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? (Dr. Supatra Prasert)
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Niriko McLure (Bianca Jones)
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Liz Harris (Clover Owen-Jones)
? (Colleen Peterson)
? (James Peterson)
? (Tony ?)
The best scenes in my opinion are those where Matt and Lucy are pretending to be married for young Tony and then later making secretive comments to each other in front of Cris...very cute, especially knowing in advance that they DO get together eventually and live happily ever after. :-)
Hey, is this our first mention of an axolotl? Aw, I was sure Simone (Rosemary Prior's axolotl) was a pioneer on the show. Tsk tsk tsk.

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"Hook, Line, and Sinker"

At Boolaroo, Matt brings in the morning papers to show his participation and help at a horse race. Lucy gives him a letter from Cathy and a breakfast of hard boiled eggs called eggs on horseback. Matt declines but Lucy insists he takes them with him and eat them on his rounds. She ask him to deliver dozens of eggs during the day. In her office Maggie is interviewing a new male nurse named David Mawby. Cris comes in and informs Maggie he has found a permanent baby sitter. He says he is late because Jessie had problems finding matching socks and the new baby sitter could solve that. The new nurse and Cris say hello and reveal that they both have odd socks on. Maggie mentions that the new asian female doctor, Dr. Supatra, also comes from the same hospital as David. In the Gilroys' garden Shirley is picking fleas from Fatso. Frank comes and tells Shirley about his latest rose. He pours himself tea but spits it out after tasting it. It is a tea tree oil solution that Shirley is using on Fatso. Matt comes in with two fishing rods and a couple of fish that he confiscated from a couple of kids in the national park. Frank is dubious about accepting fish from Matt but is assured that they are from non-polluted waters. Matt offers Frank eggs on horseback which he gladly takes. In the Matron's office Dr. Supatra comes in and Maggie goes out. The doctor knows David well from their last hospital and asks him to leave as it isn't possible to continue their relationship. She tells him it will not work as she has to marry the person in her home country that is chosen by her parents. Dr. Supatra and Lucy come into Maggie's office and Lucy says she thinks David is gorgeous and asks if they knew each other well. Supatra says that they had a relationship but that it's all over with David now. Lucy goes out and Supatra takes a couple of tablets.

At Esme's house Cris is sitting down for tea and talking about Dr. Supatra who is staying there. Esme is offered a job as Jessie's babysitter but she wants to show Cris all her references. Cris doesn't wants to see any papers but she insists. She also wants to pour Cris a cup of tea but spills it all over his hand. Back in the Gilroys' garden Frank is cleaning a fish and sees that Fatso has stolen one. He rescues it and goes to punish Fatso. He gets tangled up in the rods and gets a fish hook in his finger. At Camelot Jessie is in the kitchen talking to a friend, Bianca, and Esme is feeding them orange juice and crackers. Esme tells Jessie she will look after her all the time. Jessie is very enthusiastic. She wants to make a cake but Bianca says she is not allowed to eat cake. At the hospital David is fixing up Cris's hand after the scald. Cris asks if David knows Dr. Supatra. He says yes and that he came to Wandin Valley to persuade her to return to him. Frank comes in to the hospital and complains about the fish hook but Cris cannot help him due to his bandaged finger. Jessie and Bianca are making a cake. Bianca wants to make the pink pigs that Jessie takes to school. Bianca opens a packet of Pavlova mix which sprays into her face and causes her to starts having breathing difficulties.

At the hospital Supatra takes out the fish hook from Frank's finger. Frank and Shirley explain that it was done in their garden. David comes in and asks if he can help. At Camelot Bianca is red and gasping for air. In Maggie's office Supatra is angry with David, telling him to leave her be and that he is undermining her authority. She tells he that where she comes from he is her inferior and refuses to discuss things further. Bianca is in hospital and panicking. Cris gives her adrenalin. Lucy and Maggie are assisting. Esme comes in and says she couldn't find Bianca's mother. In the Club David is mulling over a beer and Frank and Shirley are discussing his finger. Cookie jokes about the wombat fish. Luke comes in followed by Dr. Supatra. She declines to join Frank and Shirley. The telephone rings. It's a call for Bob and when he mentions money Cookie perks up his ears. Bob tells him an old friend is coming up. Supatra apologises to David and asks him to have dinner with her. Bianca's mother arrives at the hospital. She says Bianca has had reactions to eggs but didn't know of anything else. Esme is getting very worried and feels it is her responsibility. Bianca's mother says she doesn't know who else to blame. David and Dr. Supatra are reminiscing. They seem friendly and relaxed. David says he wants to marry her and she gets upset, She says she hoped they could be friends. Bob, Cookie, and Luke are talking about Bob's friend Hector. Bob says everything Hector touches turns to gold. In the hospital Esme explains how the accident happened with the powdered Pavlova mix (which is mostly powdered eggs). Bianca's mother apologises to Esme and Cris asks Esme to leave and look after Jessie, telling her she can sleep in Terence's bed.

Back at Esme's house, Supatra is soaking her hands when Esme comes in. They talk about the afternoon then Esme remarks that Supatra has cold hands. She says she wants an early night. Next day at Boolaroo Matt is making scrambled eggs. He is going to be on Clover's radio show again. Lucy gives him speaking lessons, telling him to speak slower and deeper. Bob comes in and asks Matt if he can interview his friend. Lucy asks him to mention her eggs as much as possible. Matt offers Bob eggs at 2 dollars per doz. Bob says he will charge for some work he had done. At Camelot Cris, Jessie, and Esme are eating brakfast. Esme looks tired. Jessie tells her that when Terence comes back there will be room for both of them. The telephone rings. Cris has to go to hospital. Jessie is happy that Esme is taking her to school. On the show Matt is talking to a caller about her axolotls. They were mating but the male disappeared and the female was ill. She asked if the female axolotl always eats up the male and if Matt recommends celibacy for them in the future. Matt says he does not, not for anyone. An appendix operation is under way at the hospital and the team is discussing Matt's radio show. Dr. Supatra is operating. David is helping but gets snubbed when he asks to help. Supatra drops the needle holder she was using and looks angry. Outside the Club Frank, Shirley and Luke meet Cookie and Bob and his friend Hector arrives in a red Mercedes. Hector offers them a drink. Frank, Shirley, and Luke leave. The appendix operation is over. They count sponges, etc. David asks if he should do the dressing. Supatra says she would do it but has problems opening dressings. She tells David he should do it and walks out. David goes after her and asks what is wrong. She asks him to leave her alone. She tells him she has arthritis. David says she can get treatment. Tells her he loves her but she says he only thinks so and says that there is no future for them . In the Club Bob and Hector are taking a Chivas whiskey. Frank comes in followed by Maggie who has a painting of a horse with her. Hector says she has good taste. Lucy comes in and turns on the radio. At the radio station a girl called Tony calls Matt and asks him personal questions such as the colour of his eys and what he likes in a woman.

Cris examines Dr. Supatra's hands. She tells him she diagnosed and treated herself. Cris asks why she didn't talk to a specialist. She says she will give in her notice. Cris says she should wait until Terence comes back. At the Club Cookie, Bob and Hector are drinking and laughing and talking about business. Hector is telling them that all he touched turned to gold and he is a professor. At a table Shirley, Frank and Luke are eating and Luke says he can spot that Hector is a con man. Hector is telling Cookie and Bob that he is now working with a new project called Radionics. At Esme's house Supatra and David are talking. Supatra says she is going back to Thailand. She tells David she lied about the husband and rich business. David says he loves her but she says that because of her arthritis David will pity her when she becomes old and crippled. Matt and Lucy talk about Matt's performance on the radio. Matt is getting a new program. Lucy is upset about the caller Tony saying he is brave to accept such calls. The phone rings and Matt asks Lucy to get it. It was a breather and Lucy says it was a woman and that it is sexual harassment. The phone rings again and Matt rushes to answer it. It is Tony, the woman who called the radio station. Lucy looks angry but Matt is interested. David is talking to Cris at Camelot about his relationship with Supatra. Cris says she can be quite incapacitated by the arthritis. Cris says he wishes Angie was still with him. Cris wants David to convince Supatra to see a specialist. Lucy and Maggie come into Maggie's office. Lucy is going on about the sexual harassment. She says Matt is a nervous wreck. Maggie thought Lucy was taking about David and Supatra. Luke is sitting in the Gilroy's garden reading a paper and talking to Fatso. He believes Hector is a con man. Hector and Frank arrive in Hector's Merc. Frank is driving. Luke tells Frank his opinion of Hector.

Matt arrives at the radio station with shades and a new image. He is dressed like Don Johnson in Miami Vice. He is acting nonchalant and cool. Clover says that they have found a new image for the radio show that may get them noticed by the networks: animals and sex. Matt wants to talk about worms but is told by Clover that he is the animal on the show. David comes into the hospital with flowers for Supatra and is told off by Maggie. Cris and Supatra come in and David gives the flowers to her. He takes her with him to go to Burrigan. Maggie asks what is going on and Cris says it is emergency leave granted by him. Lucy says it is romantic to get flowers and wishes someone would do it for her. Cris seems a little offended and says he gave her flowers once and walks off. Lucy looks aghast after him. At the Club Cookie and Bob are discussing Radionics and how valuable it is. Esme comes in and girates her hips. Cookie cracks a joke about it. Her pain is over. She tells them that she got cured by professor Hector in Burrigan for only $15.00 for the diagnosis and $5.00 for a Radionics magnetic headband. There were queues of people. Cookie and Bob see dollar signs. On the radio station Matt and Clover are discussing how to improve the content of the show. At the hospital Lucy and three nurses are listening to his show. Back at the radio station Tony rings again. Tony thanks Matt for last night and Matt says she means just talking. Tony asks him about his view of an ideal woman. Matt describes her and the nurses are listening with bated breath when Maggie comes in and takes away the radio. All look disappointed. Frank is in his patrol car listening to the talk show. He laughs about Matt being called "Tiger Tyler". He is flagged down by a motorist who has run out of petrol and whose wife is in labour. Frank calls for an ambulance. At the Club Esme is talking to Hector and Cookie and Bob are discussing how they can get a Radionics machine. Cookie wants Bob to offer him $4000.00 to buy a machine. Bob starts to ask Hector but he says no as it is the only one in Australia. Bob starts to walk away but Hector immediately calls them back and says he can sell for $5000.

In David's car David and Supatra are talking about the diagnosis. Supatra says she is going home as soon as possible. David says he will go back home as well. They are flagged down by Frank as they arrive at the scene of the woman in labour. Supatra sees it is a breach birth. David helps her as her hands are too weak. Hector comes out of the Club and Luke is sitting in the Merc. Hector tells him to get out but Luke refuses. Luke tells him it is a car for repossessing and that he wants 10% of the rip off that Hector is making. After some discussion they agree. Luke says he has no qualms about ripping off his friends. Back on the road Supatra and David sucessfully deliver the baby. Back at the Club Hector and Luke come in with the Radionics equipment. Cookie and Bob look impressed. Hector takes a lock of Bob's hair, gets him to put his finger in a hole in the machine, asks a few questions about age, sex and birth sign. He then passes a sensor over Bob's back and diagnoses him as having a back pain and gets him to wear a magnet on his back. He asks for $20.00 but Cookie and Bob are off in a hurry to the bank. In the hospital Maggie and Lucy are discussing the arrival of the pregnant woman and mention the relationship between Supatra and David. Matt is there talking to a nurse when Lucy arrives. She is impressed by his new appearance but Maggie calls Lucy away before she can hear the answer to the question of whether or not Matt had found a perfect woman. At the road scene the ambulance takes away the mother and child and Frank takes away the husband. Supatra and David argue about her being a good doctor or not. She says she is only half a doctor and David gets angry and say they are like one together. Lucy, Cris and Maggie are in Maggie's office discussing the birth when David comes in and Maggie compliments him on his help. David hands in his notice and says it is for personal reasons. Supatra comes and asks to talk to David. She asks him to stay but he won't. Lucy, Cris and Maggie look uncomfortable.

Hector is leaving the motel through the back door but jumps in his Merc only to find that someone has stolen the wheels. It was Luke who comes and tells him he has taken them. Luke tells him he has called the repossession company and will sell the wheels back to Hector for $5000 which he gets after much protesting. At the Club Cookie and Bob are getting business lined up for the machine. Frank comes in but has a difficult time getting in a word. He calls in four guys who are also the proud owners of the "only Radionics equpment in Australia". At Boolaroo Lucy looks at a lettter from one of Matt's readers. Matt considers the radio program has gone too far and Lucy agrees. The doorbell rings and Matt answers. It is Tony at the door. She's a young school girl. Matt invites her in. Lucy introduces herself as Lucy Tyler, Matt's wife, and Matt plays along. They tell Tony they are happily married but couldn't say anything on the radio show because of his image there. Tony said she had just come to ask if Matt wanted to go and see a movie but Lucy tells her that they can't leave the children at home. Tony asks how many they have. Matt says three and Lucy says two. Five altogether says Matt. Tony says she feels silly and leaves. At the hospital Cris tells Dr. Supatra that it is 5:20 and that David's bus leaves in 10 minutes. He tells her that David has talked to him about them but guesses that she doesn't feel the same way as David. Says it is a shame as they act together like one person. Supatra says that's what David said and then that he was right. She smiles and rushes out to stop David at the bus stop. The bus is seen leaving as Supatra pulls up in her car. She stops and David gets into the car and says she is late. She says she understood that he hadn't bought a ticket. They kiss. At the Club Cookie is fiddling with the Radionics machine which explodes and Bob is really upset as he has lost $5000. Cookie and Bob blame each other. Luke comes in and says that Hector asked him to give him something. It is the $5000. Cookie shouts everyone (except the four men with the other Radionics machines) a drink in the bar to celebrate. Frank tells Luke that Killer will pick up Hector just outside town. Matt is just about to eat a couple of boiled eggs when Lucy comes in wearing a fantastic dress. She is going to dinner with Cris. Matt says that Mrs. Tyler looks beautiful but it is a shame that she is going out with another man so soon after getting married. The doorbell rings and Cris comes in with a bunch of flowers. As Lucy leaves she tells Matt to look after the children and Cris looks puzzled. Lucy gives Matt a special look as she leaves. Has it dawned on her that she loves him?