221 & 222
Original -- May 8/9, 1984
Showcase -- May 3/4, 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Max Meldrum (Arnie Hodegekiss)
Brian McDermott (Nolan Lloyd)
Les Dayman (Owen Butler)
Melissa Jaffer (Anthea Garrick)
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"Invasion of Privacy"

Vicky goes out to the Butler fam to check on some cattle. Owen Butler does most of the veterinary work himself, but occaisonally calls on George Prentis, the Burrigan vet. With Prentis away he's had to resort to Vicky, and he is not at all friendly. She diagnoses probable bacterial pneumonia and decides to start the cattle on a week-long course of antibiotic injections. Owen opts to administer them himself. Terence returns from his holiday in Sydney with a new Anthea Garrick painting. Simon, who has been in his office since 7:30am, makes arrangements to get together with Terence after work. Vicky finishes her work at the Butler farm. Owen seems to have decided that she is competent and is much more good-natured than when she first arrived. Vicky comments that she hasn't seen him around town, and he replies that he only ever goes to Burrigan, even though it's further away than Wandin Valley. Arnie Hodgekiss meets Nolan Lloyd, a real estate developer, for a business lunch at the club. Johnno is in Sydney (at the races) so Arnie is acting Shire President. Mr. Lloyd is planning a major development in the area to attract people from the city. He wants to construct a new road, but it will need to go through the Butler property. He wants the council to convince Owen Butler to sell - and Arnie will be "compensated" for any trouble he goes to. Vicky comes into the clinic to talk to her mother. Shirley asks if she wants to see Simon, but she declines. She asks Shirley about Owen Butler. Shirl says that he married a woman from Sydney, and one day years ago she just disappeared. Esme overhears as she comes in and claims that Owen is a murderer. Mr. Lloyd and Mr. Hodgekiss go out to Owen Butler's property. He tells them that he won't sell, and orders them to leave. Terence shows off his new painting to Simon, who points out that it isn't signed. As it's getting late, Terence says that he should let Simon get home to Vicky, but Simon replies that she's hardly ever there. He then starts a deep conversation about the interface between medicine and art. Esem talks to Cookie about Mrs. Butler. When she disappeared the police dug up Owen's garden but never found anything. Esme remarks that Owen was such an outgoing man until he got married, and it becomes clear that she carried a torch for him for some time. Shirley worries to Frank about Vicky and Simon. Frank tries to convince her not to interfere, and she reluctantly agrees (for now). When Simon arrives home Vicky is packing her bags to go out again. A horse is about to foal, and she is going out to the farm to wait. Simon offers to come with her for moral support, but she says he would get in the way, and she's concerned about what the farmer will think if she brought her husband along.

Simon is at work early again the next day. Terence comments on the difficulty of having two professional careers in a marriage, but Simon says that not the problem. He says that while he has made a lot of adjustments since getting married, Vicky hasn't made any to accommodate him. Her high degree of independence makes him feel irrelevant. Terence advises him to talk to Vicky about how he feels. Shirley drops in at the flat, ostensibly to return a salad bowl. She asks Vicky what is going on between her and Simon. She has noticed that they've been distant with each other for weeks. Vicky insists that she's just been busy, and that she can't always let her business take second place to her marriage. Owen cuts through fallen branches with a chainsaw when he trips and slices his leg. He manages to drag himself to his truck where he radios for help. Shirley and Terence discuss painting his office (the colour of the the walls clashes with his new painting). Shirley asks if Terence noticed anything wrong with Simon, but he assures her that everything is fine. Brendan is back at work after his accident, although still quite sore. A call comes through about an accident in the bush and Terence offers to go out there while Simon finishes rounds. Mr. Lloyd tells Cookie that the local population will increase substantially in a year or two, boosting the club's profits. Arnie comes in and two men discuss Owen's property. Mr. Lloyd says that if the council rezones the land so that the rates go up, Butler will have no choice but to sell. Terence arrives with the ambulance to take Owen to hospital, despite his insistence that he can't leave. Owen is diagnosed with a torn ligament in his back and a fractured kneecap. He will need surgery on his leg, and will be in hospital for up to two weeks. He refuses to have anyone on his property to look after the farm, and says that they needn't contact anyone. All his family are dead - or hadn't they heard? After the operation, Simon stays back at the hospital to check on some patients. Vicky arrives. She and Simon were supposed to be having dinner at the Jones', but he'd forgotten. At dinner, Simon and Vicky are both subdued and barely interact with each other on any level. Brendan and Molly both notice their awkward behaviour.

Simon and Vicky arrive back at the flat, still hardly talking. Vicky asks Simon if he still loves her, and he quickly replies, "Of course I do," then goes to bed. She doesn't seem to be reassured, though. Esme tells Frank that he should dig up Owen Butler's cow paddock while he has the chance. Frank says that he has no grounds for doing so, and denies his father ever digging up the garden back when he was the local police officer. Vicky visits Owen in hospital and offers to keep an eye on his farm. She'll have to go out there to give the cattle their antibiotics anyway. Owen asks her to watch out for trespassers on the property. Terence visits Frank at the police station to ask about Owen. Frank found a report written by his father 20 years ago, when Owen's wife first disappeared. Owen claimed that she had left him, but didn't give an address where she could be contacted. When the rumours started he cut all contact with Wandin Valley and its residents, and has lived in isolation ever since. Vicky drops into the clinic to see Simon, but he is out on rounds so she leaves a message with Shirley. She has to go out to the Butler property so she will be home late. Terence tells her that Frank has also gone out to the farm to meet her. Vicky is dismayed since Owen specifically asked for the police to stay away, and Shirley believes that the rumours will now get worse. Molly charges into the club to show a newspaper article to Cookie. It details the council's plans to subdivide farming lan for development for hobby farms. When Arnie arrives she lights into him, accusing him of putting local farmers out of business. He tells her that everyone has a responsibility to make money in these times, and even Cookie agrees that the hobby farmers would bring a welcome boost to the local economy. At the Butler farm, Vicky gives the cattle injections while Frank goes to the house "to check the doors and windows." he sees an open window and detects movement inside, so he climbs in through the window. From outside, Vicky hears a woman screaming and Frank frantically calling out her name.

Simon arrives back at the clinic after rounds. Shirley gives him Vicky's message, but he doesn't seem very interested. Vicky enters Owen's house through the window and finds Frank struggling to restrain a hysterical woman. The woman screams, "Get out of my house!" before fainting. Nolan Lloyd and Arnie Hodgekiss visit Owen in hospital and try to convince him to reconsider selling the farm. Their loud arguing brings Brendan into the room, and he forces the men to leave. Terence goes out to the Butler property to see the woman who claims to be Mrs. Butler. A lot calmer now, Mrs. Butler explains that she never leaves the house and asks that her privacy be respected. As Terence leaves, he notices a half-finished painting of a familiar style.

Vicky visits Simon in his office and tells him about Mrs. Butler. She bought him a present in Burrigan (a black jumper), and although he insists that he likes it, she doesn't believe him. Their conversation, while polite, is like that of mere acquaintances. Brendan tells Molly about Arnie and Mr. Lloyd harrassing Owen. They are both sure that Arnie is getting some sort of kickback for arranging the rezoning, since he is so heavily in support of it. Molly suggests they start a campaign - organise petitions, protests and write to the paper. To her surprise and delight, Brendan immediately agrees. Mr. Lloyd drives to the edge of the Butler propery and drops off two men by the fence. Owen explains to Terence that when his wife developed agoraphobia it was easier to shut themselves off from the community than try to battle the rumours. Terence asks his permission to visit her again. He gets confirmation that Mrs. Butler is actually Anthea Garrick, as he'd suspected. Anthea is painting at home when she hears the sounds of glass smashing. Upon investigation, she finds that a fire has broken out in the kitchen, and the room is filled with smoke. Esme asks Shirley what Frank found at the Butler property, and Shirley replies, "Mrs. Butler." After momentary confusion, where Esme believes Owen kept a corpse in the house for 20 years, she is disappointed to learn that Anthea is actually alive and well. To escape the smoke, Anthea is forced to run outside. She sees smoke billowing out of the top floor of the house, and goes back inside to try to extinguish the fire. Overcome by smoke, she passes out as she reaches for the phone. Terence sees the smoke as he drives up to the house. He finds Mrs. Butler unconscious inside and takes her to the hospital. Brendan and Terence treat Anthea for smoke inhalation. She has regained consciousness and is frantic at being away from her home. Brendan brings Owen into the room but his presence doesn't calm her down. Simon and Vicky arrive home. Vicky makes a comment about Anthea refusing to seek help, and Simon tells her that she is always judging people. He says that she thinks she is always right and never considers anyone else's opinions or feelings, including his. He complains that she won't commit to him on any level, and even questions why she married him at all since she manages "so goddamn efficiently on [her] own."

The next morning Simon and Vicky get ready for work with barely a word exchanged between them. Owen and Anthea Butler share a hospital room, and Anthea explains the progress of her illness to Terence. She couldn't cope with the fame her painting brought her and withdrew from public life, even refusing to sign her name on her paintings. When she married Owen, they both thought country life would be good for her, but she found she had nothing in common with the locals, and was happiest staying inside all the time, painting. Molly drops off fliers at the clinic about the protest. After she leaves, Shirley asks Simon if he sorted things out with Vicky. He tells her about losing his temper the night before, and complains that Vicky won't communicate on any level. He is afraid that he doesn't make her happy. Owen tries to convince Anthea to get help for her agoraphobia, saying that he gave up his whole way of life for 20 years for her. However, she is too scared and wants everything to stay the same. Molly hands out fliers at the club. Nolan Lloyd confronts her about being a hobby farmer herself, but Cookie and others stand up for her. Lloyd accuses them all of standing in the way of progress.

Owen tells Anthea that they will have to sell the farm. Frank arrives to ask Owen some questions. He has been investigating the fire and it appears to have been deliberately lit. Vicky visits the Jones' farm to see Molly, but she is still out organising a protest. While Vicky waits for Molly to return, Brendan goes outside to feed Doris. A group of farmers confront Arnie at the club. If the rezoning is enforced, they will blackban Johnno's pub and force him off the council at the next election. Brendan comes back inside to find Vicky crying. She tells him about her problems with Simon, and Brendan suggest that she may be afraid of letting Simon come too close. Vicky admits that she has never been good with emotions. Terence drives Anthea home. He asks her again to get psychiatric help, a much for Owen's sake as her own.

Simon is writing an article about farm safety for a magazine. Vicky tries to engage him in conversation, but his responses are short and cold. Frank drops in and tells them that he's planned a surprise for Shirley - a holiday to India. However, he knows that she won't go if she's still worried about Simon and Vicky's marriage. They assure him that it was just a silly argument, and that everything is fine. The farmers visit the Jones' to thank Molly for organising the action against the rezoning proposal. She is ecstatic at being accepted into the farming community at last. Frank and Shirley discuss Nolan Lloyd. Although there was not enough evidence to charge him, he is suspected to be behind the fire at the Butler property, and has left the district. Frank gives Shirl her present. She is thrilled, until she remembers Simon and Vicky. Frank assures her that they have made up after their fight. He then requests that she not return from India with her head shaven and wearing yellow robes. Some time later (a week after Shirl left for India), Terence brings Owen home in a wheelchair. Anthea has spoken to Vicky, who has kept coming out to administer the antibiotics to the cows. Anthea has also arranged for someone to come out to the farm three days a week to help out while Owen recovers. She asks Terence for a referal for the psychiatrist in Burrigan. As Terence leaves, he is pleased to see Anthea walk outside to wave him goodbye. Simon arrives home to find Vicky reading his article. She loves it, but admits that she wouldn't have the courage to write jokes like he has, in case no one laughed. He replies that sometimes you have to take a chance. A lot closer than they had been, they decide to enjoy a quiet dinner at home together.


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