203 & 204
Original -- 1984
Showcase -- 1995; Apr 7/10, 2000
Gordon Boyd (Oliver Marsh)
David Gilchrist (Stock & Station Agent)
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Bernadette Hayes (Nurse Daley)
Julia Stewart (Nurse Dobson)
Ruth Osborne (Sister Hammond)
There were many poignant scenes in this episode. One of the most emotionally heart wrenching was Brendan crying to Simon after flipping the FJ into a ditch.

The scenes where Bob lectured both Molly and Brendan were also very well played.

The scene where Judy finally comes to see Molly to explain about Brendan spending the night was very funny and was vintage Judy. It's one of those scenes that really makes you like her.
This is the first episode (#203) where nurse Sue Daley is credited by name (although in the dialogue they only refer to her as Susie).

The grapes that Terence grows at his vineyard are cabernet sauvignon.

Three members of Oliver's Spitfire squadron in WWII were Jimmy, Laurie, and Mac. All but Oliver died.

The property Oliver found for Sir Charles was the Pendergrast place, with a few good mares and an excellent stallion. Asking price was 1/2 million dollars. Oliver's "finder's fee" was $9000.

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"A Sense of Loss"

Brendan takes Chloe to pick up groceries in town and has to cope with the stares of the townsfolk. Shirley drives up as he is loading Chloe into the FJ and she comes over to offer her help. He thanks her but turns her down and drives away. At the hospital, Judy lights into one of the nurses (Susie Daley) for not doing her work. When asked if she has any questions, the nurse asks when Matron Jones will be back. She makes a face behind Judy's back but Judy catches her at it, making Judy laugh. Molly tries to get out of bed to go wash herself but it's hard; she's still not feeling well. Bob walks in and she's glad for the company. He tells her how the farm is doing, that Brendan is looking after everything nicely. He saw Brendan with Chloe -- Molly didn't even know Chloe was back at home. Shirley talks to Vicky in the clinic about how cold Brendan was to her. Vicky thinks everyone should just leave the Jones' alone. Frank arrives with lunch and tries to defend Shirley's point of view. Brendan brings Chloe to the hospital for a quick visit with Molly. Molly wants to hold her daughter but Brendan won't let Chloe out of his arms. Brendan is very cool towards Molly. Conversation between them is stilted, like mere acquaintances rather than husband and wife.

Back at home, Brendan tends to Chloe and puts on the kettle. He decides to head upstairs to the new nursery. The room is all finished, complete with toys and a mobile. Sounds of a wind up toy lullaby echo through Brendan's head. He enters the room but then hears the sound of something crashing downstairs. He rushes down to find Chloe sitting amidst the pile of broken pieces of what used to be a mug. Simon and Vicky watch a scary movie together and enjoy themselves. Simon wonders what Brendan is up to but Vicky doesn't want to think about it tonight. Vicky seems to be avoiding the topic of visiting Molly in the hospital. Molly is resting in her room when Terence arrives. He offers her a sleeping pill but she says she's just thinking. She hasn't been up and around all day so he coaxes her out of bed to go for a little stroll with him. He talks to her about starting the exercises to tone up her tummy muscles. He tells her he thinks the best thing might be for her to go home tomorrow. They walk as far as the nursery and Molly stoicly holds the tears in. Terence tries to convince her to let it all out but she can't; her one concession to her feelings is to tell Terence to leave his arm around her shoulders. He takes her for a little stroll. It's 11:15 and Simon and Vicky finish watching the rest of the movie; well, Simon watched it while Vicky fell asleep. She asks him to carry her to bed. The doorbell rings. It is a strange man calling Simon "Snuffy". Simon finally admits that it is his uncle, Oliver Marsh (Aileen's brother). He's come bearing flowers and champagne and is very smooth and polished. He insists they drink the champagne and tell him all about the wedding and everything. He was unable to attend their wedding because he was "crossing the border from Nigeria into Chad".

Uncle Oliver tells Vicky and Simon stories of his travels and Vicky is fascinated. Simon says he thought the details of the story were different the last time he heard it. Vicky asks where the "Snuffy" thing comes from and Simon admits that he had an adnoid problem when he was young. Vicky is eager to hear more about Uncle Oliver's travels and he is equally eager to to tell. Simon, on the other hand, is falling asleep. Oliver, a smoker, begins to cough while speaking. Judy tells Molly she's lucky to have a guy like Brendan. She offhandedly mentions that not many men would stay up half the night with a teething child and Molly realizes that this is one more thing that Brendan hasn't bothered to tell her. Judy offers to bring her a cuppa and realizes to herself that she has spoken once again without thinking first. Simon tells Vicky more about his uncle as she makes breakfast. He tells her the stories change all the time. Oliver was a photojournalist but hasn't worked in about 10 years. He says that even his father won't have him in the house, that Oliver is the black sheep of the family. Vicky likes him, though. It was 4am by the time Vicky and Oliver got to bed last night. Simon says that Oliver always has a scheme in mind and never stays anywhere very long. At the clinic, two busybody patients discuss Molly and her fall from the ladder. Shirley interrupts them and tells them to talk somewhere else. When Terence arrives, she tells him what people are saying about Molly. Terence assures her that there is no truth to the rumours that Molly caused the premature birth by trying to overdo things. Simon's uncle arrives at the clinic as they are talking and Simon introduces him to Terence and Shirley. He is utterly charming. He's smoking (and sputtering) like a chimney and invites all three to lunch with him at the Club. He tells them of his current project and mentions that the doctor in charge of the team he's trying to get on, Noel Carstairs, thinks highly of Terence. He asks Simon to go get another bottle of chardonnay. A real estate agent stops by the table and tells Oliver that he thinks they have something for him. He shows him a photo of the property and Oliver invites him to have a drink before they go out to have a look. Simon is shocked. Brendan and Molly arrive home from the hospital. They're still barely speaking to one another. He opens the passenger door of the car for Molly but she doesn't move. He then opens the back door, reaches in, takes Chloe out of her car seat, and disappears inside the house -- with Molly still sitting in the car.

Molly eventually makes her way inside and Brendan offers to make her a cup of tea. He suggests she go lie down but she insists she's okay. The phone rings. It's Judy needing authorization for something. Conversation is still very stilted between Molly and Brendan and Molly decides to go lie down while Brendan goes to feed the animals. At home later that day, Simon tells Vicky about his uncle. Oliver gave Cookie a cheque for lunch and Simon is sure that it will bounce. He used to give Simon IOUs for birthdays rather than pressies. Vicky can't prevent herself from calling Simon "Snuffy", even though it bothers Simon. Oliver shows up for dinner but Simon has decided to go visit Brendan instead. Simon tells Brendan and Molly about his uncle but Brendan is distracted by Chloe. When Molly offers to put Chloe to bed, Brendan insists he will do it. Simon is worried about Molly but Molly puts on a bright face for him. When Brendan returns from putting Chloe to bed, he asks Simon if he wants to go out for a drink. Molly is left to her own devices with hardly another word from Brendan. Simon is still worried. At the Club, Brendan tells Simon how terrific Judy has been. Simon talks to Brendan about the tension between him and Molly. Is he punishing her for the baby's death? Is he even aware he's doing it to her? He's so angry at her for having done so much when she was supposed to be resting, just the way she always does. And why didn't she go to the hospital when she first got the pains? Simon berates Brendan for heaping all the blame on Brendan. Bob stops by the table and starts yelling at Brendan when he learns that he's left Molly home alone. Brendan decides to walk home. At the farm, Molly wanders through the baby's room, gathering everything up to put away in boxes. It's hard on her, so soon after her surgery, but she methodically works her way through things. The teddy bear in the bassinet seems to break her, though, and she begins to tear through the room, ripping things off the walls. She collapses on the floor gasping in agony.

Oliver tells Vicky all about Simon and his brothers. He says that Simon takes after Aileen, whereas the other boys take after their father. He says he's proud that Simon didn't turn into a money mad stuffed shirt like his brothers and that he's lucky to have found a spirited girl like her. Brendan walks along the dark road on his way home. Frank stops in the police car and offers him a lift home. Brendan accepts. He tells Brendan that he did a lot of night walking after his first wife died. Simon arrives home to find Vicky asleep on the couch. He tells her how the evening went, how Brendan is still blaming Molly. They comfort each other. Brendan finally arrives home. Molly isn't in their room or the kitchen. He races upstairs to find the baby's room completely stripped. Molly comes into the doorway of the room and he begins yelling at her for having done it without talking to him first. The next morning, Simon mentions to his uncle that he heard him coughing alot during the night. Vicky had an early call and is already out of the flat. Simon is concerned about the hacking cough and wants Oliver to go see Terence. Oliver says he is looking at other properties today, a reconnaisance on behalf of a third party. Shirley stops by to see Molly. Shirley offers to get a cup of coffee for them both. Molly's having trouble getting herself going this morning. Shirley picks up Chloe and finds that she's wet. She offers to change her. Brendan is already gone. Simon talks to Terence about the Jones situation. Terence says he can't see Molly putting up with the cold shoulder from Brendan for the rest of her life. When Brendan comes home, Molly apologizes to Brendan for taking the room apart. She wants to talk about the baby and is determined to not let his judging tear her apart. Brendan says he doesn't blame her anymore. He says they just need to get through this somehow. Molly wants to know how.

Simon arrives home. He is still worried about what his uncle is up to. Vicky poors him a Chivas Regal and Simon is a little upset to learn that it is a gift from Uncle Oliver. Vicky insists she likes him but Simon persists in complaining. Vicky still hasn't been to see Molly since the baby died. Terence stops by the Jones farm. Molly is sitting in darkness at the bottom of the stairs. The place is a mess and Terence is a little concerned. He sits beside her on the stairs and asks after her health. She begins to cry on his shoulder. Terence asks where Brendan is but Molly doesn't know. She pours her heart out to Terence. At the hospital, Judy finds Brendan sitting at the Matron's desk. She offers a cup of tea, then changes her mind and offers him a shot of something a little harder from Terence's private stash in the filing cabinet. Oliver is in the Club talking to Cookie when Terence stops in. Oliver buys him a drink and then starts coughing. Terence remarks that the coughing could be emphyzema. They discuss Terence's vineyard and Oliver suggests that Terence send him a case to sample, that if he likes it he might be able to help him market it. Cookie asks Oliver to pay his tab ($46.50) -- Oliver only has a larger bill in his wallet and tells Cookie to put the amount owing plus another bottle of Chivas Regal on Simon's tab, he'll settle up with his nephew later. It's after midnight and Cookie is closing up so Terence and Oliver leave the Club together, discussing wines and vineyards.

Brendan complains to Judy about Molly and the tragic events surrounding their son's death. He is very derogatory when he speaks of Molly. He asks if he can go home with Judy...he needs someone to talk to...and she agrees. Sister Hammond enters the hospital in time to hear and misunderstands Brendan's comment. In the morning, Sister Hammond talks to Terence. He's tired from being kept up all night by Oliver's talking. She tells him that Brendan was at the hospital and that Terence should ask Judy if he wants to know more. When Judy arrives, Terence asks her about it. He misunderstands and Judy leaps to her own defence. She also says she hopes Brendan was smart enough not to tell Molly where he spent the night. Brendan arrives home to find Chloe playing in the kitchen. Molly enters and Brendan tells her where he spent the night. Molly is very tight-lipped about it and takes Chloe into her bedroom. Brendan tries to explain himself but Molly isn't open to his explanations. Things are still very stilted between them. Chloe starts crying and Molly goes to her, leaving Brendan alone in the kitchen. He walks out.

Vicky finally stops by to see Molly. She tries to make small talk but Molly isn't very talkative. Vicky asks if Molly is getting support from Brendan and she admits that she isn't. Vicky presses the point and Molly gets upset. She wants to be alone. Vicky leaves. Oliver has a little spiked orange juice and a cigarette for breakfast. Simon confronts him about a cheque he wrote at the service station...it bounced and Simon had to pay it. Simon lectures him about not seeing Aileen when she was injured last year and Oliver finally admits that it took him this long to raise the money for airfare. Simon wants to know why he's in the Valley. Oliver says he's looking for property for Charlie Canby. Simon's never heard of him. When Vicky returns a few moments later, Oliver asks her if she knows who Charlie Canby is -- she does (he's a blood stock millionaire). Simon argues the point with Oliver. The phone rings: it's a UK call from Sir Charles Canby, returning Oliver's call. Oliver tells him about the horse ranch he's recommending and Canby tells him to go ahead with it. Brendan enters the Matron's Office, where Judy is seated behind the desk. She asks how it went and he admits that he told Molly where he'd been. He goes into Room 10 to have a sleep. After he leaves, she complains to Terence about what an idiot Brendan is and admits that she was very tempted to do more than just talk to Brendan. She wants to explain things to Molly but Terence recommends that she leave it for now. Oliver regales Frank and Vicky with stories of his travels while Simon learns from Cookie how Oliver spent his previous evening. Cookie also tells him that Oliver has put about $80 worth on Simon's tab. Simon pays the tab plus the current round of drinks and tells Cookie he'll be sticking entirely to cash only from now on (and so will his uncle). Oliver gets really breathless while telling one of his stories. He clutches his chest. Molly talks to Chloe. When she hears Brendan pull up, she goes into Chloe's bedroom. She comes out with a pile of clothes. He asks her what she's doing and she says she's taking Chloe with her and going home to Adelaide for awhile. He's upset and tries to explain last again. Molly is more disturbed over the fact that he felt he could talk to Judy when he can barely even say two words to Molly. She needs to get away for awhile, to think. Her plane leaves tomorrow and she thinks Brendan should stay away until then. He stalks out and Molly continues packing. Terence examines Oliver. Simon is sent to the clinic. Terence asks where Brendan is and when Brendan pokes his head in the room, tells him to go home, where he's needed. Oliver is still in distress. Judy talks to Shirley on the phone in the Matron's office and when Simon passes by, she passes Shirley on to him. There is a patient (Charlie Chisholm) waiting for him to make a housecall. Simon offers to give Brendan a lift home but he just walks away. Terence tells Oliver what's wrong with him. He has the first signs of emphysema. His heart is enlarged from the smoking. Oliver asks for a cigarette and Terence concedes that he's allowed one and one only after each meal. Oliver asks Terence not to tell Simon. He tells Terence that he was the only one of his Spitfire squadron to survive 40 years ago and he's felt it's been his duty to do their living for them ever since. And it's been a party. Brendan almost falls asleep at the wheel of the FJ and nearly hits an oncoming car. He manages to swerve in time to avoid them but flips the FJ. Simon happens to be right behind him and rushes to his aid. Brendan is OK and starts crying to Simon about Molly leaving him. He finally seems to understand the pain that Molly's been going through but he's sure it's too late. He refuses to go home and Simon is forced to give him a lift into town.

Vicky rushes in to ask Simon about Brendan. He says the car is a write-off but Brendan will be fine. She asks after his uncle and Simon wonders how she feels about adopting a 62-year-old child. He wants to keep an eye on Oliver. He thinks Vicky can convince Oliver it's a good idea. Vicky visits Oliver. She asks him what his plans are. He won't be able to work anymore. She gently broaches the subject of him staying in the Valley and he tells her she's out of her mind. Cookie tells Esme that young Barry Hall from the garage has taken a tow truck to get the FJ. Esme thinks the young aren't very good at coping with loss. Brendan orders another drink. Bob comes into the Club and asks Cookie what's up with Brendan. He decides to have a little chat with Brendan himself. He gives Brendan a long overdue dressing down for acting like a "bloody spoiled kid" and reminds him of all the things he's throwing away. He wonders what made Brendan think marriage was going to be easy. He takes Brendan's beer from him (since he's already had a few) and drives a docile sad-faced Brendan home. When they get to the farm, they find Molly resting on the couch. Bob gives her a firm lecture about working on a marriage. Brendan finally walks in and he and Molly embrace for the first time in weeks. Bob takes his leave.

Simon tells Oliver he might have already found a house for him. Simon talks about the new goat-filled, alcohol-free, smoke-free (fun-free) life Oliver will have to live, with Simon monitoring just about everything including Oliver's finances. Judy arrives at the Jones' farm, joking to Molly about the night Brendan spent at her flat. Molly gives her some flowers -- she realizes now that Judy would never try to break up her marriage, especially in light of the recent events. Oliver isn't very keen on Simon's plans for him. Molly, Brendan,and Chloe arrive at the clinic for Molly's checkup. They're working on things. Brendan apologises to Simon and Shirley for his recent behaviour. Simon arrives home to tell Vicky that Oliver has left the hospital, without a word to Simon. Vicky tells him that Oliver left a rather enigmatic note: "Dear Simon and Victoria, the 'Oxford Book of Quotations', page 505, quote 35, but thanks for everything." Vicky reads out the quote, by Reverend Sydney Smith "I have no relish for the country. It is a kind of healthy grave." Simon isn't amused. He's still getting bills left behind in Oliver's trail and expects more to come in as cheques bounce. He holds up what's left of the sample case of Terence's wine (1 bottle), sure that his uncle was the only one to sample it. The phone rings...it's Terence with news that Len Evans bought the whole lot of wine and Oliver only charged Terence 15% for making the deal. Simon is incredulous. Molly and Brendan cuddle with Chloe and talk in front of the fire.

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