307 & 308
Original -- May 21/22, 1985
Showcase --
Margo Lee (Caroline Smithers)
Brian Moll (Alf Muldoon)
?? (Don Daniels)
?? (Nat Daniels)
?? (Sid Miller)



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"Coming to Terms"
Molly's mother is coming to the Valley and Brendan has to put the chandelier she gave them up in the kitchen, so as not to offend her. Don Daniels is an ex-lawyer turned alternative living man. He has a son called Nat who plays the violin and is home-taught by Don. Shirley is busy trying to edit the Valley Voice newspaper, helping Molly out. Bob, along with many other people in the town, believes that Don is a communist.

Alf Muldoon is trying to develop a piece of land. Caroline, Molly's mother, is forever complaining about the Valley. Cookie, Bob, and Esme debate in the Club about whether or not Nat Daniels should be in school. Caroline is trying to take over the household. Frank plays dumb when Alf tries to run Don out of town just because he's different. Shirley visits Don's house and he takes her on a tour of the property. Shirley notices a goat lying down and asks Don if it is dead. He claims it is sleeping and is relaxed because of the alternative lifestyle he leads. Don has made a "bio-mass" pit which produces methane gas, alcohol, and other gases. He puts his compost in it. Sid Miller is a building inspector who claims that Don's house is breaking rules. Sid just happens to be Alf's cousin. Alf hands demolition orders to Don. He also discusses the condition of the road to Don's place. It is full of potholes and is in bad condition. Bob wants to help Don build a still to produce alcohol.

Brendan, Molly, and Chloe are sitting at the dinner table and there's a knock at the door. Brendan calls out "Come in...unless you're Muldoon." and as Muldoon walks into the house says "I'm psychic." Muldoon proceeds to make an offer to Molly for the house and land. Molly wonders if it's a joke. Vicky is called out to see Don's goats. She is unsure of what is wrong with them and does some tests. She suspects the goats could have Anthrax and fears she will have to notify the Department of Primary Industries. If it is Anthrax, then all the surviving animals would need to be vaccinated, the dead animals would need to be burned and the ground covered in lime, and Don's farm would have to be quarentined.

Molly wants to sell the farm to Muldoon. She believes it is a good offer and she is mindful of making sure that Brendan and Chloe are looked after financially after her death. Caroline researches Muldoon's motives for buying Molly's farm and discovers that Muldoon is also after two other properties east of Molly's, behind which is crown land that Muldoon wants to rezone.

Caroline's lawyers draw up a contract. She meets with Muldoon and asks him to raise the price he's offering. Don is riding his bicycle down the road. Muldoon is driving his car down the same road and collides with Don. Don is thrown over the handlebars of his bike. Muldoon rambles on about Don and blames the bad state of the road on him. Terence askes Alf if he hurts anywhere -- he claims everywhere and says his head hurts ("I think I've damaged my brain."). Don's wrist needs to be wrenched back into place. The blood tests on the goats are negative -- they don't have Anthrax. Simon wants Vicky to get a locum. Vicky can't believe that Molly wants to sell the farm. She thinks it's all talk. Caroline wants Molly and Brendan to sell, travel, and have fun. Vicky talks to Caroline and asks her why Molly wants to sell the farm. Caroline tells her that Molly is dying and she can't make it better. Vicky runs out of the room. She sees Chloe outside and when Chloe calls for Auntie Vicky, she breaks down.

Vicky asks Simon how long he's known about Molly. He says a month; he found out by accident. Vicky asks why she wasn't told when she's Molly's best friend. She tells Simon she asked Molly to be godmother to the baby. Muldoon and Don fight constantly from their hospital beds. Don claims the goats were poisoned. He claims Alf was spraying hazardous chemicals on his property. Vicky is getting mad at everyone. Brendan and Molly discuss Caroline's strange behaviour. Caroline begins to cry over Molly's photo. Brendan hears her and comforts her.

Caroline tries to organize a protest. Vicky tells Simon she wants to see Molly but she can't. She says she hates herself and is starting to resent Molly for making her feel like this. She's thinking of the baby and how Molly won't see it grow up. She breaks down in tears. The turns up at Don's to stage the protest. Muldoon shows up claiming that Don never obtained a building permit to build the house. The protesters barricade a bulldozer. Down the hill, from the opposite direction, comes another bulldozer with Molly and Chloe aboard. Molly and Alf argue over who should move their dozer first. Frank tells them that both parties are to blame for the accident, that the poison drums are illegal, and that Don's obnoxious weeds the blackberries were not reported to the authorities. He tells Alf to allow Don time to apply for the permit. Brendan is proud of Molly, Caroline, and Chloe. Caroline decides she's going back to Adelaide. Vicky arrives at Molly's place and they hug and cry.

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