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Original --
Showcase -- Mar 23/24, 2000
Rebecca Rigg (Gabe)
Benita Collings (Natalie Baker)
Richard Moir (Geoff Gibson)
Lucky Grills (Johnno)
Zoe Bertram (Sue Pitt)
Donald MacDonald (Miles Schofield)
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Charles Moody (Auditor)
Calvin Degrey (Max)
Gabe's father walked out on her and her mother when Gabe was 5 years old.

Judy's high school graduation class was the class of '72.

Johnno's pub appeared in a book called "Rude Stone Structures of Australia" years ago (according to Johnno).

Two of Muldoon's fiddles at the Club that Cookie discovered while going through the books were:

(1) Muldoon paid out $350 to an unknown J. Mills to replace drains in the toilets (10.5 feet of clay pipe, 6 hours labour) even though Bob had inspected and found that there was only a simple blockage.

(2) Muldoon paid out $6000 to paint the Club but it hasn't been painted since 1972.

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"Second Chance"

Simon has decided to cook something but is having trouble finding ingredients. Vicky arrives home and, when he asks if she did the shopping like she said she was going to, she says she only said she'd do it if she had the time (and she didn't). She suggests they eat out but neither of them went to the bank. Simon recommends that they open up a joint account for household expenses. Vicky sends finally sends him out for bad-for-you but yummy hamburgers. As he leaves, he warns her that both wombats are in the bathroom...he has plans to turn the spare room (Vicky's old bedroom) into a study for him. Vicky isn't too pleased that he'll be taking it over and they decide to discuss things right away. Shirley and Frank prepare supper while discussing Gabe's mother. Shirley has nothing good to say about her, though they've never met, and worries at the woman's motives for coming to visit Gabe. Bob talks to Johnno at the pub. He's looking for his money. It's been 6 months and the council still hasn't paid him for work done. Johnno tries to reason with him. He mentions that it'll be 10 or 12 weeks before Muldoon comes back, as Johnno hears it. A stranger orders a drink and Bob inquires who it is -- he's a writer who bought Cameron's old place off the widow. Simon and Vicky enjoy their burgers. He still can't seem to understand why she's disturbed by the study thing. They don't seem to have decided anything but they're no longer arguing about it.

Gabe leaves to do some work at the surgery. Shirley gets after her to clean her room: despite the fact that Gabe spent all last evening on it, Shirley still isn't satisfied with it. Brendan and Molly talk about Judy over breakfast. He had given her a lift home and was rewarded with Judy talking his ear off. Brendan's late for work and rushes off. Simon is cleaning the kitchen when Gabe arrives. She teases him about the apron he's wearing. When Vicky comes out, he hurries off to work with a quick admonishment to Vicky that it's her turn to clean the flat. Vicky asks Gabe what she can do for her and Gabe tells her she's finished cleaning and settling the animals at the surgery. Gabe is bored and asks for more work. When she arrives at the hospital, Judy passes a couple of investigators from the Department of Public Works. They've been in to have a good look at the Muldoon Wing after that collapsing wall. Judy presents Brendan with a small gift for the coming baby. Terence is gone off for the week to his vineyard. A man walks into the office and asks for the books, which he takes with him. Brendan tells Judy the man is an auditor and she wants to know what's going on. He can't tell because he doesn't know himself. Sue Pitt is in to see Simon for a checkup. They make smalltalk and he casually asks about her husband. She corrects him -- she and her significant other, Miles Schofield, aren't married. She'd come to see Simon about a pain in her abdomen and diarrhea and he's given her a prescription and dietary/stress recommendations. She had hoped that moving to the country would clear her problems up; they'd come to the country (to the old Cameron place) in the hopes that Miles would be able to write better here. Johnno chats to Miles at the pub about the author's writing efforts. Miles is very keen on the atmosphere in the pub. Johnno seems to inspire Miles with some of his phrases. Sue arrives to meet Miles at the pub. She's late but lies about where she's been, saying she'd been to the general store to get some paint for the kitchen. Johnno remarks to Miles that he's been thinking about "putting pen to paper" himself but Miles is persistently asking Sue where else she's been.

At the hospital, Simon tells Brendan (and Judy) how he and Vicky have been fighting over little things until they came up with a roster that solved the problem very simply. Judy thinks her system of disposable partners is much simpler. After he leaves, Judy tells Brendan that she needs someone to take to her high school reunion. Bob is at the old Cameron place talking to Sue. She tells him she plans to resurrect the old veggie garden and he thinks it's a good idea. She talks to him about running an irrigation pipe down there. Miles comes out and condescendingly puts down her idea of putting in the veggie patch. Bob asks what kind of books Miles writes and is told he is working on a novel. Bob tells him it must be wonderful seeing your name in print in all the book stores and is told he isn't published yet (he was in advertising before this). Gabe is listening with headphones to Simon and Vicky's stereo when Simon arrives home. He asks what she's doing there and she tells him she was cleaning as Vicky asked. Vicky arrives home shortly thereafter and asks him to pay Gabe $15. A fight is brewing and Vicky sends Gabe home before it erupts. Simon is upset that his lovely simple roster didn't work as well as he'd thought it would.

A couple have checked into the hotel at the pub. They sit at a table to talk. The woman, Natalie, is worriedly checking her makeup and the man, Geoff, tries to reassure her that everything will go well, that's he'll be there. At the Gilroy house, Shirley is frantically vacuuming the carpet. Gabe's mother had said they were leaving Burrigan two hours ago so they should be arriving any time now. The phone rings -- it is Natalie Baker, Gabe's mum, calling from the pub to say that they are on their way. Gabe isn't home yet, though. Natalie and Geoff hurry off without finishing their drinks and Johnno surreptitiously pours the liquor from one of the glasses back into the bottle. Gabe is walking home from Vicky and Simon's when she sees a posh car (a Mercedes) pull up outside of the Gilroy house. She watches while the couple in the car walk up to the front door, knock, introduce themselves, and are ushered in. All four adults introduce themselves and make small talk while waiting for Gabe to turn up. Outside, Gabe inspects the car before entering the house. She coolly bids her mother hello and wonders what happened to her mother's old boyfriend. She's quite rude to her mother and Shirley chastises her. Brendan shows the present from Judy to Molly. He's thinking of the name Bill for the baby. He tells her he'll be tuning Judy's car, as she suggested, tomorrow morning and Molly tells him she needs him to look over the tractor before Sue arrives -- Sue will be hiring the tractor and Molly wants to make sure that it's in good condition. He decides he needs to do Judy's car first because Judy needs her car to get to and from work. Molly has a sour look on her face as she opens the present and holds up the little toy that Judy bought for the baby. Dinner at the Gilroys seems to be going well. Natalie is telling them about Geoff's house, where she lives now. Geoff is very friendly but Natalie still seems nervous (a feeling not helped by Gabe's obvious animousity). At the Club, Bob tells Cookie of his plans for tomorrow. He has to help Molly shift some junk for the pioneer settlement and then go over to the old Cameron place. Bob isn't too impressed by Miles but thinks Sue is okay. She used to be a model. Johnno arrives and Bob leaves right away. Johnno talks to Cookie about the "curfuffel" caused by Muldoon's fiddling and he recommends that Cookie look at the Club's books just in case. After dinner, Gabe and Natalie argue over what kind of a mother Natalie had been. Natalie insists she did her best but had her own life to live too. Gabe, on the other hand, remembers the endless string of boyfriends and being left alone too much (she was a latch-key kid). From the kitchen, Shirley and Frank watch the arguing. Shirley wants to intercede but Frank holds her back...this is something the mother and daughter need to have out. Natalie tells Gabe that she had so many boyfriends because she was looking for the one who'd take care of them. It's apparent that, for all her failings, Natalie was indeed probably trying her best. The argument quiets down and Gabe tells her mother that she could have come up for the court hearing. Natalie admits that she was afraid and Gabe tells her she was too and leaves. Natalie begins to cry into Geoff's shoulder and they decide to go back to the pub. Shirley tries to explain Gabe's actions away.

After Natalie and Geoff leave, Shirley and Frank discuss Natalie. Shirley still doesn't approve of the situation or of Natalie. Frank tries to be reasonable. After a shower, Vicky talks to Simon about what's going on at her mum's. Simon seems a little quiet and Vicky asks why he's depressed. He says nothing's wrong and gets up to do the dishes. Vicky says she'll do them since he has reading to do and Simon makes a rather petty remark that she could get Gabe to do them in the morning. She insists that Gabe needed the money and she really doesn't care about housework. It's the same old her, remember; she never did like housework The next morning, Miles is out for his usual morning jog. He returns to the house as Sue comes out in her housecoat. He thinks all she needs is to get a little exercise. She tells him she wants to see a doctor and he gets upset. He reminds her of the agreement they made when they decided to come to the country -- to get fit and healthy the natural way, no doctors. He assures her that she'll be fine and they go inside. Bob is at the Jones farm. He shows Molly a piece of old equipment he found to go in her pioneer village. She tells him it isn't going well due to lack of funds. They talk a little about Sue borrowing her tractor. He mentions that she's a little on the bony side and Molly gets a little wistful. Frank has prepared a tea tray for Shirley but she surprises him at the door to the kitchen. They have a cuppa and talk about the previous night. Gabe comes in and apologizes for her behaviour. Gabe is still not very open to her mother's advances and Frank recommends she clear the air with Natalie before she and Geoff return to Sydney. At the clinic later that day, Shirley talks to Vicky about the whole situation while Vicky gives her a little shoulder rub. Sue is in talking to Simon. Simon has recommended hospitalization but she's refusing because of Miles. He's sure she has ulcerative colitis and wants her in hospital for 2 or 3 days starting right away. She asks if she can get back to him. Gabe mills around outside the pub before finally moving over towards Geoff's merceded, which is parked out front. The driver's door is open and she gets in. She sees Frank's police car in the distance behind her and ducks down in the seat so he can't see her. He parks behind the Mercedes and goes into the pub. Gabe starts rummaging in the car.

Inside the pub, Frank talks to Johnno. Frank's looking for Geoff and Natalie. Geoff comes down and he and Frank talk about last night. Frank wonders if it might help if they all got together again. He asks what Natalie's intentions are and Geoff admits that Natalie wants Gabe back...for good. Outside in the Mercedes, Gabe has finally found a spare set of keys and starts up the car. She races around the corner and out of sight.

Frank stops by the clinic to tell Shirley how his visit to the pub was. He breaks the news to her that they plan to take Gabe with them and she doesn't take it well. The phone rings and when Shirley picks it up, it's for Frank. He shushes Shirley and when he hangs up tells her someone saw Gabe driving a car. He rushes out. At the pub, Geoff tells Natalie that a woman saw Gabe driving the car. When she asks him if he's going to call the police, he reminds her who the police in Wandin Valley is. Natalie is sure that Gabe did this to get back at her, that she hasn't changed at all since coming to stay with the Gilroys. Natalie seems a little harder in the daylight that she did the night before. Gabe continues to drive all over town with the stereo up full blast. She narrowly misses an old lady crossing the road. Molly is busy cleaning the oven when Sue shows up. Molly offers her a cup of tea and they have a little chat, about farms and about Sue and Miles. Molly's amazed that Sue and Miles are together all the time. Sue keeps mentioning how much Miles needs her help and support, with no mention of getting support from him in return. She gets a sudden cramp, which prompts a discussion of Sue's problems. Gabe pulls up in front of the pub and leans on the horn. When Geoff and Natalie finally come out, they watch Gabe stalk away. When Frank comes to see them in the pub, they say they never noticed the car missing. Frank has reports, however, from people who saw Gabe driving it. Simon is incredibly busy in the clinic. He asks if Sue Pitt had called and gets Shirley to book the hospital anyway. Gabe arrives at the clinic with some flowers and Shirley gets after her for worrying them all. Gabe is very smug, thinking her stunt is sure to have sent them back to Sydney. She's surprised when Shirley tells her that her mother plans to take her back to Sydney and won't leave without her. Gabe goes to the local playground to think things over. She watches her mother walking back to the pub and starts over to talk to her, changing her mind when Geoff comes out of the pub to meet Natalie.

Brendan sits with Judy at the pub waiting for her date to show up. She needs some ego boosting. Cookie comes in and tells Johnno he was right that Muldoon had been messing about with renos that didn't need doing -- he reads some of them out to Johnno but there are stacks more. Johnno tells him to leave them with him and he'll deal with them. Judy's date, Max, finally shows up to tell her he can't make it (his missus won't let him but why don't they get together at her place some other time...nudge nudge wink wink). Judy never thought to ask him if he was married. Natalie stops by to talk to Shirley. Shirley is a little curt but Natalie tries to explain her position and what their life was like after Gabe's father left them. She insists that her life is different now than it was a few years ago. Shirley tells her that Gabe is different now too. Gabe walks in in time to hear Natalie telling Shirley that she doesn't know the half of what Gabe has done -- lied, cheated, stolen. Gabe tells her mother she's never going back with her and rushes out. [should have been a commercial break here]

Sue arrives back at her farm. Miles greets her at the door with 5 whole pages for her to read. He's very caught up in himself. She tells him she went into town too but doesn't get a chance to broach the subject of her hospitalization when he starts talking about his writing again. Natalie cries to Geoff about what happened with Gabe. She feels sorry for herself but Geoff tries to cheer her up. Brendan asks Molly why Sue didn't take the tractor (she's waiting until Miles is done with his book). She says Miles seems jealous. Brendan tells Molly about Judy getting stood up. He tells Molly that he agreed to take Judy to her reunion and did she mind? Molly looks a little disturbed but says she's fine with it. Geoff stops by to talk to Frank and Shirley about Natalie. Geoff obviously cares for Natalie, though his opinions of her past may be a little rose-coloured by these feelings. [Showcase inserted a commercial break here]

Sue calls the pub looking for Miles. She's not feeling well and wants him home. Miles wants to finish his drink first. He thinks that Sue worries about herself too much. Shirley sits in her pyramid later that evening. Gabe comes out in her dressing gown to ask Shirley if she wants Gabe to stay. It's not up to Shirl, though. Gabe wonders if Shirley likes Natalie and Shirley tries to rationalize Natalie's past actions. Gabe asks her what the pyramid is supposed to do and Shirl replies that it's not doing much tonight. Miles brings Sue into the hospital. She's doubled over in pain. Judy has to call in one of the doctors but that isn't good enough for Miles, who begins shouting. Simon arrives to see Sue. Her colitis has gotten worse and she'll have to stay in hospital. Simon goes to talk to Miles. Miles gives Simon a dressing down for not being in the hospital when they came in. Simon tells him what he knows of Sue's condition and Miles is surprised and a little contrite to find that Sue had kept it all from him. Simon returns home to find Vicky fast asleep in front on a static-filled TV screen. They head for bed but are interrupted by the phone. It's for Vicky this time -- Mr. Raymond's mare is giving birth. The next morning, Gabe makes herself and Frank a big breakfast. She knows that Shirley will be sleeping in. Frank assures her that she hasn't been too much trouble and that it's all been worth it. There's a knock at the door. It's Geoff, come to take Gabe for a drive and to talk. Molly scolds Chloe for making a mess at the breakfast table. Vicky stops in for a cuppa while Molly is cleaning up all the food. Vicky admits to Molly that she can see why Molly was always trying to sell Vicky on it. Molly, on the other hand, doesn't feel so good about marriage. She's feeling fat and ugly and jealous that her husband is taking young pretty woman to a dinner dance. Vicky offers to help clean up and tells Molly to go get a shower and get dressed. Molly starts to cry. Miles visits Sue in the hospital with a huge bouquet of flowers. Sue apologises to him but he stops her and apologises instead. He tells her he's going to move her to a "proper" hospital in Sydney (he still doesn't think much about this one) but Sue insists on staying in the Valley. He starts to tell her about the new stuff he's written but stops when it's obvious she's too tired to listen.

Geoff and Gabe stop in at the Club. Geoff orders them both a lemonade and admits that he used to be a drunk. He tells her he knows all he needs to know about Natalie and Gabe. He says he's been there where she is. One day he worked out that he was ultimately responsible for his own actions. He tells Gabe he wants to marry Natalie, despite the fact the she can be vain and selfish. Vicky stops by the hospital to talk to Brendan about Molly and how Molly is feeling. She warns Brendan that Molly really isn't OK with him taking Judy to the dinner dance. When Judy comes in, he has to break the news to her. Simon finishes moving stuff into the spare room. When Vicky arrives home, he shows her their new study. He's bought a new rolltop desk for $800 and she tells him he'll have to pay for himself, she won't sell any of her stuff. Gabe stops by the clinic to talk to Shirley about her chat with Geoff. Gabe is very subdued. She doesn't know what to do. At the pub, Natalie is sitting at a table when Gabe comes in. Natalie asks her if she's been crying. Gabe blurts out that she nearly had a baby but Natalie already knew. Natalie tells Gabe she's going to marry Geoff but not until she gets Gabe back. Gabe is starting to soften a little towards her mum. Natalie asks her if she should marry Geoff, that she won't if Gabe doesn't agree, and Gabe tells her she should know what she wants, that she's not a kid.

Judy stops by to see Molly. Molly is really chipper but Judy apologises for asking Brendan to take her to the dinner dance. She wants to assure Molly that there's nothing funny going on. When Judy laughingly remarks "Anyone but Brendan!" Molly wants to know "Why not Brendan?" and Judy has to try to explain herself even more. Judy asks Molly if she knows a "rich, attractive, single, unattached, delicious...anyone" who would like to take her to the dinner dance. Gabe talks to Shirley and Frank about how much she's loved living with them. She's decided she'd like to try going with her mother. It's very emotional. At the hospital, Miles tells Sue he's decided that her health is more important than him but she tells him he's not going to use her as an excuse not to finish his book. She talks to him about his expectations. They admit they need one another. He tells her he's learned in the past few days that he's a terrible writer. She tells him he'll make a great farmer. Frank and Shirley see Gabe, Natalie, and Geoff off at the pub. As the car pulls away, Shirley gets teary eyed again.

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