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Lorna Lesley (Janet Dawson)
Steve Bisley (Jim Dawson)
Jenny Lovell (Catherine)
Rebecca Rigg (Gabe)
Wendy Strehlow (Sister Judy Loveday)
Brian Moll (Alf and Ernie Muldoon)
Kristin Veriga (Garry Dawson)
Jamie O'Neal (Jamie Dawson)
Pam Morrissey (Matron)
Leon Twells (Ron)
PART ONE: My favourite scenes of the first part of this episode have to be the one where Molly plays the simpering dumb female, thinking that's what Brendan is looking for in a wife, and the one where Brendan puts on the full chauvinistic act to bring Molly to her senses.
PART TWO: My favourite scene has to be the one where Judy and Brendan offer ridiculous suggestions of patients they can roll out for Muldoon's grand opening and my favourite line is from that scene, when Brendan says: "Might be able to prop up a couple of the ones suffering from mild rigour mortus"


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"Part of the Family"

Molly struggles with a very messy Chloe (and her breakfast) while Brendan chats on the phone with his father. When he gets off the phone, he rejoices that they are expecting a son. Molly is upset at his chauvinistic attitude and stalks off. Mrs. Dawson needs to have an amniocentesis done on her baby to make sure it's OK. It'll take 3 weeks to get the result. Meanwhile, her son, Garry, is chatting animatedly with Shirley in the waiting room. Judy returns to the hospital after taking an elderly patient out for a little fresh air. It's very windy outside. Judy wonders what ever happened to the wind break that was supposed to be built and Brendan tells her that the council ran out of money. She thinks someone, someone like the Matron perhaps, should kick up a fuss over it. Frank talks to Gabe about a job. She didn't get it because of her reputation, a reputation that comes courtesy of Muldoon's bad mouthing. Gabe despairs of ever getting a fair break in the town. Jim and Janet Dawson talk about the new baby, about how it'll be OK this time. Garry overhears them as they talk about making sure the baby is OK and they come in to tell him that Janet is pregnant with a new brother or sister for Garry. He beligerently says he already has a brother who is 6 and named Jamie. Jim doesn't want to hear about Jamie and storms off.

Frank stops by Vicky's flat to talk to her about Gabe. He wants her to give Gabe a job at the surgery. Vicky is surprised and doesn't think Gabe wouldn't be trustworthy enough to be much help. Frank is determined, though, because he wants something to bring up Gabe's self esteem. He even offers to help pay Gabe's wages (totally on the sly, of course). Janet talks to Garry about Jamie. He is upset that they never visit Jamie and worries that they might give the new baby away if it is different too. At school later that day, Garry gets a talking to from his teacher, Cathy Cooper, for behaving badly and she wants to know what's wrong. He won't talk to her and she wonders if there is a problem at home. Jim returns home for lunch and talks to Janet about Garry. He wants the whole topic of Jamie dropped. He doesn't want to have anything to do with Jamie and remarks that it might have been better had the child died. He thinks of Jamie as a slobbering idiot. Jamie was born with Down's Syndrome and that makes him defective in Jim's eyes. Muldoon stops by the hospital to check out the new wing and Brendan waylays him to ask about the wind break. It was included in the architectural designs and even Muldoon thinks it would be a good idea. When Brendan confronts him about its absence, Muldoon backpedals and starts explaining how cost overruns forced the contractor to make cuts, including the proposed wind break. Brendan says maybe he should contact the Public Works Department to see what they think and Muldoon quickly says that he could talk to the contractor. Brendan brings up the fact that the contractor is Muldoon's cousin. Muldoon insists that the contractor is honest, cousin or no cousin.

Muldoon calls the contractor, Ernest, from the Matron's office while Brendan listens. Brendan is buzzed out of the office to deal with a patient while Muldoon is talking firmly to the wayward contractor. The minute Brendan is out of earshot, Muldoon's tone turns wheedling and he tells his cousin that he has to make the wall despite the fact that it will cut down on Ernest's percentage. It's a rather shady-sounding conversation and Muldoon doesn't realize that Judy has heard the entire thing. Muldoon tries to butter her up and then subtly threatens her when the flattery doesn't work. Gabe turns up at the clinic in tears. She was turned down for another job. Everything was going well until Muldoon showed up. The plant nursery owner (Reed) didn't dare cross Muldoon so he couldn't offer Gabe the job. Gabe is very depressed. Simon talks to Janet about preparing for the amniocentesis. She talks to him about Jamie and how she wished she knew about amnio then. She wants to know what went wrong and Simon explains about the genetic cause for Down's Syndrome. He asks if she visits Jamie. She says that Jim doesn't want to but Simon wants to know if SHE does. She talks to him about the early days, how everyone insisted that the best thing to do would be to institutionalize Jamie. Garry's never forgiven them for giving Jamie away. Molly and Chloe stop by the clinic and Molly complains to Shirley about Brendan's male chauvinistic ravings. Shirley looks after Chloe while Molly is in with Terence. Vicky turns up insisting that Shirley do something about Frank. She doesn't want to give Gabe a job. Shirley tells her about the Reed Nursery knockback and Vicky begins to weaken towards Gabe. Janet catches Garry trying to burn birthday cards he'd made for Jamie. He's very upset by the fact that Jamie hasn't come for a visit like they'd promised and Janet relents and says they'll go see him. At the Club, Jim has a beer with Bob and Cookie. They talk about Ernie Muldoon and how dodgy his construction work is. Bob mentions that the bricks Ernie'll be using on the hospital wall are so bad Bob wouldn't use them on an outside dunny. Muldoon walks in as they are talking and claims credit for the wonderful wall being built at the hospital. They aren't impressed and imply that Ernie is given council contracts in spite of the fact that his work is substandard. Muldoon informs them that the entire cost of the "Muldoon Memorial Wall" is coming out of his own pocket.

At the flat, Vicky talks to Gabe about the job. She's very keen to clip an animals toenails for some reason but Vicky insists that her primary duties will be to keep things clean. Vicky gets called out and Gabe wants to come with her to take care of a mare foaling. Vicky says no and that she'll drop her at home on the way. Simon rushes in as they are about to leave and wants to talk to Vicky about Fatso's emotional problems (running amok, digging at the carpet, etc.). Vicky says she's got to leave and for Simon to speak to her assistant before he takes her home. Gabe is thrilled at her first patient and decides after some inspection that Fatso needs his nails trimmed. Jim is sure that the improvement in Garry's mood is because he's forgotten all about Jamie. The minute Jim leaves the house, Garry pressures Janet to take him to see Jamie right away. Janet doesn't feel right about doing it behind Jim's back. Simon's on his way to take them to the institution. Garry has a card for Jamie and is very excited at the prospect of meeting him. Vicky is disturbed by Simon's interference in the Dawson family. She thinks it's a repeat of Roz Peterson. The difference is that Janet had no choice, while Roz did. Simon is upset that Vicky keeps referring to Jamie as "it". They argue about the issue and end up having to essentially agree to disagree. Brendan arrives home to find Molly and Chloe dressed in matching frocks and looking very girly. Molly is acting very oddly, taking off Brendan's shoes and bringing him his slippers and generally playing the simpering stupid female. She's made his favourite meal, steak and kidney pie, which she hates. The sickly sweet facade drops eventually and she begins a tirade that ends with the steak and kidney pie landing on the floor. Brendan mimics her sweet tone. Simon, Janet, and Garry arrive at the institution. The matron wants to speak to Janet before they bring out Jamie, who is one of the matron's favourites. She's had the care of Jamie since he was 3 months old. They bring Jamie out -- he's a very polite, very cute little guy with thick glasses.

Gabe is puttering around the veterinary surgery cleaning when Muldoon walks in with his pekingnese dog, Nanky Poo. He wants to know where Vicky is and checks to make sure that the drugs cupboard is locked. Gabe can't resist lighting into him for making such trouble. She tells him to get out before she throws something at him and he flees. Janet and Garry come home to find Jim there. He's not pleased to learn that they went to see Jamie. Garry is talking a mile a minute, he's so excited about having met his brother. Janet is quietly determined to continue seeing Jamie, even if Jim never will. At the Club, Simon talks to Vicky about Fatso. Neither of them put Fatso out before they left -- Vicky says Fatso is Simon's wombat and he tells her that Fatso is one of the worldly goods he "thee endowed" (lucky her). They make up for the fight that morning. Brendan arrives home in fine chauvinistic form. Molly thinks he's playing games but he doesn't crack a smile. He tells her he's closed their joint account and tells her to take her shoes off. When she asks why, he says he just wanted to see her barefoot and pregnant and she realizes he really was just playing games. She sits on his lap and asks how he's going to tell his butch son-to-be that daddy is a nurse. Garry tells his teacher, Miss Cooper, about Jamie and how he has Down's Syndrome. Frank talks to Gabe about the visit he got from Muldoon. Frank doesn't agree with Muldoon but couldn't do much about it. Gabe can't understand why no one will stand up to Muldoon and Frank warns her to watch her step -- Muldoon wants to make her a ward of the state. After six visits, Janet brings Jamie home for a visit with her and Garry. They're thrilled to have him in their lives. Jim arrives home while Jamie is there. How long Jamie gets to stay depends on Jim's decision.

Garry and Jamie play while Jim stews in his chair reading a paper. Jim has decided that Jamie can only stay for a little holiday and then he's going back. He doesn't think Jamie can think for himself. Simon berates Fatso for chewing a cushion. He tries to enlist Vicky's help. Vicky's too busy trying to keep Gabe busy -- everything's clean already. Vicky refuses to let Muldoon win. Simon suggests she take Gabe with her on rounds. Janet wants to take Jamie with her shopping but Jim insists she leave Jamie at home. He parks Jamie in front of the TV and returns to his paper. He looks up to see Jamie has disappeared -- he's gone into the kitchen to get Jim a beer. Simon gives Janet some books to leaf through while he fields a phone call. They discuss the prognosis for Jamie. Simon recommends that Janet go talk to Cathy Cooper about putting Jamie in school. Janet wants Simon to talk to Jim. Bob stops by the Dawson place and talks to Jamie. Jim introduces him as just being there for a holiday. Bob's found a mini tractor for Molly and wants Jim to take a look at it for him. Jim doesn't want to take Jamie with him, though, so he agrees to do it tomorrow. Frank and Shirley arrive home to find Gabe home making ginger snap cookies. Shirley wants to know why she's not at the surgery, since Vicky is paying her. Gabe says there's nothing to do there and she wanted to be doing something. Janet tries to convince Jim to go see Simon but he won't. Janet suggests he take Jamie with him when he goes to pick up Garry. Simon returns home to find that Fatso been at the furniture again. He's forgotten to close the door and Fatso wanders out while Simon is complaining. At the school, Garry brings all his friends to meet Jamie and invites them all to a party for Jamie's 6th birthday. Vicky returns home to find Simon frantically searching for Fatso. Simon is soaked from being out in the rain all that time.

Terence and Muldoon inspect the progress on the "Muldoon Memorial Wall" and discuss grand opening plans. Ernie says it's that best wall he's ever built, which isn't saying much. It's been two days and Fatso is still missing. The weather is still messy...wet and windy. Simon is worried. Vicky has bought him some goldfish but it doesn't fill the void left by Fatso. Jamie's party goes well. Some of the little boys want to know why Jamie looks funny but they don't treat him any differently than they do each other. Jim still hasn't warmed up to Jamie. He decides to go see Simon and they discuss Jamie. He returns home to find Janet reading to Jamie. He's decided to let "the little begger" stay for a few months. Muldoon talks to Judy and Brendan at the hospital about the arrangements for the grand opening. The rain is letting up. He's decided he'd like a line of honour for the opening. Brendan and Judy make joking suggestions but Muldoon takes them all seriously. He wants a young person to hand a bouquet of flowers to the Mayoress (perhaps his niece would be the ideal candidate). He also wants the Burrigan brass band playing "I'm Going to Glory".

Miss Cooper drops in to see the Dawsons. They introduce her to Jamie and she gets him to draw something for her, a house. He makes a very rough drawing and Miss Cooper recommends that he not attend regular classes because he'll be so different. She says she doesn't have the time to devote to teaching a special child. Shirley calls out to Gabe to get up for work. They get a call from Tom Brennan, the Welfare officer from Burrigan...Muldoon's called him to complain about Gabe being out of control. Frank defends her but Tom still has to deal with the complaint. Janet and Jim discuss Miss Cooper with Simon. Jim thinks Miss Cooper might be right but Janet wants him to talk to the teacher directly about the situation. The kids don't seem to understand why Jamie isn't allowed in school. Molly is irate when she learns about Miss Cooper's assessment. She tries to enlist help from Shirley, Brendan, and Esme but Esme thinks the child is backward as well. Molly is in fine fettle and wants to organize a rebellion. Jim overhears and wants to know what business it is of theirs. Janet brings Jamie to school anyway but Miss Cooper tries to send him away. When Janet decides to take Garry out of school as well, the rest of school children follow suit.

Miss Cooper goes to school but sees all the children playing outside the school grounds. She doesn't enter the school. It's still very windy. Simon is writing up a radio speech about Down's Syndrome. Vicky tries to reason with him about how tough it is to handle ordinary children, let alone a special one. Simon doesn't agree. Simon starts sneezing suddenly, forcing Vicky to produce the lovely little siamese kitten she's been hiding -- yet another attempt to try to replace Fatso. Unfortunately, Simon is allergic to cats. Besides, he doesn't want a replacement. Miss Cooper arrives at the Dawson house. She's had a change of heart about Jamie. So, apparently, has Jim. Shirley is meditating in her pyramid when Frank comes home. It's pouring again. Shirley wonders where Gabe is. She thinks someone should make a speech about Muldoon at tomorrow's opening. The phone rings while she is in mid-tirade. It's Gabe's mother...she's coming to see Gabe. Gabe is at the hospital spraying graffiti on the great "Muldoon Memorial Wall" (the graffiti says MULDOON SUCKS in great huge letters). Muldoon pulls up in his car and sees a figure racing off in the storm. He sees what's been written on the wall. Jim apologizes to Molly and Brendan and everything looks like it'll work out fine. Muldoon struggles to whitewash the wall while the storm rages. He falls when his foot gets stuck in the mud. The shoddy wall collapses in on him, burying him in bricks.

Much later, inside the hospital, Brendan and Judy are discussing the cancelling of the opening ceremony. Esme walks in on them, bearing flowers for Muldoon. She isn't amused at their joviality. Judy says she's too late, he's gone. At Esme gasp of surprise, Judy assures her that no, he's not dead...he just shipped himself off to another hospital to avoid the trouble that's bound to be brewing over the poorly built wall. Esme says she had heard rumours about what was written on the wall by the mystery artist. Judy pipes in with "Muldoon sucks!" which Brendan immediately ammends to "Muldoon sucks menties" [I have no idea what the third word really is -- that is just a phonetic spelling]. At the Gilroy house, Shirley catches Gabe washing paint off her hands. She knows that Gabe was the mysterious artist. She tells Gabe that her mother wants to come visit but Gabe doesn't care. Simon and Vicky visit with Garry and Jamie as Brendan and Molly show up for the dinner party. Miss Cooper arrives as well. They have a good time. Jamie enjoys going to school. Simon arrives home to find Vicky taping a box and telling something it's so beautiful. She urges him to open the box and he discovers that she's got him a female baby wombat. He names her Charmaine and they are admiring her as they hear a scrabbling sound at the door. Simon opens it to find that Fatso has returned. What will they do with two wombats?! Simon says Vicky will make a wonderful mother.

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