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Peter Hosking (Alistair Kirkby) 
? (Mandy Kirkby)
? (Amber Kirkby)
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"Taking a Chance"

Young children are being innoculated against measles at the hospital.  A little boy, Patrick, is the first to be done, followed by Jessica. The Bachelors and Spinsters Ball is to be held soon and Cathy and Lucy are both hoping Cris will ask them. Jessica introduces her new friend Amber Lirkby to Doris the pig and Amber ,who is running around barefoot, cuts her foot. Amber asks Jessie if pigs eat humans and Jessie says no, humans eat pigs. Amber then tells Jessica that she is a vegetarian and that her father doesn't let her have innoculations. The Kirkbys are believers in an alternative way of life. Mandy Kirkby is giving birth at home. Lucy and Cris are called over to assist in the delivery of the baby. Her husband, Alistair, and two firends are also there for the birth.

A strange man outside hospital playing with childen runs away when Shirley asks what he is doing there. Back at the Kirkbys' the birth is going relatively well  but, when Cris wants to give Mandy an injection in the later stages (to help control bleeding), he is told in no uncertain terms that they do not accept medical help. When Amber complains about her foot, Cris is not allowed to look at it. The baby is named Jack. Frank is called in to investigate the stranger at the hospital. Back at Boolaroo Matt is learning to dance by listening to a tape. Cathy laughs at him, but Matt reminds her of his black and blue ankles from the last B&S ball. He also reminds her that Lucy's mother was a dancing teacher so Lucy can dance really well. When Matt leaves the room Cathy puts on the tape and starts to dance. Outside the hospital, Frank catches the stranger, who has hurt his leg and seems a little backwards. At the club Maggie mentions roulette in front of Cookie and Bob, giving them the idea to put one on to pull people in from the B&S ball.

The stranger is found to be deaf and called Sam Collins. Amber starts to feel sick and her father thinks it is just measles. The cut on her foot looks better. Sam is put into hospital for observation. Shirley finds a deaf aid and breaks through Sam's barrier of silence. He was let out of an institution and is homeless (and harmless). Cris discusses Amber's health with the Kirkbys' who still refuse to let Cris examine her. Sam is released from hospital. Cathy and Matt sit at different tables at the club for lunch (adjacent tables, though, with their backs to each other). Cris joins Cathy. Amber complains of stiff neck.

[Part two of this episode will have to wait until this episode is rebroadcast in Canada sometime in 2002. If you have part two on tape and would like to complete this description, please email me and let me know.]