211 & 212
Original --
Showcase -- Apr 19/20, 2000
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Dasha Blahova (Tania Menzel)
Adam Briscomb (Barry Hall)
Janine O'Brien (Kerry Hall)
Margaret Cruickshank (Jean Jenkins)
Brian Harrison (Bill Jenkins)
Annie Byron (Vivienne Roberts) -- credited in part 1 but only appeared in part 2

The Medical Exam is taken in 3 parts: English competency, a multiple choice paper, and clinical examinations.

Molly sold her eggs for $1.50 a carton.

The Jenkinses had a little shop and Lisa wasn't well supervised. She was a very pretty girl who knew it and Barry was a top student at Burrigan High. After Lisa got pregnant, her parents forced him to marry her after his mother died and Lisa ran off to Sydney. There was some talk that Barry might not even be Kerry's father.

Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (ITP) is an autoimmune illness that results in the destruction of blood platelets. It sometimes requires the removal of the spleen in order to get under control.
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Anaphylactoid Purpura (also known as Henoch-Schönlein Purpura or HSP) is a rare but usually mild illness characterized by purpura (or bruises), joint pain, and abdominal pain. Can sometimes be complicated by renal failure.
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"The Best Thing For Everybody"

Simon and Vicky pull up to the gas pump where Barry Hall is working. Vicky asks after Kerry, Barry's daughter. He asks what time it is (it's 5:20) and asks his boss if he can knock off work to go get his daughter. Shirley is talking to Gabe on the phone. Gabe plans to quit school to be a hairdresser and is starting to enjoy her "new" life. When Frank comes in Shirley puts him on the phone. Shirley is worried about Gabe and obviously misses her. Frank suggests they fix up the spare room for their grandchildren. Brendan looks at the ad for a nurse's assistant. Judy should have been off ages ago but still has reports to do. Barry is supposed to be bringing by her car but when he gets there, he hasn't even had a chance to start on hers. He's in a hurry. Kerry's grandma, Jean Jenkins, is reading to her when Barry arrives to pick her up. She's obviously a little put out by his being late and by his life in general. When she gets home to her husband, she sees that her husband has put up a swing for Kerry. She wants to complain about Barry but Bill just isn't really against the young man. Their daughter Lisa was Kerry's mum.

The bus pulls into town as Esme is walking along the side of the road. The last person off the bus is a woman whom begins looking around rather than moving off. Esme talks to her and the woman asks, with a strong accent, where the police station is. The station is closed so Esme points her in the direction of Frank's home, talking to her as though she was deaf or stupid (i.e. really really slowly and really really loudly). Kerry tells her father about the big kids who scare her. Judy returns with some groceries that Barry hasn't had time to buy. He has to go to school tonight and Judy is going to be looking after Kerry for him. Kerry makes sure that Judy knows she isn't her mother; her mother is Lisa. Frank shows Shirley an article about kids bedrooms, with double bunks. He's sure they'll end up having more than one child. A knock at the front door interrupts them. It's the woman from the bus stop. She's looking for a place to stay -- the motel has no vacancies. Frank suggests the pub but Shirley vetoes that idea. Frank offers to call Kev at the motel to see if there is anything available while Shirley makes small talk with the woman. She's come from Sydney and tells Shirley she's originally from Czechoslovakia. Frank gets off the phone and offers to give the woman a lift. He casually asks what she's doing in town and she defensively insists that she has her identity papers. She finally tells them she's looking to get the nurse's assistant position at the hospital and gives her name as Tania Menzel. She agrees to stay for a cup of coffee and Shirley tells her about the doctors and the hospital. Brendan and Molly discuss Judy and her relationship, if there is one, with Barry Hall. They then start talking about Barry and Lisa Jenkins. When Molly opens the door, they see Donavan there, eating Brendan's brand new jeans, which were hanging on the line.

When Tania arrives at the hospital the next morning, she finds Terence there. He's obviously a little attracted to her. She's surprised to find that the matron who will be interviewing her is a man. She's early and sits in the waiting room to read until her interview. Jean is late to take Kerry to school. When she finally arrives, he gets after her and she yells back that he can do it himself from now on. He's 20 minutes late for work now. She asks him to be on time tonight. After he leaves, she remarks to Kerry that daddy didn't fix her tricycle and Kerry tells her he didn't have time. When she sees that the house is tidier than it was yesterday, Kerry tells her that she helped Judy clean. Jean asks her if she helped Judy make breakfast, too, and Kerry says yes. They head off to school. Esme arrives at the clinic to make sure that the "foreign woman" found Frank's and Shirley's house last night. She's bursting with curiousity but Shirley isn't very forthcoming. Vicky exits Simon's office and his parting words to her are "We'll have to watch it for a couple months." It's all very mysterious and Esme wonders if Vicky might be pregnant. When Shirley tells her that whenever Vicky gets pregnant she'll see Terence, Esme takes that to mean that Vicky doesn't have any trust in her husband as a doctor. Barry's boss isn't pleased when Barry finally shows up. Brendan interviews Tania in the Matron's office. He wonders why she wants to come all the way out to the country to work and why she left her last job at a small private hospital in the city. She says it isn't important and, when he asks about her experience in her mother country, she says she wasn't a nurse's assistant there. She obviously considers nursing duties beneath her intellect but she's determined to do whatever she needs to in order to work in Australia. She finally tells him that she left the other hospital after personality conflicts. Bill Jenkins comes into the garage to talk to Barry. Barry's boss is listening and Barry doesn't want to stop working to talk to him but Bill insists. They talk while Barry continues to put the engine back in the car he's working on. Bill confronts Barry about having a girl stay overnight with Kerry in the house. Barry isn't too open to Bill's suggestions that Kerry spend more time with them, that Kerry needs more stability in her life. As Bill is leaving, the chain holding the engine slips and Barry's leg is caught under the engine. They rush him into the hospital. Tania calls in Simon to deal with him while Judy and Brendan take him in the exam cubicle. He has a fracture that will have to be set and reduce in surgery but Barry has to pick up Kerry from school. He wants Judy to do it but the best she can do is go over to the house after work. She leaves the room to go set up the theatre. When she stops in the hallway, it's apparent that she's very worried. Tania tries to assure her that it isn't serious but Judy wants to know how she'd know. Bill Jenkins is waiting in the lobby. At the Jones farm, Molly is packing her eggs in cartons to sell. Vicky talks to her about the comment Simon made that morning (they were only talking about their bank statement). She can't believe that everyone is so interested in them having children. Molly is equally disturbed by the fact that everyone seems to be completely avoiding the subject of children around her. At Barry's house, Jean Jenkins is packing Kerry's clothes into a bag to take with them. Judy arrives to take Kerry to her place, at Barry's request but Jean puts up a fuss and insists that the little girl will stay with her and Bill.

Barry isn't pleased to hear what his mother-in-law has done. Judy sort of agrees with Jean and Barry feels betrayed by her. He's sure that Jean and Bill will be poisoning Kerry against him. Brendan comes in and insists that Barry needs his rest. Tania enters the clinic. No one is around but she sees a medical text (called "The Treatment of Inherited Metabolic Disease") on Shirley's desk and can't resist taking a look. Terence suddenly comes out of office and catches her at it. Shirley comes in with coffee for herself and Terence and Tania presents her with some flowers as a thank you. She also tells Shirley she's looking for a room and Shirley promises to look around. Terence watches her leave and reminds Shirley that she has a spare room -- so does he. Shirley talks to Frank that evening about Tania and being overseas in general. Frank thinks she wants him to go to India with her but she just wants to broach the subject of their spare room. He saves her the trouble by bringing it up himself. Simon is at the Jones farm with Vicky and Molly, discussing Tania and how she was eager to get into the surgical theatre, which seemed odd for a nurse's assistant. Simon is enjoying feeding and looking after Chloe, very fatherly. Brendan arrives with Judy and Judy is rather sombre. She tells them she thinks that Barry is moving really fast and she isn't sure how she feels. They discuss Kerry and how she might be better with her grandparents. Bill shows up at the hospital to visit Barry at about 7:30. Barry asks after Kerry but Bill tells him that he and Jean felt it was too late for the little girl to be out and that they also felt it would be too hard on her seeing her daddy in hospital. Barry starts getting angry but Bill keeps trying to smooth things over. Barry insists that Bill bring Kerry in with him tomorrow.

Molly stops by the Jenkins place with some eggs. Jean suggests that Molly bring Chloe over more to play and talk turns to Kerry and her father. At the hospital, Brendan and Judy talk about Barry. Tania passes the office on the way out to move into the Gilroys. Brendan tells them that they are all going to the Club for a drink and did she want to join them. When she refuses and leaves in a cab, Judy remarks that Tania is too thingy and sophisticated to hang out with them. Tania compliments Frank on his cooking skills. They ask her about her home in Czechoslovakia. The phone rings -- it's for Tania and when she takes it, she speaks in Czechoslovakian. When she hangs up, she decides to retire to her room. Bill, Jean, and Kerry visit Barry at the hospital. Kerry shows off her new party shoes. Jean hurries them all through the visit despite the fact that Barry would like to spend more time with his daughter. Jean leaves last and before leaving tells Barry that they thought the best thing to do would be for Kerry to stay with them and he could visit her whenever he wanted. Barry isn't too keen on that but Jean is like a bull.

Molly brings more eggs to sell to Jean the following week. Molly asks if Kerry can come with them to do some shopping but Jean refuses. She says that Kerry hasn't been too well...the sniffles. Jean seems a little secretive. At the hospital, Simon checks Barry's leg. Barry is very eager to get home to take care of Kerry but Simon wants him to stay at least one more day, to help the healing process. At the Gilroys, Frank brings Tania a parcel that's just arrived for her. She takes it into her room without opening it. The phone rings and Frank answers it. It's Bev, who is curious about Tania. Frank hangs up on her. Judy finds Barry getting dressed to leave the hospital. He's determined to leave today. Later at the clinic, Simon discusses Barry's actions with Terence. He also teases Terence about Terence's interest in mysterious foreign women, especially this one, who seems to have an extraordinary interest in medicine. Terence leaves in disgust, much to Simon and Shirley's amusement. Barry arrives at the Jenkins house to find that Jean has taken Kerry by bus into Burrigan to shop. When Barry starts getting difficult, Bill tells him to take it up with the courts. He hurries into the house and shuts Barry out. Frank visits Barry at Barry's home later that day and Barry tells him the whole story. The Jenkinses have put through an Urgent Application for Care and Control behind his back and Frank is there to serve a notice on Barry. He'll have to go to court to deny the allegations. At the hospital, Judy finds Tania reading medical books in the office. She sends Tania off to check the water jugs. When Brendan shows up, Judy takes him to task for hiring Tania in the first place since she obviously isn't really nurse material. At the Club, Barry talks to Cookie and Bob about the court stuff he'll have to go through. He gets very defensive when some of the other Club patrons look at him and Bob offers to take him home. At Barry's house, Bob is digusted with the state of the place. It's a pig sty and Bob lectures him about it. Barry's sure that Bill and Jean will get Kerry, even though they shouldn't. Bob offers to get some people together to help him spruce up the place before the court hearing. Terence arrives at the hospital as Tania is in the Matron's office writing up something (she casually hides the book behind her back). They chat and he mentions she should take a tour of the town. Judy interrupts them and sends Tania back to work. Judy is very brusque but Tania obeys. Terence sees the book that Tania left behind and it makes him curious. Bob arrives the next day to take Barry to the court. The house looks nice. Bob gives him some tips.

Later on, it's a glum group that stops by the Club. Bob tells Cookie about the decision -- the magistrate decided that Kerry was better off with Bill and Jean until the family court sits in Burrigan. Frank talks to Barry about what will happen with the family court. Barry already feels that he's lost and nothing Frank can say will convince him he has a chance. Vicky talks to Frank at the Gilroy house about Kerry and who should get her. Vicky thinks he's a no-hoper but Frank tells her more about his past and how hard he's worked to look after Kerry. Frank is busily trying to get the stamp off the package that came for Tania until Vicky points out that it came from Burrigan. Tania walks in as they are discussing who would be sending something to her from there and not Czechoslovakia. She's not too impressed. Barry is disturbed by a knock at the door. He thinks it is a friend of Judy's but it's not. It's Vivienne Roberts from the Welfare Department. She's there to make a report on him. He orders her to leave. He's just woken up, the place is a mess; he'd had some friends over the night before (though he didn't drink). He makes his feelings known and orders her to leave again. He gets very angry and knocks some cans onto the floor. Ms. Roberts leaves. Barry drives himself to the shops and sees Kerry there with the Jenkinses. They her into their car and refuse to let him even talk to her. They've bought her something and Barry insists he doesn't want her spoiled. Kerry calls out to him constantly but they won't relent. In frustration, Barry tries to push Bill very forcibly out of the way. Frank just happened to be pulling up then and Bill charges him with assault. Kerry continues to call out to her father. At the hospital, Sister Hammond gives Tania some nurse's assistant work to do but Tania is more interested in the case that Sister Hammond is dealing with...a young man who's stuck a pitchfork into his foot. Tania remarks that the young man is cold and, though Sister Hammond just thinks they should just cover him up, Tania insists on calling in a doctor. She thinks it's a reaction to the penicillin.

Jean stops by unexpectedly to talk to Molly at the farm. She mentions that Bill has dropped the charges against Barry. She askes both Molly and Brendan what they would do in their position. She has a favour to ask Molly. She wants them to stand up in court as their witnesses. Molly insists they have to think it over. After she leaves, Molly is disgusted with the idea that Jean had befriended her for just this reason. Brendan recommends they stay out of it but Molly is outraged. Terence confirms that Tania was right in calling him in -- the young man was having an allergic reaction. Terence gets her a coffee and chats, seemingly casually. He has an inkling that she isn't what she seems but she is very distrusting. Frank visits Barry and is told about the visit from the social worker. Frank talks to him sternly about the things he needs to do in order to grow up and be responsible. He's not going to have a job at the garage (he's already been replaced) and despairs of ever getting Kerry back. Frank gives him a pep talk. Terence comes down to the clinic the next morning to find Tania sitting there alone (Shirley is doing some shopping). She tells him she has a problem with Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura and he asks if she's sure she doesn't mean Anaphylactoid Purpura instead, prompting a brief medical discussion. She admits that she's been an imposter, that she was a doctor in Czechoslovakia and is studying to get registered in Australia. She remembers the ITP book that was on the desk and would like to borrow it. He asks her to lunch.

Barry visits Simon for a checkup on his leg. He's got a little pain but that's because he hasn't been resting it. He promises to do what he's told. He needs a letter saying that he's able to care for Kerry and so he can get a job. Simon points out all the things that Barry did wrong since he got hurt but promises to see what he can do. Esme sees Terence and Tania lunching in the Club and, of course, has something to say about that. The curiousity is killing her. Tania talks to Terence about some of the prejudices she's encountered as a foreigner trying to practice medicine in Australia. She's been so secretive because she knows the discomfort people feel when they know that a supposed nurse's assistant actually has a medical degree. Terence is prepared to help her any way he can. Barry complains to Judy about the crutches he needs. Despite the fact that he has a letter from Simon, he's still sure that he won't get Kerry back. He asks Judy if she wants to move in with him, maybe get married. She tells him she doesn't want to get married but he sees it as a way to help him get Kerry back. The best she can offer is to be his mate and help where she can. He drives up to the Jenkins house. Kerry is swinging on the swing her grandpa made for her. Jean and Bill rush out and try to keep Barry from his daughter. He just wanted to talk to her, to tell her he's going away. Jean insistently tries to get Kerry to come to her but Kerry just sits there. As Barry leaves, Kerry runs after him and tells him she wants to go with him.

Esme stops by the clinic to see Terence while Terence is still lunching with Tania. When they finally arrive, they go upstairs to get a book for Tania. Esme is sure they're up to no good. Simon shows Vicky x-rays of Barry's leg. She's brought their 6-month lease for him to sign. While he's signing, she reads the letter Simon is drafting for Barry and they talk about poor little Kerry. Bill turns up at Barry's house to talk to him. It's pretty clear how Kerry feels about her father and Bill wants to talk to Barry about her. They had an argument after Barry left and finally agree that Barry had done his best for Kerry. They've decided to drop the application. Barry assures Bill that he'd never keep Kerry from her grandparents. While setting the table for dinner, Molly and Brendan discuss Kerry and the Jenkinses. Bob arrives suddenly (impeccable timing as always) and is invited to stay. When he learns that Chloe is still up, Bob goes in to get her and brings her back into the kitchen. They all dance.


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