213 & 214
Original --
Showcase -- Apr 21/24, 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Dasha Blahova (Tania Menzel)
Vincent Ball (Keith Fitzgerald) -- credited in part one and two but only appeared in part two
Jane Harders (Sarah Fitzgerald)
John Wingrove (Rod Fitzgerald)
"Stop the forensic analysis while the body's still warm"
-- Vicky's response to Simon's early morning interrogation about her health.

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Rod Fitzgerald's full name was Rodney James Fitzgerald

Rod's and Sarah's son James nearly drowned in the creek last summer.

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"Moment of Truth"

Tania and Terence walk through his vineyard. He reads her medical paper and proclaims it as very good. He teases her by having to refer to the title to remind himself what the paper was about but she's very serious. She's worried about passing her exams. It's a beautiful day. Simon talks to Vicky about Terence's budding relationship with Tania. He's prepared a big breakfast for them but Vicky isn't feeling very well. Food poisoning, maybe. The mere mention of food sends her rushing back to the loo. Bob is working on the spa at the Fitzgerald place. She offers him a cuppa during a break. Her two sons, Tony and James, are away at school at St. Edmunds. Her husband, Rod, is a lawyer. Rod is due home tomorrow and the spa is to be a surprise for him. Bob mentions that he will be stopping by see Rod on a personal matter -- one of the local builders "did the dirty" on the contractors and, among other things, stuck Bob for $400. When Terence arrives at the hospital, Judy begins a tirade about the state of disarray in the hospital. Tania is outside entertaining the children with a magic show and Judy's not too impressed. Her final trick ends with magical appearance of candies for the kids.

After the entertainment is over, Molly comes inside the hospital and talks to Judy. Tania brings the children back inside. Apparently, Tania's uncle was a member of the Black Theatre of Prague. Judy is very crabby. It's almost 11:30 and things are backlogged. Sarah comes to see Terence. Simon asks Shirley about Vicky's upset stomach that morning, sparking Shirley's imagination. He insists that it couldn't be a pregnancy but the more he thinks about it, the more he warms to the idea. When he brings up the fact that Shirley will be a grandmother, Shirley suddenly cools to the idea herself. Simon can't stop his excitement, though. Terence tells Sarah that her tests were positive; she's pregnant. She thought so but wanted to wait until she was sure to tell Rod. It's been 11 years since she had her last baby. She asks what he's been up to, they haven't seen him in ages. He replies that he's just been busy, just the same old routine. She asks Terence what he's doing next Sunday evening -- she wants to have a small dinner party to celebrate the news. He can bring a friend. As she leaving, Sarah remarks with a smile "I believe she's very attractive, Terence. Not in the same old routine class by a long shot." Cookie gets after Bob for not giving him more notice about not coming home for dinner. They bicker a little. Bob is going over to Molly's for curry -- he doesn't like it (and it doesn't like him) but can't bear to tell her. Frank stops in to tell Bob that the builder has shot through, leaving a trail of unpaid debts behind him. They chat a little about Tania -- Bob doesn't really trust strangers. Bob and Simon and Molly and Vicky play Bridge but Vicky's mind isn't on things. Simon is very solicitous but smug as Vicky rushes outside for fresh air. Molly is suspicious as Simon deals out a hand of Gin Rummy.

The next morning (Saturday), Vicky feels awful about her behaviour last night. Simon's made her breakfast. He hasn't put butter on her toast or milk in the pitcher and he remarks that "a woman in your condition can't afford...." before being cut off by Vicky. She assures him that she isn't pregnant but he's absolutely positive she is. The more she protests, the more sure (and smug) he gets. Bob comes inside the Fitzgerald home to tell Sarah that the spa is finished. Rod is due home any minute now and she insists that Bob stay for the small celebration of her good news. He has some things to do but tells her he'll come by later. Molly talks to Brendan on the phone about Judy and Tania. He wants to help her with the farm and she tells him that he can be the extra weight on the back of the potato planter. Shirley is there for a visit. She brought some vanilla slices made by a patient to share. Molly tells her she's sure that Vicky must be pregnant. Bob stops in to the Club. He's feeling awful after the curry the night before. When he mentions that Vicky was crook, Cookie wonders if that means she's pregnant. Judy has a verbal confrontation with Tania as Frank brings Rod Fitzgerald in. He'd gone off the road after dozing off at the wheel and is a little cut up. Frank didn't think he looked too bad but had put a towel against the wound in Rod's neck. He'll go tell Sarah about the accident. When Tania tries to remove the towel in the exam cubicle, blood begins to spurt out. When Judy comes into the exam cubicle, she finds Tania in the midst of trying to cope with Rod's injuries. Judy is shocked but Tania seems to know what she's doing and Judy simply obeys. Tania's applying pressure to his neck to keep the blood from spurting. They scramble to stitch the carotid artery in his neck right there in the cubicle -- she found a piece of glass from the windscreen in the wound. She decides to extend the wound upwards when the artery keeps slipping out of reach. Terence arrives at the hospital to find them deep into the repairs. Tania brings him up-to-date and tries to pass it off to him. He tells her she's doing fine and to continue. Rod is still conscious. Tania finally manages to grab the other end of the artery and Rod's blood pressure begins to stabilize. When he congratulates her, Terence calls Tannia "Dr. Menzel", causing Judy's eyes to widen.

Rod seems stable and Tania talks to Terence about her actions. They'll have to take him into surgery to properly repair the injury. Judy understands Tania's non-nurse-like work habits now. Rod suddenly loses consciousness and his BP drops. Frank arrives with Sarah. She wants to see Rod. Frank goes to sees what's happening and comes upon the hospital staff struggling to save Rod. Frank returns to Sarah but doesn't tell her what he saw. She worries anyway. All of the life saving measures have failed. Rod Fitzgerald is dead. Judy reminds Terence to remove the blood splattered gown before he goes to talk to the dead man's wife. She knows before he says anything that something has gone wrong. He takes her away for a bit before taking her in to see Rod. Tania is very upset at losing a patient and Judy tries to comfort her. Terence takes Sarah outside for some fresh air. Judy talks to Sue Hammond about Tania and her medical qualifications. Sue informs Judy how badly Judy'd been behaving towards Tania. Vicky visits Molly. She seems nervous for some reason and Molly starts to pry. Vicky insists nothing wrong but Molly is excitedly sure that Vicky has some news to tell. Molly recites a list of symptoms of pregnancy and Vicky seems to have them all. After awhile, even Vicky begins to wonder if she's pregnant.

Terence tells Tania what his autopsy findings show. Rod died from a cerebral infarction and his death was inevitable. Tania is still sure that there was something she could have done to save him, despite Terence's assurances to the contrary. Simon reads aloud to Fatso from a pregnancy magazine. He's even more positive that Vicky's pregnant now. He tells Fatso about his little blonde cousin, whom he loved when he was younger, and about what a good parent he'll be. He leaps up at the sound of Vicky coming in and rushes into the bedroom. She apologizes to Fatso for waking him up and when Simon gets all gushy, she storms off into the bedroom herself, shutting the door. A man visits the clinic to see Terence. Shirley shows him in and he introduces himself as Sgt. Hutton from the Coroner's Investigating Unit. He's investigating Rod's death and the fact that Rod was left in the care of a non registered medical practitioner. Despite the fact that she's a qualified surgeon, Tania isn't supposed to be practicing in Australia until she's registered. Sgt. Hutton recommends that Terence contact the Medical Defence Union. Terence has breached the medical practitioners act by assisting an unregistered person to perform an operation. Terence and Tania could be facing charges of manslaughter from the Burrigan CID.


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