the community health centre. Cathy and Carl are discussing with Matt and Lucy about the trek. Luke will pick them up at the end point. Cathy chooses the ridge route. They say that Matt and Lucy can take the river route. At the clinic Cris is holding a prenatal clinic for a group of four women and Terence takes Herb Munro into hospital. He has an ulcer on his eyes. The Matron's office is full of plants. Bob is being pressured by Maggie to stay overnight in the hospital for observation. A man comes in with more trees and bushes. Bob says he can help to take them away. Maggie forces Bob into bed for observation.

One of the women in the prenatal group, Rhonda Lawrence, starts to have contractions and Shirley goes to call Terence. Luke comes in with Constable and asks Cris to look at him as Matt is away in the bush. Rhonda gets a small shock when she sees the piglet which was wrapped in up a blanket as she was expecting to see a baby. In the bush Cathy wants to show Carl some views but he just wants to walk and beat Matt and Lucy. He says it is about winning and feeling the need to get out of difficult situations and feeling stronger. Cathy says she doesn't need to prove anything. Down at the river Matt and Lucy are talking about the river. Lucy is telling Matt about how beautiful every thing was. Lucy says she wants him to stroll through the bush with her and count up to fifty birds. Matt relaxes. At the Gilroys Frank is making a bacon sandwich when Luke and Cris come in with Constable. Cris had given Constable antibiotics. Frank goes off his sandwich. Luke says the piglet is not sleeping outside tonight as it is ill but Frank insists that it is. Cookie is visiting Bob at the hospital. He is smuggling in a pair of trousers to get Bob out so that they can participate in the game. Maggie catches them and confiscates the trousers. Bob is there for a sigmoidoscopy. In the bush Carl is hacking bushes to make a path and Cathy tells him he can't do that as it is the National Park. Carl says she is slowing them down. Cathy says it is just a game and tells him to go on on his own and sits down. Carl says OK, they can stop and eat then go on later. He says he will get some wood while she starts a fire.

Matt and Lucy are cooking water for tea. Lucy has teacups and teapot with her. It was all packed in Matt's rucksack including some lamingtons and creamcakes. Matt takes both and says it is fun to be out with her. Carl comes back to Cathy with a dead wallaby that he killed with his crossbow. Cathy gets very annoyed with him. Cathy says she is going to prosecute him for killing the wallaby. He takes the wallaby and his knife and when he tells Cathy he is going to skin then cook it Cathy leaves him in a huff. She says she will walk back to the North road. In Maggie's office Maggie is complaining to Cris about all the bushes. Cris asks if she has read the book "Day of the trifids"? Maggie remarks that Cris is a good friend of Lucy's and could he run the bushes out to her place. Terence comes in and asks how Herb Munro is doing. Bob sneaks in and takes something. At the Gilroys Luke is lying on the sofa with Constable and Fatso is sitting next to him. Frank comes in talking about the game that Cookie and Bob are going to play. He tells Luke to take the pig out but Shirley gets him to change his mind. It is late at night in the hospital and Bob is sneaking around in a nurse's uniform with a face mask on. He hears somone coming and dodges into a room. Herb is there and asks for a bedpan, urgently. His buzzer was not working. Bobo plugs the buzzer in again and under protest gets Herb a bedpan. In the park Lucy and Matt are camping for the night. Matt is lying on the air mattress brought by Lucy and is getting bitten by bugs. Lucy has some herbal ointent. Matts complains about the insects and Lucy jokes about vampires and tickles him. Matt says his imagination is running wild and he is worried about Cathy.

A group of men lead by Tiger Woods are gambling at the health centre. The game is tossing heads and tails with a coin. Bob has tossed seven heads in a row. Cookie wants him to leave and Bob wants to continue. He spins the coin again and gets heads again. In the bush Cathy is lost. She is walking and shining a torch on the ground, but still manages to fall and twist her ankle. She is talking to herself and getting worried. Still in the night Maggie is watering Lucy's plants in her office. Terence is saying he is going to leave. Herb buzzes. When Maggie goes in he asks her to take the bed pan. He complains about the big nurse. Maggie realises it is Bob. In the Park, Matt and Lucy are trying to sleep. Matt asks Lucy if she is cold. When she says yes he puts arm around her and sleeps. It starts to rain and elsewhere in the Park, Cathy looks really depressed. Frank is asleep in the armchair and Luke is asleep on the sofa with Constable. Shirley comes in and wakes them for breakfst. Cris comes in and asks how Constable is. Shirley tells Luke he has to collect Matt, Lucy, Cathy, and Carl. Cookie and Bob are sneaking into the hospital. Bob is still in the nurse's uniform. They won $1200. Terence comes into the corridor with a trolley and says he needs help to lay out a body. When Bob starts to protest, Terence sharply instructs him to help. In the morgue a sheet is covering a body. Terence removes it and it is Maggie lying in bed with a Polaroid camera with which she quickly takes a photograph of an astonished Bob. Terence and Maggie laugh.

Luke and Cris get to the meeting place in the park and Carl is sitting next to the road. He says that he has waited for 4 hours. Cris asks where Cathy is. Carl says he left her. Before Cris or Luke can say anything Matt and Lucy arrive. Matt and Cris go to look for Cathy. Luke tells Carl that they aren't going anywhere without Cathy and if he wants to get back to Boolaroo now he can walk. Carl takes off. Frank comes into the hospital and is telling Cookie and Bob about an illegal game and the consequences it could have on those who participated in it. Cookie and Bob look uncomfortable whereupon Maggie shows Frank the photo of Bob. Bob says he wants the negatives and Frank says asks for a contribution for the health centre. Bob gives Frank the $1200 that he and Cookie had won. Luke and Lucy are sitting on Luke's car. They are worried about Cathy. Luke says he always thought that Carl was an idiot. He said otherwise earlier as he only wanted the chopper ride. Cris and Matt come back with Cathy. Matt tells Lucy that Carl had killed a wallaby. Matt says there are a few thing he wants to say to Carl. Once back at Boolaroo Cris bandages Cathy's ankle. Lucy comes in with an ice pack, followed by Matt who brings in tea. Lucy says hot water bottles are not strictly necessary in the bush and Cathy smiles knowingly. Carl comes in to say goodbye. Cathy tells him that there is nothing to say. Carl tells them that he proved his point whereby Matt says there is only one thing macho guys undestand. He walks over to Carl, grabs his jacket and punches Carl hard on the jaw. Maggie and Terence are talking about the trees in her office. Luke comes in, carrying Constable. He says he is there to collect trees for Lucy. He tells them that Matt had given Carl a going over. Maggie informs Terence she is taking 2 weeks holiday. She intends to visit sister. At Boolaroo Lucy rubs Matt's hand and Cathy looks upset. They go out and Cris talks to Cathy. He says that Carl was right in some respects. Cathy admits she is not a good judge of men and always gets the wrong man. Cris takes her hand and says everything will be OK.