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Gary Files (Mr. Crisp)
Stuart Halcroft (Colin Close) 
Olga ? (Mavis Palmer ) 



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"She Loves Me Not"

Rhett is off colour and Mr. Crisp, the festidious and pedantic piano tuner, is tuning Lucy's piano. He's complaining about a sore throat. At Camelot Cris is preparing to go to Sydney for a conference. Lucy, in her car on the way to work, listens to a radio program about clairvoyants. A guy called Colin Close calls in on his mobile phone and gets cut aff after the radio presenter doesn't like his remarks. He drops the phone and has a near crash with Lucy. His car hits a tree. Lucy takes him to hospital. Mr. Crisp goes to hospital and has to wait for Cris. He spends time straightening pictures and chairs in the waiting room. Back at Boolaroo Matt says that Rhett has an obstruction in his throat. At the hospital Mr. Crisp wants antibiotics for his bad throat but Cris wants to determine if it is bacterial or viral. Crisp consults his diary which has entries of medical visits of the last nine and a half years and complains that his doctor in Burrigan always gives him antibiotics.

Colin has fallen for Lucy and claims it is destiny that they met. He asks Terence a lot of personal questions about Lucy but Terence doesn't answer. Mr. Crisp continues to tune Lucy's piano. Matt wants to sharpen an axe...for Rhett. Cathy persuades him to help the rooster. At the Club, Cris asks Shirley to go to the conference. Frank thinks it is a good idea. Back at the hospital Cathy tells Lucy that Matt is treating Rhett. Colin is chatting up Lucy and seems obsessed. Frank talks to him about the car accident and tells him he can collect his car soon. At the Club Cookie, Bob, and Esme chat about the trials and tribulations of people living together. Cris wants Esme to be baby sitter for Jessica (so he can go to the conference in Sydney) but she can't -- she's having a tarot reading. Matt operates on Rhett with Cathy assisting. Frank comes and jokes about the operation. Terence eats lunch at the Club with Shirley and Mr. Crisp comes in, complaining about the treatment he received at the hospital. Terence defends Cris.

Lucy gets the evening off her double roster to babysit for Cris. Colin overhears and books a table at the Club for two. Matt extracts something (which Cathy says looks like gold) from Rhett's gizzard. Cris leaves Camelot and Terence helps Jessica with her school project on Antarctica. At the Club Matt shows the others the lump of "gold". Cookie and Bob get a get rich quick idea. At the hospital Colin talks to Maggie. He's all dressed up, has a bunch of flowers, and is waiting to take Lucy to the Club. He arrives there as Lucy gives Matt a hug for saving Rhett. He blows up and accuses Lucy of treating him badly. Lucy then goes over to Camelot and starts to help Jessica with her project. Terence is called to the hospital -- Mr. Crisp is unable to breath. Colin lurks outside Camleot then goes inside. He is acting very paranoid and becomes violent when Lucy asks him to leave. The phone rings. He slams the phone down and Lucy, who was just taking Jessie to bed, runs into the living room and slams and locks the door behind her. It was Matt calling. The phone rings again and Colin smashes it. Matt and Cathy decide to go to Camelot as they are worried.

At the hospital Mr. Crisp is getting worse. Terence sees an abcess in his throat and decides to perform a tracheotomy. At Camelot Colin is getting violent. He accuses Lucy of being unfaithful while professing his love for her. He tries to break down the living room door which Lucy has barricaded with a chair. Matt and Cathy arrive but don't see Colin. They just hear him drive away. Next morning at Boolaroo Frank asks if Lucy led Colin on as other people seem to think Colin and Lucy were best of friends. He says all that they could charge Colin with was trespassing. At the hospital Mr. Crisp is told by Terence that he had a rare bacterial infection of his larynx. Mr. Crisp is busy noting the rate at which his IV drip is being administered and everything else that is happening around him. At Boolaroo Cookie and Bob are looking for gold in the chookhouse (using Bob's metal detector). Cookie is getting very enthusiastic about finding gold and comes upon the idea that the gold could be underground. Terence tells Maggie that Mr. Crisp  has an obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mr. Crisp is given a cup of tea and as usual stirs the same way he always does: three times clockwise and three times counter-clockwise. Maggie tells him NOT to tap the spoon on the cup. He hestitates, then taps the spoon on the cup three times.

Esme comes and asks if Mr. Crisp will be able to hold his talk on some aspect of war history at the Ladies Historical Society meeting next week. Terence says maybe if he doesn't strain his larynx. Cathy and Lucy are in the ranger's 4WD and Colin starts to follow in his blue Volvo 245 estate. Bob and Cookie go to Frank Gardener's cave and find a gun, a medal and a skull with a hole in the cranium. At the hospital Mr. Crisp is getting on Maggie's nerves making a time and motion study. He tells Maggie it is time wasted having the meal trolley brought round at 12:15 and the medication trolley at 12:45.  They should be combined. Maggie explains why they are not. Cookie and Bob are back at the Club and are discussing the skull. Esme comes in and is worried and tells them they have been seen in her Tarot cards. They ask if she saw gold and Esme said that she saw two friends who in pursuit of greed found a tormented soul and had to put it to rest. They would see a symbol. Bob shows the medal and says that perhaps they have found a murdered person.

At Boolaroo Lucy is fussing over Rhett and Cathy has prepared horses to go riding. They hear horses neigh and go out to see Lucy's horse rushing off. Cathy takes Pippa in pursuit. Colin grabs Lucy, who is watching Cathy go after the runaway horse, and bundles her into Cathy's 4WD. The medal is defined by Mr. Crisp as being from the Spanish Civil War International Brigade ("Elementary my dear Miss Watson"). Mr. Crisp believes the answer to who the owner of the medal was is in his record book, volume 23 in the historical society library, and Esme goes to collect it. Meanwhile Colin ties Lucy's hands and takes her off into the bush. Maggie, Terence, Frank, and Matt are in Maggie's office. Terence says Colin seems to have pathological jealousy and Maggie is asked to ring to neighbouring psych hospitals to see if they know of Colin.  Terence says if Colin thinks anyone is coming between him and Lucy he can be dangerous. Colin takes Lucy into an old farmhouse in the woods. Colin tells her that the house belonged to the family of a girl he knew 15 years ago, a girl with whom he was in love. Colin said the girl led him on but when he said he loved her she laughed and he felt humiliated. Colin tells Lucy they were meant to be together. Cris and Shirley are taking short cut back from the airport and come across Cathy's 4WD with doors open. Cris answers a call on the 2-way radio. The car is found on Taylor's Creek Road.

Matt, Frank, and Maggie are at the Club. Cookie and Bob want to tell Frank about the skull but get interupted. When Maggie hears where the 4WD was found she mentions Colin had said he knew the Fergusson farm but that it was deserted for many years. Frank and Matt go there. Lucy tries to escape and Colin stops her. Esme comes back to the hospital with the book from the library and finds a list of local Australians who fought in the Spanish Civil War. They go through the list of local people involved, about five people, only one of whom was not accounted for. The sister of the missing man, Norm Hoskin, is in the Muldoon wing and Esme goes to talk to her. Lucy convinces Colin to untie her hands and they talk. Lucy acts the psychologist. When Frank, Shirley, Bob, Matt, and Cris arrive at the farm. They understand that Lucy is being held against her will. Norm Hoskin's sister, Mavis Palmer, tells Esme that her brother was going to marry a Nellie Peters before he went to the Spanish Civil War. When he came back he found she had married Tim Barry. He went into the bush and never came back. Esme tells Mrs. Palmer of Bob and Cookie's discovery. Mrs. Palmer is happy as her brother can get a decent funeral after fifty years.

It's a stand off at the farm but Lucy manages to persuade Colin to let her go. She wants to take Colin out to get help but he says no one can help and sinks down in a corner. Frank rushes in with Matt and takes Colin away. Cris comforts Lucy. Back at Camelot Terence is preparing food and gets a little upset when Cris says he is going to Lucy's to eat dinner. Terence is acting a little like Cris's mother. Jessie says she is drawing Lucy and the man that was at Camelot the night before and that she would make Lucy bigger than the man because she was so brave. At the Club Frank and Shirley talk about the conference in Sydney. Cookie and Bob tell Frank that they have found a body which was murdered. Esmes comes in and tells the story of Norm Hoskins. At Boolaroo Cris plays Chopin on the piano and Cathy and Matt look on. Lucy comes in from the kitchen and is impressed. She asks Cris to teach her to play. Cathy asks Matt if he has been pipped at the post (referring to Lucy).  "I haven't" says Matt (referring to Cris) and looks at Cathy with a wry smile.