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Ella Scott (Nell Palmer)
Leon Teague (Tony Armitage)
Jon Ewing (Ron Fergusson)



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"A Ticket to Ride"
Nell Palmer, a runaway, and her boyfriend, Tony Armitage, are travelling with a fair which will be at the Wandin Valley Show. A part of the show will be the sponge cake contest, and entries are expected from Esme, Shirley, and Cathy. Terence won't be judging this year but talks Cris into doing it. Terence likes boisenberry jam on his sponge cakes, Cris prefers raspberry. Esme overhears this and obviously wonders how she can use this to her advantage. The pie eating contest has been arranged at the club by Cookie and he is trying to make a quick buck by betting on Bob to beat the main competitor (the Great Gutso).

Maggie returns to work after her heart attack. Tony steals money from Ron Fergusson, the owner of the fair. He tells Nell to go on her own to Byron Bay where he will meet her. He has a drug problem and is experiencing pain in his side. He falls off his motorbike and is taken into hospital by Frank. The diagnosis is Hepatitis B. Tony tells them where Nell is and Frank collects her. Later Tony and Nell leave the hospital through a window. Lucy is persuaded by Matt (with support from Cathy) to release Ambrose the possum in the Park.

Shirley's first sponge cake looks good but gets snide remarks from Esme who was invited to taste it. Shirley's next cakes fall flat when Frank comes in with a rose bush in a pot and slams door. Tony is diagnosed as having Hepatitis B and the delta factor which will result in liver failure and death. Cathy is struggling with her sponge cakes. Matt judges the pets at the show. The Great Gutso arrives and eats a couple of loaves to warm up before the contest. Tony dies and Nell goes to the Gilroys. Bob is asked by Cathy and Lucy to take Jessie on a ride at the show. They go on the ferris wheel and get stuck at the top. Cookie has to compete in the pie eating competition for Bob and wins! Nine pies to eight. The Great Gutso's pies were laced with Esme's purgative.

Frank finds out that Tony's real name is Wayne. He was from Perth and none of the story he told Nell was true. The sponge cake competition has many entries. The winner chosen by Cris was # 9. Cathy!! Frank wins a prize for a rose that Shirley put in the show on his behalf. Nell leaves and is seen at the fair as it closes. She leaves a message on the Gilroy's answering machine saying that she is going home. Matts shows Lucy and Cathy the secret ingredient in Cathy's cake -- Ouzo! Lucy's final quip to Cathy is "You might have won the battle but you haven't won the war".