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Original -- May 28/29, 1985
Showcase --



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"Do the Right Thing"
Chloe, Brendan, and Molly are having lunch in a park, talking of council amalgamations. John Alexander Burrigan has a statue in the park. John was the founder of Wandin Valley -- he decided to settle in Burrigan because it was a better place to raise cattle. Molly's cancer is in remission.

Frank is trying to organize a blue light disco. Vicky is looking at photos of Molly and is annoyed that her overalls won't fasten properly. A local boy brings an echidna to Vicky. It has been injured The statue of John Burrigan is stolen from the park. Bob is up in arms over the proposed council amalgamation. He urges Molly to do something and she tells him to see Shirley since Shirley is looking after the Valley Voice.

Killer Burke arrives for a holiday and rubs Frank's nose in the fact that Wandin Valley seems to be rife with small town crime. They discuss the theft of the statue. Was it a prank? Did Frank do it to boast to Killer? Frank defends himself to Killer. The echidna gets loose and is in the house somewhere. Shirley's article in the Valley Voice stirs the emotions. The echidna wanders out from behind the couch but Simon and Vicky don't see it. Bob thinks Burrigan stole the statue but really (and quite unexpectedly) it was Molly that stole it.

[part two of this episode will have to wait until Showcase reruns the episode late in 2000 -- unless someone else out there has this episode on tape and would like to write it up]

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