189 & 190
Original -- Nov 15/16, 1983
Showcase -- Mar 17/20, 2000

Monday's child is fair of face,
Tuesday's child is full of grace,
Wednesday's child is full of woe,
Thursday's child has far to go,
Friday's child is loving and giving,
Saturday's child works hard for a living,
And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe and good and gay.

-- nursery rhyme


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"Wednesday's Child"
Molly and Brendan discuss the idea that Molly had to start a station with antiques in it. They argue a bit because Molly wants to put the deliveries in the shed, and Brendan tells her off and makes her promise she won't try to lift them during her pregnancy. Molly promises that she won't. Vicky and Simon come back from their honeymoon and are really quiet as they enter the house. They close the door and blinds before turning on the light so no-one would know they were home. But it doesn't work! Shirley and Frank and Gabe come to the door moments later and Simon and Vicky let them in out of a good heart. But the next day, Simon gets up late for work and he and Vicky quarrel over Shirley and Frank's "barging in" (as Simon puts it). They end up all grumpy.

At the clinic, Simon walks in to be greeted by Shirley and Terence. He puts on a smiley face, only to hide it later in his office. Back at Shirley and Frank's, it's Gabe's birthday and they give her Monopoly and a radio/cassette player as presents. She is really happy and thanks them but is grumpy when they send her to school as per normal. At the vet, Vicky is working when Esme comes in with a sick bird. Vicky is telling her that he's fine when the phone rings twice with people asking about her honeymoon. Esme annoys her by talking about "selling the vet place" and "having kids". Gabe goes to Molly's house instead of school because it's her birthday. She and Molly end up chatting about kids and, as Gabe is playing with Chloe, she tells Molly that she is 2 months pregnant. Molly convinces her to go and see Terence...and to tell Shirley. Gabe agrees as long as Molly goes with her, which she does. Terence explains all the options, with Shirley present, and Gabe decides she wants to keep the baby.

Meanwhile, back at the Bowen residence, Vicky and Simon continue to argue. Simon suggests making a list of all the things that annoy each of them about the other person, so they do. Afterwards, they continue to argue, and end up storming into two different bedrooms. A few seconds later, they come out and tell each other they love each other. Then Simon goes into Vicky's room and closes the door. (Wolf whistle, please!) Frank and Shirley, back at their house, argue about Gabe and her pregnancy. Frank thinks that Gabe should take responsibility for her actions, but Shirley tells him to keep his cool during Gabe's birthday dinner. During the dinner, Gabe blows out the cake candles and cuts the cake. Frank and Gabe then start to argue about Gabe's pregnancy. Shirley tries to stop the fighting by suggesting they play Monopoly. Terence stops by Shirley's the next morning, and asks her if he can take Gabe with him on one of his house calls. His plan is to show Gabe a woman named Denise, who is 17 and has a child. Denise is struggling real bad, looks twice her age, and is unemployable. But Gabe doesn't see the side of the story that Terence does. All she sees is the baby. Terence drops Gabe off at Molly's, and goes back to the clinic to give Shirley the bad news.

At Molly's, Gabe is playing with Chloe and talking to Molly, when Molly goes to the loo. When Molly comes back, she worredly tells Gabe that she's bleeding. Gabe gets her a chair while she calls Brendan. Brendan calls Terence and the doctor rushes over. Terence rings Burrigan and is happy to know that an ultrasound can be done that afternoon. He explains to Molly and Brendan that he thinks Molly might have placenta previa. He explains what it is and tells Molly that she will have to have bed rest. Molly, Brendan, and Terence leave, after Gabe says she will mind Chloe while they are gone. Gabe decides to take Chloe for a walk, so she grabs her a bite to eat and heads off. While they are walking, Gabe stops to change her music and lets go of Chloe. Chloe runs off into some bushes. Gabe stands up, realizes Chloe is gone, and starts to look for her.

Gabe continues to look for Chloe, and finally hears her crying in some bushes. She picks her up and tries to comfort her, while trying to find her way out of the forest. Meanwhile, Molly and Brendan have come home to find Gabe and Chloe gone. They are a bit worried, because Gabe didn't leave a note, but they don't think they will be long. Shirley and Frank are also wondering where Gabe has got to. They wonder if she's okay. In the bush, Gabe can't find her way out and is trying to calm Chloe down. Chloe won't stop crying, and Gabe doesn't know what to do. She realises that they are lost. Molly and Brendan start to worry as Gabe doesn't come back with Chloe. Simon and Vicky come to the house and try to calm them down, while Brendan calls Frank. Frank sets up a search party consisting of lots of men from the valley. They search until midnight but, to Molly's disappointment, they don't find anything. Brendan tries to keep her calm.

Meanwhile, in the forest, night has struck and Gabe sits down and leans on a tree and sings to Chloe to try and get her to go to sleep. It doesn't work, and Gabe starts to get incredibly frustrated, finally yelling at Chloe. The next day the search starts up again. Bob is one of the people working the hardest. When they dont find anything in a few hours, Brendan starts to freak, saying that they shouldn't have trusted Gabe. Molly and Shirley and Judy try to calm him down. Near the afternoon, Gabe has scratches on her legs and is starting to give up, when she hears a chopper. She screams at it, waving her arms but it passes by. She then sits back down and cries. Nearby, Bob hears Chloe crying and comes to investigate. He congragulates Gabe on walking 14 miles. Back at Molly's house, Molly is thrilled that Chloe has been found. They bring the little girl back to her mother. Simon gives Chloe a check up, which turns out to be all clear. Simon then tends to Gabe's knees, and Brendan thanks Gabe for looking after Chloe and saving her life.

A few days later, Gabe walks into the clinic and asks to see Dr. Elliot with Shirley and Frank present. When Terence comes, she announces that she wants to terminate the pregnancy, causing Frank to have a fit. Terence explains that Gabe will have to go to Sydney for the operation, and Shirley says she's going with her. Frank leaves Terence's office after hearing Gabe's side, and walks out saying that Gabe is being selfish. Two days later, Shirley and Gabe come home from Sydney, Gabe's abortion having gone well. Frank doesn't speak to Gabe very much, but that doesn't bother Gabe as she is too busy playing with her dog. She says to the boss that she would have kept the baby if she was older. Frank doesn't really understand.

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