233 & 234
Original -- Jun 19/20, 1984
Showcase -- May 19/22, 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Joan Sydney (Matron Sloan)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Patrick Phillips (Freddy Skinner)
Darius Perkins (Hedley Skinner)
Nicole Kidman (Simone Jenkins)
Paul Smith (Andy)
Serge Lazareff (Mr. Wilson)
Wayne Kermond (Peter Wilson)
Alan Russel (Pastor)
Not available.
Brendan comes "from a long line of plumbers".

Alan Russel played the Wandin Valley pastor in episode 184, when he performed Vicky and Simon's wedding ceremony.

Stamp Out Sniffing is a real group, started by parents of teenagers who died from sniffing aerosols. It is acknowedged in the end credits of both episodes for providing assistance to the writers and producers.

That's right, Simone Jenkins was played by "Our Nicole", at about 16 years of age.

Instead of the usual end credit footage, a series of still scenes from the episode (of Peter, Hedley, Simone, Andy and Freddy) are shown.

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"Repairing the Damage"

Brendan gets up in the middle of the night for a drink of water, but finds that the tap is broken. Molly suggests he call Bob in the morning, but he decides to fix it himself. Shirley finds Frank reading a medical dictionary at 4am and is concerned that something is bothering him. He won't admit to anything, though. Three friends, Hedley Skinner, his older brother Freddy, and Peter Wilson go for a vigorous run before breakfast. Matron Sloan reads the newspaper looking for rooms to let. She has been given many suggestions by the locals, but they are all unsuitable (she doesn't like animals or children). Judy suggests she move in with Bob and Cookie, but even with the thought of regular card games she won't consider it (she thinks of them as "that man from the Club and that Hatfield hooligan").

Peter and Freddy spar at the boxing ring before school, but Peter is a bit sluggish today. Terence greets Shirley at the clinic, but she is distracted. She tells him that she is worried about Frank - he hasn't been eating or sleeping properly, and has stopped jogging recently. She asks Terence to speak to him, and he promises to try. Brendan tries to replace the old tap in the kitchen sink. The new tap doesn't fit the socket, and he has to replace that as well. Despite his plumbing ancestry, he isn't having a great deal of success, and Molly giving advice doesn't help his confidence. Freddy drops by the police station to ask Frank about getting old equipment from the Burrigan police boys' club. Freddy is using an old gym for boxing and other sport to give Wandin Valley's teenagers something healthy to do in their free time. Frank hasn't contacted Killer Burke yet, but promises to get onto it. After Freddy leaves, Frank gets a phone call. He rushes out to meet the school bus which is parked by the side of the road, the students all waiting outside. Peter Wilson is slumped across the back seat, dead.

At the hospital, Frank and Matron Sloan try to comfort Peter's father. He insists that his son was always healthy and can't accept that he is dead, still talking about him in the present tense. Hedley takes the day off school to work out at the gym. Freddy comes in and Hedley tells him about Peter's death. Terence performs the autopsy on Peter while Frank observes. The autopsy is broken up by short scenes in which Peter's friends talk about death. Most are almost clinical in their reactions, but Hedley is very withdrawn. He wants to tell Dr. Elliott about the circumstances surrounding Peter's death, but the others are afraid that they will get into trouble, and reason that it won't bring him back. Hedley sits alone and remembers Peter's last morning alive.

Brendan comes home from the shops to find that Molly has put a layer of varnish on the kitchen table. They realise in dismay that it won't be dry by the time Vicky and Simon come over for dinner, and to make matters worse Brendan's new tap doesn't work. Simon finishes with the last patient at the clinic. He tells Shirley that Matron Sloan is still looking for somewhere to live, and asks about the spare room at her house. She admits that she doesn't think Frank could deal with a house guest at the moment, but promises to keep an eye out for something else. Terence comes in after completing the autopsy. He is confused about the cause of Peter's death, and has to wait for the results of tests to come back. Freddy tries to talk to Hedley about Peter, but he doesn't want to discuss it. Frank comes to the gym to talk to Hedley, who was sitting next to Peter. He insists that he doesn't know anything - Peter just died without warning. Simon and Vicky arrive at the Joneses' for dinner (which they have to eat on the floor). Brendan tells them about his plumbing adventures, and Simon gets volunteered to help him change the pipes on Sunday. Shirley tries to talk to Frank but he is still very irritable. She insists that he go to see Terence, for her sake.

Simon arrives at the farm dressed for the part in pristine white designer overalls. Molly tries to offer suggestions, but they aren't welcomed. The pipe they are trying to remove breaks, covering both Simon and Brendan in dirty water. Frank shows Shirley an article about Blue Light Discos - drug and alcohol-free events run by the police for country kids as a legal alternative to nightclubs. He decides to contact Killer Burke to try to arrange one for Wandin Valley, but Shirley insists that he see Terence first. When he is reluctant, she rings the hospital and arranges an appointment right away. While Hedley works out at the gym one of his friends, Simone, drops by. She asks if he told anything to the cops, but he assures her that he didn't. Andy comes in with an aerosol can that he just bought. He and Simone head off to the park to trip out. Hedley decides not to go with them, and they tease him for being so conservative. Vicky goes out to the farm to pick up Simon, who at this point is under the house trying to change yet another pipe. Terence finishes examining Frank, who has an enlarged prostate. He wants to make Frank an appointment to see the Burrigan urologist for further tests. Frank is worried that it will be malignant, but Terence believes that it's unlikely given his age. Terence tells him that Shirley is very worried, and Frank agrees to see the urologist in a few days.

Shirley asks Frank why he didn't tell her when he became worried about his health, and he admits that he was embarrassed. She assures him that it is probably a minor problem. He decides to speak to Killer Burke about the Blue Light Discos when he is in Burrigan, and try to arrange to have them on a regular basis. Shirley is pleased to see him back in a positive mood. Peter's funeral service is held in the local church. His school friends all attend. Half-way through the eulogy Hedley runs outside, to his brother's concern. Frank receives a call from Mrs. Ledbetter, who reports that Horace Ledbetter, aged 7, has been missing all night. It turns out Horace is a cat. Terence comes into the police station. He tells Frank that the results of the tests on Peter's liver, lungs and blood show traces of fluorocarbons - indicating that he had been sniffing aerosols when he died. Later, in the clinic Shirley tells Simon that Frank has organised a Blue Light Disco for Saturday night. He is still shaken up by Peter's death. Terence comes in, frustrated that no one wants to talk about aerosol sniffing. No one wants to publicise the issue, worried that it will encourage kids to start sniffing, but then, the kids know exactly what to use anyway. Terence has been in contact with a Sydney group called SOS (Stamp Out Sniffing) to get more information and support. None of them can understand why kids would risk their lives for a cheap thrill. Simone and Andy meet Hedley in the park after the funeral. Andy has bought another aerosol can - something to cheer them up.

Freddy talks to Bob, Cookie and Esme about Peter Wilson. Bob and Cookie both like Freddy. He took custody of Hedley when their parents died, and has done a lot for the local kids at the gym. After he leaves, Esme tells Bob and Cookie that Peter's death was due to drugs. She won't reveal her 'sources', however. Brendan and Judy laugh about his escapades with Simon on the weekend. Matron Sloan comes into the office, pleased that she has finally found suitable accommodation. She rings Mrs. Agostini in reply to her ad in the paper. After being asked whether she wears a uniform and gives orders, it quickly becomes apparent that her potential new housemate is a fetishist! Hedley spars in the boxing ring, but Freddy makes him stop because his co-ordination is so poor. Freddy thinks he is still grieving over his friend's death, but when he tries to talk to his brother about it Hedley angrily demands to be left alone.

Freddy comes into the hospital asking to see Dr. Elliott. Judy tells Brendan that Mrs. Ledbetter tried to commit suicide because her cat was killed by a truck. Bev rings with an accommodation suggestion for Matron Sloan - Esme Watson's house! Vicky comes into the clinic to see Simon, but he is with a patient. She asks Shirley about Frank. He is waiting for the urologist to ring with his test results. Killer Burke has given approval for the Blue Light Disco, but left all the organising to Frank. Freddy asks Terence about what killed Peter, and is dismayed when he hears that he was sniffing aerosols. Terence tells him that he suspects Peter had been sniffing for some time, and his friends were probably involved as well. Freddy asks about the symptoms of addiction, and as Terence describes them he realises they match Hedley's recent behaviour. Frank waits anxiously at the police station for the phone to ring but Terence drops by to give him the news personally. The urologist diagnosed benign prostatic hypertrophy, to Frank's relief. However, Terence tells him that he will need surgery immediately to prevent obstruction of the urethra and kidney damage. He insists that he check into hospital tomorrow, and lectures him for putting it off for so long already. Brendan and Judy come into the club and sit next to Esme, who is telling everyone about poor Mrs. Ledbetter. They sympathise with the plight of women living alone, and suggest to Esme that she get a lodger. She is reluctant, given her last bad experience (see episodes 187-188), but they advise trying a female - Matron Sloan, for instance. Freddy picks Hedley up from school and drags him into the gym. He confronts him about Peter's sniffing, and demands to know if he is doing the same thing. Hedley denies it, and Freddy warns him not to try.

Shirley and Frank prepare to check into hospital. She assures him that everyone in town is going to help out with the disco, and that he doesn't have to worry about anything. Hedley, Andy and Simone wait for the school bus. Hedley decides to skip school, and encourages his friends to join him. He has five dollars - enough to buy an aerosol can. Matron Sloan is at her wit's end looking for somewhere to live. Brendan and Judy tell her their suggestion, but she dismisses it immediately. They keep at it, and eventually she actually starts to consider the idea. Frank and Shirley arrive and Brendan takes them to his room. At the park, Hedley starts sniffing first. He uses so much that Andy and Simone are worried that there won't be any left for them. Suddenly he starts gasping and convulsing. Andy freaks out, thinking he is going to die. Simone tells him to get Freddy. Vicky visits Molly, who is decorating the kitchen - hanging plants and a full paint job. Molly agrees to come to a meeting at the club that night to organise the Blue Light Disco. Freddy and Andy rush to the park where Hedley is lying unconscious. He isn't breathing, but Freddy administers mouth-to-mouth and he revives, still coughing and convulsing.

Hedley is admitted to hospital. He admits to Freddy and Simon that he and his friends would pool their lunch money to buy aerosols. A store owner in Burrigan even gave them discounts when they bought in bulk. They started sniffing a few times a week, then up to four times a day - at school breaks and on the bus. Simon informs Hedley that he will go through withdrawal symptoms and could have kidney and liver damage. He tells him that he has suffered brain damage and will have impaired use of his arms and legs. Hedley is shocked that the damage is so serious. Shirley waits for Frank's operation to finish. Terence comes out of surgery and assures her that everything went well, and there is no sign of malignancy. Bob drops in on Freddy at the gym. Freddy is angry and upset about Hedley's behaviour. He thought that moving out to the country would keep his brother away from the drug problems of the city. His other brother and sister weren't willing to take on the responsibility of looking after him, but still he blames himself. Bob asks Freddy if he'll be coming to the Blue Light Disco meeting, but he replies that he couldn't give a stuff about the kids in the town at the moment. The meeting takes place at the club. Shirley explains the philosophy of the discos and asks for volunteers. The first job goes to Bob - official bouncer!

Frank and Hedley end up in a hospital room together. Simone comes to visit Hedley, but he isn't very talkative. She tells him that a couple of other kids wagged school to trip out again, but she has decided to give it a rest. His near death finally scared some sense into her. The locals set up the gym for the disco. Molly comes in with the news that the emcee has laryngitis, and they can't get a replacement in time. Cookie volunteers for the job, and although his style is highly amusing, it's about 20 years out of date. Brendan unexpectedly finds himself volunteered for the job. Esme comes into the hospital asking to visit Mrs. Ledbetter. She is caught trying to smuggle in a kitten (Harold) to cheer her up. Judy tells her that animals aren't allowed in the hospital, but Matron thinks it is a wonderful idea. She lets her in, and asks if they can have dinner the next evening. Hedley asks Frank if he will get into trouble with the law now that he has been caught, but Frank replies that it's the least of his worries. Hedley says he just wanted to be accepted, and never thought about dying. Frank tells him that when he was a teenager he got so drunk that his friends had to carry him home in the middle of the night. Later that night, while he copped a hiding from his father, his mates stole a car and crashed it, killing four of them. He never drank alcohol after that. He tells Hedley that life is too precious to let the mob dictate how you should live it.

The next morning, Hedley gets dressed to leave hospital, but he has trouble putting on his shoes and shirt. Freddy comes in and helps him. Hedley tells Freddy that he's sorry, and the brothers reconcile. Esme and Maggie share a drink at the club. Maggie asks about the room, sets straight her requirements and accepts without giving Esme a chance to explain her house rules. Shirley visits Frank in the evening. The Blue Light Disco is underway, with about 300 kids coming from as far as Magnolia Vale. She brings a picnic basket to share with him, but he is still a little subdued. Simone finds Hedley sitting outside the gym while the party rages on inside. She asks him to dance with her, but he admits that he can't dance any more.


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