219 & 220
Original -- May 1/2, 1984
Showcase -- May 1/2, 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Roger Oakley (Chilla Yates)
Amanda Muggleton (Ros Henkle)
Brett Climo (Sandy Hughes)
James Condon (Flynn)
Brendan trying to guess what Molly gave him for his birthday. "What letter does it start with? A? B? C!" She says it's a surprise - a medium sized surprise. "Big medium or small medium?"
Brett Climo, of course, is better known to ACP fans as Michael Langley.
Roger Oakley is probably best known for his role as Tom Fletcher on "Home and Away"

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"A Horse of a Different Colour"

Brendan sings 'Happy Birthday' to himself - his birthday is next weekend. Molly makes cracks about his age, but he reminds her that he's only one year older than she is. He tries to guess what his birthday present is, but Molly won't give anything away. A young man rides a horse through the countryside, almost getting hit by Terence's 4WD when he jumps in it's path. Shirley spills coffee on her over-crowded desk. Terence helpfully suggests that she clean up a bit, but can't find a place for the extra paperwork.

The young horseman dismounts for a rest. He tells the horse, Casper, that no one will hurt them any more. They are escaping someone in Burrigan. Bob and a friend drink a beer after a funeral. Chilla looked after old Maurie who was confined to a wheelchair since his stroke ten years ago. Bob is sure that Maurie's horse stud will be willed to Chilla. Vicky is on the phone in her office when Molly enters with Chloe. George Prentis, the Burrigan vet, is overrun with work and wants Vicky to help him out again (see episodes 196-197). However, she says that she and Simon don't see enough of each other as it is, and suggests he get a partner. Molly has come to ask her advice about buying a horse for Brendan. She only has $400 though, and Vicky assures her she won't be able to buy anything decent for that price. Simon comes into the clinic in time to catch Shirley's typewriter before it falls off her desk. She complains about all the clutter she has to deal with and tells Simon that she needs a typewriter stand. Just then, Terence comes out of his office. he's had a brilliant idea - they should buy her a typewriter stand! Shirley brings Frank lunch at the police station. Bob comes in, rather drunk after the wake at the pub. He tells Frank that Chilla has had too much to drink but still wants to drive home. Frank makes Bob hand over his keys as well. Killer Burke rings with a report of a horse stolen from Flynn's stud in Burrigan. Meanwhile, Casper's rider studies a map of the area. They're headed for Tamworth, where he plans to put his uncle's brand on the horse and find work as a drover.

Frank drops Chilla back at the late Maurie Henkle's stud farm, where he had been living while he took care of Maurie. Frank tells him about the stolen horse and Chilla replies that it must have been stolen for a good reason. He says Ernie Flynn treats horses and human alike - badly. Frank is driving along the Burrigan road when he sees a young man sitting, stunned, at the base of a tree. It's Casper's rider. Frank helps him up and drives him to the hospital. Jusy tries to ask the young man his name, but he only mumbles "Casper. You've got to find him." The boy has a compound fracture of the leg that requires surgery. Frank wants to ask him some questions, but Terence makes him come back later. Molly is reading a horse magazine when Bob arrives with a present for Brendan - a roll of rubber tubing! Molly tells him about wanting to buy a horse, but she can't afford it. Bob offers to talk to Chilla Yates on her behalf. When Bob arrives at the Henkle stud he finds Chilla sitting inside drinking. Maurie Henkle willed everything he had to a niece in England, leaving Chilla nothing.

Judy tries to get information out of her new patient but he claims that he can't remember anything. Brendan tells him that he will have to stay in hospital while the amnesia lasts. The young man admits that he does remember what happened, but doesn't want to tell Brendan his name. Casper threw him when scared by a trailbike and ran away. He tells Brendan about the horse, whom he obviously loves, and says that he has to find him. Casper gallops through the bush and into the road, straight into the path of a semi-trailer. Molly visits Chilla to look at his horses, but he informs her that they are all worth between two and ten thousand dollars. Molly asks him to save a particular horse until next year but Chilla says it isn't for sale. It was Maurie Henkle's personal riding horse and is getting quite old. He tells her that as there is a new owner he is no longer in charge. Frank talks to Terence at the hospital. The anonymous young man fits the description of Sandy Hughes, who stole a thoroughbred from Flynn's stable. The horse is worth a great deal of money and Flynn wants to lay charges. Chilla finds a woman looking through the house. She introduces herself as Rosalyn Henkle, Maurie's neice. Brendan drops into the police station to ask Frank if Casper has been found. In a moment of superb timing, Frank receives a phone call reporting that a horse has been killed by a truck on the Burrigan road.

Simon and Terence carry a huge package into the clinic. They have bought Shirley a "Super King Size Office Desk" - one of the assemble-yourself jobs. Brendan tells the young man at the hosptial that Casper is dead. He admits to stealing the horse from Eric Flynn, but says that they were running away together, for protection. He swore not to let anyone stick a needle into the horse again, but won't elaborate further. Frank will have to charge him. Rosalyn asks Chilla to stay on to manage the horse stud. He is surprised, having assumed she would sell it, but agrees. Molly complains to Vicky about the price of horses. She ad her heart set on getting one for Brendan. Brendan comes home from work and tells them about Sandy Hughes and his horse. Ros talks to Chilla about London. When her hairdressing business went broke she became a Playboy bunny. She asks Chilla about his personal life, but he is very defensive. He asks her where she wants the stud to go in the future, and she replies that she just wants to make money. She assures Chilla that there will be fringe benefits associated with working for her.

Terence and Simona are having great difficulty putting the desk together, especially since the instructions are in Japanese. When they realise that it's almost time for patients to start arriving they both rush into their offices, leaving a mess of wood and screws in the middle of the floor. Molly feeds sugar to Maurie Henkle's old horse. Chilla is less than impressed when he sees her coming. Molly asks Ros about the horse she wants. She offers to put down $400 as a deposit, but Ros says she can buy it for that price. Molly is thrilled, but Chilla isn't. Inside, he tells Ros that the horse wasn't ready to be sold, and that it will cause them a lot of trouble.

Bob delivers the horse to the Jones' farm. Molly takes it to the back paddock where Brendan won't see it. Frank comes into the clinic to pick up Shirley at the end of the day. The new desk is still in pieces on the floor. Frank and the doctors get stuck into trying to interpret the diagram, leaving Shirl to wait in the car. As Ros and Chilla discuss selling some of the horses it becomes clear that they've misunderstood each other. Ros meant to keep Chilla on until she sold the whole property, not just a few horses. She wants fast cash and has no interest in maintaining the farm long-term.

Bob drops in on Vicky's surgery to ask her to keep an eye out for a second-hand saddle for Molly. Vicky can't belive she bought a horse for $400 and suspects that something dodgy is going on. Molly leads Brendan out to the back paddock with his eyes covered. When she reveals the horse (who she calls Honey) Brendan is ecstatic. Simon comes into the clinic to find that Shirley has assembled the desk herself that morning. He doesn't notice that one leg is too short, and is being held up by his medical dictionary. Terence examines Sandy's leg. He offers to try to get Sandy's job back when he hears about his family's financial problems, but Sandy refuses to go back to Flynn's farm. Terence asks if anyone hurt him there but Sandy won't talk about it. Vicky drops in on Molly to check on the horse. She's annoyed that Molly didn't consult her first, and is sure there must be a catch. Ros and Chilla argue about the farm. She keeps flirting with him but he is agitated about something. He leaves to see Molly. Molly, Vicky and Chloe walk out to the back paddock to see Brendan and Honey. They find the horse standing alone and Brendan lying on the ground some distance away, in a great deal of pain.

At the hospital Simon tries to examine Brendan but Molly is frantic and keeps getting in the way. Simon thinks Brendan has broken a few ribs. Molly blames herself for not getting the horse checked out first. Chilla arrives at the Jones' farm but only Vicky and Chloe are there. Vicky tells him that the horse has levicular disease - an inflammation of a joint in the leg. Chilla insists that the sale of the horse had nothing to do wth him, but Vicky replies that the horse's condition has. Brendan is sharing a ward with Sandy. Judy finds it all very amusing, and can't resist having a dig at Brendan. Bob drops in for a visit. Brendan tells him that he wasn't thrown; that the horse simply collapsed under him. Sandy asks a few questions and remarks that it sounds like something was wrong with the horse. Bob gets angry at the infered accusation directed at Chilla and Sandy backs down. Bob decides to go to see Chilla. Ros has dressed up for the sales in Burrigan. Chilla tells her about the problem with the horse he sold to the Joneses, and admits that the horse had been lame for years. He disguised the problem intentionally. Bob barges in, and when Ros reveals that Chilla knew the horse was lame, Bob is furious. He demands that Molly be given a refund, and Chilla agrees. Vicky tells Molly that Honey had been injected with steroids to disguise the lameness. He won't be able to be ridden again.

Molly confronts Chilla about drugging Honey. Chilla tries to justify his actions, and Ros also doesn't seem to think it is a big deal. She offers to buy the horse back for $400 but Molly won't have it. She belives it will be sent to the glue factory now that they have been exposed. Molly tells Brendan about the steroids. Sandy says that the same thing happens all the time at Flynn's farm. That is why he took Casper. The problem is that it is not technically illegal. Molly is outraged (of course) and swears to do something to get Sandy off the hook. Molly interviews Vicky about her diagnosis. She asks if Vicky would be willing to go public about horse doping, but Vicky is concerned about her practice. She says that she will give what information she can, as long as her name isn't mentioned. Molly rings the editor of the Burrigan Examiner immediately, much to Vicky's horror. Chilla stops in for a drink at the pub. Esme tells him off for his involvement in Brendan's accident, but he still won't admit that he did anything wrong. Brendan drives Judy crazy trying to run the hospital from bed. Frank visits Molly at the farm. He sopke to Eric Flynn, who is friends with the editor of the Burigan Examiner. The article won't be published, but Frank believes that Flynn is still very worried about his practices becoming public knowledge. Frank and Molly cook up a plan together.

Ros and Chilla get ready to go to the sale. Chilla is upset about losing the horses, the farm and his reputation all at once Ros tells him that she thinks he stayed on for 20 years not out of loyalty to Maurie, but fear of trying to start a stud farm by himself. Vicky exmines Honey. He will need a course of steroids to cure the inflammation. Frank types up list of charges against Sandy Hughes for Flynn to sign. Molly comes into the station to speak to Flynn. He starts to explain the breeders' point of view when Molly whips out a large sign ("Flynn is a horse hazard.") She and other community members, including two Pony Clubs, plan to hold the signs up at the next Burrigan sales. Flynn is very concerned about the negative publicity. Terene tells Brendan and Sandy that they can both go home tomorrow. He's called Sandy's parents, who are coming to pick him up. Frank enters and informs Sandy that Flynn has dropped the charges against him.

Chilla prepares to pack up the house. Ros asks him to come to Queensland with her and he decides to accept the offer. Molly and Brendan check on Honey. Ros gave the $400 back despite them keeping the horse. Molly jokes about buying another and setting up a stud of their own.


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