281 & 282
Original -- Feb 5/6, 1985
Showcase -- July 26/27. 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Joan Sydney (Matron Sloan)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Kit Taylor (Tom Gunn)
Regina Gaigalas (Ingrid Scanlon)
Jayson Duncan (Jeremy Gunn)
Craig Morrison (Tony Bartlett)
Julian Gillespie (Mark Stewart)
Christine James (Jane Williams)
John Doyle (Ian Sharman)
David Christian (Roy)
Bernadette Hayes (Sister Daley)
Jon Darling (Mr. Pearson)
Not available.
During the crash scene, you can clearly see that dummies were used in place of actors as the ute flipped over. Although seen only fleetingly, the figures on the back of the ute and the drivers seat are faceless fabric dummies. There is no one in the passenger's seat (where Mark was sitting).


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"Follow the Leader"

A kitchen worker at the pub has been diagnosed with hepatitis, so everyone who's eaten there has to have an inoculation. It's Esme's turn and she is trying to avoid the injection. Simon tells her that he is very busy (Terence is away on holidays), so she should make an appointment to see the locum tomorrow. However, hearing that the locum is a 'lady doctor', Esme wonders if she's really qualified. Molly drops by Tom Gunn's house to ask him about some cows. She sees Tom's son, Jeremy, who is home from boarding school, although it's not yet school holidays. Jeremy tries to say something to his father, but Tom sends him to his bedroom. Bob is in the matron's office trying to fix a power point when she comes in. She comments that things have been strained at home, and Bob promises to try to change his behaviour, but she has already made alternative arrangements. Bob thinks she must have decided to live with Roger McLean, and starts yelling, "I'll kill him!" Maggie replies that although she isn't moving in with Roger, it would be none of his business if she did.

Tom berates Jeremy for getting expelled from school. His friends were smoking marijuana and ran away when they heard a teacher coming, leaving him holding the bag. Jeremy says he wanted to go to Burrigan High and work on the farm anyway, not go to a rich Sydney school. He thinks his mother just sent him away so that she could travel the world (she's on a cruise at the moment). Bob enters the pub looking miserable and tells Cookie about Maggie moving out. Esme thinks it's for the best, and unlike Bob Cookie is quite pleased. He gives Bob 4 of his homemade meat pies to cheer him up. Vicky goes to see her mother at the clinic. She asks Shirley to join her for lunch so that they can talk. The locum, Dr. Ingrid Scanlon, arrives. She is young and very attractive, so Vicky makes a point of introducing herself as Simon's wife! Simon explains the hepatitis situation, and Dr. Scanlon suggests that her first job should be to vaccinate him. Molly tells Brendan about Jeremy being home from school. She doesn't agree with country people who send their children to city boarding schools at an early age, and Brendan agrees that Chloe won't be made to go anywhere unless she wants to. At lunch Vicky tells Shirley that she and Simon are planning to start a family. Shirley is thrilled but tries to control her excitement. She doesn't have time to finish lunch so Vicky invites her to dinner so they can talk without Cookie interrupting.

Jeremy has two old friends over at his house. Mark and Tony went to primary school with him. They leave to help their parents with farm chores, and wanting to work as well, Jeremy goes outside to chop firewood. Although there is a line of people waiting at the clinic, no one is ken to see Dr. Scanlon when she asks for the next patient. Shirley sends Bob in, then he decides that he doesn't need a doctor after all. Dr. Scanlon reads his file and guesses that he is having haemorrhoid trouble again! Tom drives out to the paddock where Jeremy is trying to chop firewood. Tom comments that he isn't doing a very good job, and Jeremy replies that he was never taught how to use an axe. Tom asks him to take the ute back to the house, but he can't drive either. Tom drops by the Jones' farm to apologise to Molly for being short with her in the morning. He tells her about Jeremy's expulsion. He is waiting for his wife to return home before he gives her the bad news. When he complains about Jeremy smoking pot Molly asks if he drank beer when he was a teenager. Tom answers that of course he did; everyone did. Molly doesn't see much difference between peer pressure now and then, just the drugs were different. Tony and Mark are at Jeremy's house again. They want to go rabbit shooting. They will provide the guns and ammunition, and ask Jeremy to bring his dad's ute. He is reluctant at first, but when they question whether or not he can drive he insists that he can and agrees to take the ute.

Shirley tells Frank about Vicky and Simon's plans, and he excitedly tries to determine what he wants his future grandchild to call him. Bob finds out that Maggie is moving to Terence's vineyard. Dr. Bowen introduces Dr. Scanlon to the hospital staff. Matron Sloan is not impressed by her attire (including high heels) and her habit of addressing people by their first names. Meanwhile, Simon and Brendan vie for the privilege of showing her around the hospital. Vicky and Simon host Ingrid, Shirley and Frank for dinner. Frank keeps talking about Terence and what a great man he is, and goes so far as to suggest that Ingrid come back when Simon takes his next holidays. Back at the hospital, Matron Sloan is still raving about needing to maintain a line between doctors and other staff (referring to Dr. Scanlon's familiarity). Judy mentions that she gave the matron's new phone number to Bob, but Maggie didn't want him to know where she is living. Jeremy brings Molly a note from his father. He complains that his father doesn't trust him, and won't even listen to his point of view. He explains that although he was caught holding the grass at school, it belonged to his friend - he didn't smoke any himself. He couldn't dob them in though. He doesn't care about having to leave the school; he just wants to work on the farm with his father. Dr. Scanlon brings Mrs. Cox into the hospital with symptoms of hepatitis. Despite being polite and professional, she still can't endear herself to Matron Sloan. Tom tries to teach Jeremy to drive in his old ute but quickly loses patience as the car bunny-hops around the yard. He sends Jeremy into the house, and his son is almost in tears with frustration.

Jeremy asks Molly to teach him to drive. Although he's too young for a license, most kids his age can drive, and on private property it is perfectly legal. Jeremy says that his father's car is unroadworthy so it's too hard to learn on. Molly suggests to Brendan that he teach Jeremy on the FJ, and although he is reluctant at first, he gives in. They are soon doing circles in the front paddock. Dr. Scanlon's last patient for the day is Esme Watson. Esme is surprised by the doctor's youth, and decides to come back tomorrow to see Dr. Bowen. Dr. Scanlon has little patience for hypochondriac patients, but Shirley explains that Esme is very lonely, and Simon and Terence are like sons to her. Dr. Scanlon realises that she could have been more tolerant, and asks Shirl to send Esme in for a quick chat when she comes in again. Mark and Tony meet Jeremy for their shooting excursion, but he says he can't take the ute. He tells them that his dad said it wasn't safe, so they reply that he doesn't need to know. Just then, Tom enters and tells Jeremy that he is going into town for several hours. After finishing at the clinic Dr. Scanlon heads to the hospital, looking rather run-down. Frank drops by the clinic to tell Shirley that he won't be driving her to the sex education seminar in Burrigan. The local social worker, Jane Williams, is going there and has offered Shirl a lift. Suddenly, Shirley has one of her famous premonitions. She makes Frank promise not to do anything dangerous while she's out.

Jeremy and his friends get into Tom's ute with their guns loaded. Jeremy tries one last time to change their minds, insisting that he will be in real trouble if his father finds out. When the others call him chicken he quickly backs down. They head off to the back paddock, Jeremy driving, Mark in the passenger seat, and Tony sitting in the tray of the ute. Jane Williams drives to Burrigan to give the sex ed lecture with Shirley. Jane's boyfriend, Ian Sharman, comes along with them. The boys don't find any rabbits so decide to head to another paddock. Jane suggests staying in Burrigan for a meal afterwards. Shirley agrees reluctantly, as she is still anxious about Frank. Jeremy comes to a crossroad between his property and the main road, where he stalls the ute. He starts the engine again but has trouble keeping the vehicle still as he checks for oncoming traffic. Jane's car comes around the corner just as the ute lurches forward. Jane swerves to avoid it, but still hits the ute side-on at high speed. Her car launches into the air before rolling several times and landing upside down in a ditch. The ute is flipped on its side, throwing Tony off the back onto the road.

Molly is making a dress for Chloe. Brendan comes inside after fixing the accelerator cable on the FJ - he says that while Jeremy may have enjoyed the driving lesson, the car didn't! An ambulance rushes out to the crash site, followed by Frank's police car. When he recognises Jane's car he realises in horror that Shirley is involved. The hospital is in near chaos as the victims are brought in. Shirley has a head injury but is still conscious, while Jeremy has a broken arm. Tony is seriously injured and Dr. Bowen will have to be called in to operate on him. Tom Gunn runs in, frantic after hearing that Jeremy has been injured. However, Brendan reassures him that he isn't seriously hurt. Simon receives a call at home from Judy. He tells Vicky that her mum was in a car accident and they leave immediately for the hospital. Drs. Bowen and Scanlon examine Tony. He is in shock after losing a lot of blood, and appears to have internal injuries. They have to operate to save his life. Vicky comes into Shirley's room where Frank is holding a vigil by her bedside. She is in shock but stable. Vicky asks how the accident happened but Frank says he doesn't know - yet.

Simon operates on Tony, with Dr. Scanlon assisting. Tony is bleeding profusely from internal injuries, and they have trouble finding the main source of the bleeding. Despite their best efforts, his injuries combined with the state of shock result in him dying on the operating table. Jeremy is settled into a hospital room, and Tom goes in to see him. Jeremy doesn't remember much of what happened, and his father has to tell him that both of his friends, as well as Jane and Ian, were killed. Tom doesn't ask why they were driving the ute without permission, he is just relieved that Jeremy survived the crash. He assumes that Mark or Tony was driving and Jeremy doesn't say anything to the contrary.

A few days later, Simon and Vicky prepare to go to the joint funeral. Shirley insists on going as well, since she was close to Jane and knew both of the boys' mothers. Vicky is concerned that it will be too much for her - she is still carrying her own injuries from the accident - but Simon thinks it is a necessary part of the grieving process. Tom is also going to the funeral, but at the last minute Jeremy decides to stay behind. He can't face everyone, and admits to his father that he was driving the ute and was responsible for the crash. Later, Tom tells Frank, who reluctantly informs him that Jeremy will have to be charged. Since the accident was such a serious one, Jeremy could be sent to juvenile detention. When Brendan finds out, he feels partially responsible for the accident since he taught Jeremy how to drive. However, Frank points out that everyone lets their kids drive around the farm, and often in unroadworthy vehicles.

Simon and Vicky invite Ingrid over for dinner again. Simon makes a few remarks about single people living by themselves, but fails to elicit any information about his colleague's private life. Tom tells Jeremy that he will have to face a magistrate on culpable driving charges, and wonders aloud what will happen to him. Jeremy's response is that it doesn't matter anyway, since he'll always be a no-hoper. In frustration, Tom tells his son that he needs to learn to take responsibility for his actions, but Jeremy says that he was trying to do what everyone expects of him. He also explains that the pot wasn't his, but accuses Tom of not wanting to listen when he tried to tell him before. Shirley has moved into the Bowens' temporarily while she recuperates from her injuries. Brendan is paid a visit by Jeremy. When Jeremy complains that his father doesn't care about him, Brendan insists that it isn't true, and suggests he try to look at things from Tom's point of view. Jeremy replies that Tom never thinks about how he feels, but Brendan says he would be surprised by how much he does. A group of locals talk about the crash at the pub. They all blame Jeremy for being a young hooligan, and when Tom comes in everyone is silent. Tom knows what the whole town is saying about his son, though, and confronts the men himself. He points out that the same thing could have happened to any of their kids - and many of them drive unroadworthy vehicles when they shouldn't. He says if they are looking for someone to blame, it should be himself, and not his son.

Jeremy and Tom meet again at home, only this time they are thinking about how the other must be feeling. They apologise to each other and agree to start their relationship afresh. Tom says he talked to Frank again, and it seems the penalty may not be as severe as they had originally feared. Jeremy still may have to go away for a while. Jeremy says he will take whatever comes to him, but Tom promises that this time he won't be alone. He also says that when he returns, Jeremy can learn everything he wants to know about farming at home. They cry and hug each other. Matron Sloan exits one of the hospital rooms after having been given her hepatitis inoculation by Judy. She thinks the needle must have been blunt, and is too sore to sit down! Judy seems to be getting an unusual amount of amusement from the matron's discomfort. Dr. Scanlon leaves the hospital looking rather worn out, causing Matron Sloan to hope that she hasn't come down with hepatitis herself. Frank and Simon shout Ingrid a farewell drink at the pub - Terence is due back from holidays so she is heading back to Sydney. They ask her if she will be doing more locum work in the near future, but she reveals that she is pregnant! With Esme listening intently from the next table, Frank and Simon sympathise with her dilemma and ask what she is going to do. To everyone's surprise, she says she will go back home and break the news to her husband!

Frank drops by the Bowens' house laden with suitcases. He says that he doesn't like living by himself, so he's decided to move in with them until Shirley is ready to go home. Fortunately, she says she can move back right away. Her broken ribs are mostly healed, and she remembers all too clearly the last time the four of them shared the same house (see episodes 255 - 265), and is not keen to repeat the experience. Vicky is at the clinic helping Simon catch up on the paperwork that piled up while Terence was away and Shirley out of action. Vicky is definitely not a typist, though ("You don't spell 'Pollini' with a semi-colon"). Frank and Shirley drop by, seeing that the clinic is open on the weekend. Shirley offers to help with the typing. They suggest that Vicky and Simon go on holiday, and Simon instantly starts planning an extravagant European trip. Vicky does not appreciate the suggestion - she says he'll be sprouting French for weeks!


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