197 & 198
Original -- Feb 21/22, 1984
Showcase -- Mar 29/30, 2000
Max Meldrum (Arnold Hodgekiss)
Simon Chilvers (Cameron McPherson)
Kerry McGuire (Robyn Riley)
Louise Cullen (Valerie Kent)
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Lucky Grills (Johhno)
Rita Rider (Babs)
Anne E. Morgan (Mrs. Parker)
Shirley: "What's he got to look forward to? Drawing, music..."
Frank: "His wine, his books...Oh well. What are we doing tonight?"
Shirley: "Watching TV again I suppose."
The classical music Terence plays in his flat throughout the episode is the William Tell Overture (Rossini) and Morning from the Pier Gynt Suite (Grieg).

Johnno's last name is Johnson

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Shirley arrives at work in the morning with Frank. While she gets the clinic ready, they talk about the auditor who has arrived in town to look into the club's finances. Shirley hopes that Muldoon's crooked schemes will finally be exposed. She shows Frank the present she bought for Terence while she was on holidays - a book entitled "Partners." She is worried about him being lonely. Meanwhile, Terence enjoys breakfast while listening to (very loud) classical music. Arnie Hodgekiss, Muldoon's assistant, puts up a sign in the window of Muldoon's shop advertising a stocktake sale. Johnno comes up and asks to speak to him in private. At the club, Bob is tearing a piece out of the newspaper. Cookie asks to see what it is - an ad for an introduction agency in Burrigan. Bob is embarrassed, but Cookie seems interested and they agree to check it out together. Johnno tells Arnie that he's been looking into council business, and found some important documents are missing. However, Arnie insists that he has access to all of Muldoon's papers, and he doesn't know of anything being missing. Johnno suggest that Arnie co-operate with him, and promises that he will benefit more than he ever did working for Muldoon.

Terence comes downstairs and welcomes Shirley back. There are two parcels waiting for him. One contains a set of art materials that he sent away for; the other is Shirl's present. He is obviously looking forward to the sketching more than reading the book. A Scottish man enters Muldoon and Arnie Hodgekiss' office to find Arnie on his hands and knees sorting through papers on the floor. The man introduces himself as Cameron McPherson, the club auditor. He has been going through the books at the club and found that some documents are missing. Arnie assures him that the office only contains papers relevant to Muldoon's store. Mr. McPherson experiences some stomach pain, but balmes it on the cooking at the hotel. Terence invites Simon and Brendan to join him at the club after work, but they both want to go home to their wives. Terence leaves after telling them that he plans to spend the evening sketching. Simon and Brendan worry that he might be lonely, but Judy says it serves him right. She's still sore about being turned down (see episodes 195-196). Bob and Cookie talk about the auditor and the introduction service. Neither of them has registered yet and they decide that they need a guinea pig. Terence comes in and orders dinner, giving Bob an idea.

Shirley talks to Frank about the people in town they could set Terence up with. Simon and Vicky eat at the club. They were planning to give Terence some company, but he's already gone home. Vicky tells Simon that the vet in Burrigan is sick, so she will go over there to help him out. Simon complains that she's so busy he hardly gets to see her any more. Terence sits down to begin sketching when the phone rings. It's Simon calling to ask if he and Vicky can come over. Terence is dismayed at the suggestion and insists that he already has plans. He hangs up and goes back ot his wine, music and sketching. Mr. McPherson has a drink at the pub and talks to Johnno about Muldoon. It seems the financial affairs of the club are strangely linked with council business, and he may have to call on the Department of Local Government to investigate. Terence is again interrupted by the phone. This time it's Shirley, checking that he's alright. Shirly, Frank and Cookie talk about Terence. Arnie Hodgekiss is still in the office, papers strewn all over the floor. He looks around for something, and then gets an idea. He finds a briefcase hidden in the back of a filing cabinet. He picks the lock, and it seems he's found the paper's he's been looking for.

Mr. McPherson asks Cookie about a number of receipts in the club's accounts. He really has Cookie hot under the collar when he is suddenly overcome by stomach pains again. Shirley tries to give one of Simon's patients to Terence in the hopes of setting them up. Terence is not amused. Bob comes in for an appointment. Terence asks him what's wrong and Bob is vague in answering. He asks about Terence's eye colour and weight. He takes a Polaroid photo of the doctor then says he feels much better, leaving Terence bewildered. Arnie comes to see Johnno at the pub. He tells him that he has found evidence of coucil kick-backs and conflicts of interest, and offers to do a deal. He says that with both of them on the council, they could sew up the town, business-wise. Johnno isn't interested but Arnie tells him that has found evidence of shady dealings involving Johnno. Cameron McPherson comes in and asks if Arnie has found anything yet, which Arnie denies. McPherson then collapses in pain.

Johnno asks Brendan about McPherson but Brendan won't give out confidential patient information. Johnno leaves after making a crack about male matrons and their ratbag wives. Dr. Elliott examines McPherson and diagnoses gallstones. Bob tells Cookie that he has sent Terence's details and photo to the introduction service. He has picked out a woman and written her a letter, pretending to be Terence. Cookie isn't really listening though - he's very worried about the audit. Several days later, an attractive woman comes into the clinic and asks to see Dr. Elliott. Shirley looks pleased at this turn of events and asks her about herself. Her name is Robyn Riley, and she's a divorcee. Shirley sends her straight through. Robyn compliements Terence on giving such an honest description of himself, and arranges to meet him at the club for dinner. Of course, Terence has no idea what's going on and she leaves him in a state of utter confusion.

Cameron McPherson complains to Terence about being lonely. His wife left him (apparently she couldn't stand his sense of humour) and took their children. He says that nobody wants to be friends with an auditor. Arnie tries to blackmail Johnno, threatening to go to Seargent Gilroy with information about Johnno's shady deals with Muldoon. He gives him 24 hours to reconsider. Cookie and Bob look on as Terence and Robyn have a drink at the club. They decide to submit their own details to the introduction service this time. Frank and Shirley enter, and after introducing themselves to Robyn, sit down at the next table. When talking to Terence, Robyn refers to his letter, but he is still completely bewildered. When she mentions the photograph he asks to see it. The truth of the situation suddenly dawns on him, and he notices Bob and Cookie looking quite pleased with themselves. Arnie sits in his office at night, delighted with what he's found. He decides to find a new hiding place for the briefcase. Bob walks past the shop and hears a loud cry and a crashing sound. He enters the office from the back door and finds Arnie on the floor surrounded by papers. He helps Arnie out, leaving the briefcase behind. While Bob drives Arnie to the hospital, Johnno pulls up in his car and notices the door to the office still open.

Judy calls in the doctor to see to Arnie's bleeding nose. She assumes he's ben in a fight, although he insists that he just had an accident. Johno looks through the office with a torch. He finds the briefcase lying on the floor and takes it with him as he leaves. Terence and Robyn finish their dinner. He explains that someone has played a practical joke on him, and she suggest that they enjoy themselves anyway. Simon stop by and invites himself to join them. Vicky is still in Burrigan. Shirley tries to get Simon out of the way, but Robyn asks her and Frank to join them as well. Cookie interrupts to tell Terence that he has a call from the hospital. Terence has to leave, but first he arranges to see Robyn again. His friends watch the proceedings with great interest.

Dr. Elliott examines Arnie's broken nose. Arnie explains that he was climbing on a chair and slipped, hitting his head on the desk. He is anxious to go back to the offie, but Terence insists that he stay in the hospital overnight. Esme comes in to the clinic to ask Shirley about Terence's new lady friend. When Shirl isn't very talkative, Esem apologises, saying that she must be heartbroken. She thinks Vicky has left Simon. ("I blame these feminists, of course! Partners...equality...") While she worries about who will look after poor Dr. Bowen, Vicky enters and goes into Simon's office. Simon is upset that Vicky spent the night in Burrigan. She was too tired to drive all the way back home, but he missed her. Vicky, feeling rather amorous, starts kissing him. Simon is worried that someone might walk in. As she leaves, she reveals that she will be in Burrigan again tonight, much to Simon's dismay. Johnno comes into the hospital t talk to Arnie. He mentions that he did some cleaning up in the office last night, and discovered that Arnie doesn't have much to offer him. He tells Arnie that he plans to take over Muldoon's business, and will keep Arnie on in the store if he cooperates. Frank asks Terence about Arnie's injuries. They both suspect that they may not be so acidental. Frank mentions that he found the office in disarray the night before, and that Arnie had bought a round at Johhno's pub. He is not sure what is going on, but decides to investigate further. Johnno calls Muldoon and makes an offer for the store. He tells him that certain documents have come into his possession, and that Muldoon should stay out of town for quite a while. He then says that he also wants to be the new Shire President.

Molly comes into the pub to speak to Johnno. She tells him about her idea for a Pioneer Village Settlement, and needs council support. He is in favour of the idea, but with more business involvement than Molly had planned. Frank interrupts another session of McPherson's complaining, much to Terence's relief, to ask some questions. McPherson tells Frank about the missing papers, which he suspects would incriminate Muldoon. Simon eats alone at the club. Terence enters and Simon encourages him to sit down. He won't be long though - he has a date with Robyn. They are going to the circus. Arnie is back in the office, cleaning up, when Frank comes in. He asks about missing papers and the argument he had with Johnno the other day. Arnie is evasive and denies that anything sinister is going on.

Terence and Robyn share a drink at his flat. Although he denies it, Robyn knows that he didn't really enjoy the circus. They admit that they have little in common, as well as no chemistry, and end the date amicably. Judy brings in flowers for McPherson. She encourgaes him to have a more positive outlook on life. Molly holds a meeting of volunteers for the Pioneer Village Settlement. She is voted in as chairwoman, to Esme's dismay, and Shirl is treasurer. When Molly asks if there are any questions, Esme asks if anyone knows about Dr. Elliott's friend from Burrigan! Terence confronts Bob and Cookie at the club. He tells them to mind their own business, but they all end up laughing and Cookie shouts Terence a drink to make up. Vicky catches Simon cheating at golf. She tells him that her work in Burrigan is finished and she is coming home. He abandons his game and they head of together. Robyn comes into the hospital looking for Terence and speaks to McPherson in the corridor. They discover that they both like golf, and have complimentary senses of humour. Robyn gives Terence a side of lamb as a thankyou present (she works for Burrigan meatworks). Robyn and Cameron comtinue to laugh at each other's jokes, even though Brendan and Terence don't appreciate the comedy.

Brendan and Judy listen, amazed, to the laughter emanating from McPherson's room. Cameron and Robyn discover more things they have in common, and arrange a game of golf for when he leaves hospital. Bob shows Cookie the reply he got to his letter (on scented, pink writing paper). The woman, named Babs, didn't send a photo as she wanted to surprise Bob. Cookie regrets that he didn't send a letter of his own. Brendan comes home from work and Molly tells him about being elected chairwoman of the Pioneer Village Committee. Brendan is concerned about her taking too much on. Molly, on the other hand, is frustrated with not being able to do all she wants becauseshe is pregnant. Frank talks to Johnno about Arnie Hodgekiss. He thinks the office was burgled the other night, even though Arnie hasn't reported it. He warns Johnno that he will be keeping an eye on him.

McPherson checks out of hospital, leaving with Robyn in tow. They enjoy a game of golf together. In Johnno's pub, Arnie tells everyone that a meeting of the shire council that day elected Johnno as the new president. Johnno shouts a round for the whole bar. Frank talks to Shirley about the election. He thinks Johnno is an even bigger crook than Muldoon. Shirley asks Terence about his plans for the weekend. He assures her that he is not lonely, and if he were he is capable of doing something about it. Bob waits nervously at the club for Babs. When she arrives, it is clear she is not the sort of woman he was looking for...

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