187 & 188
Original -- Nov 8/9, 1983
Showcase -- Mar 15/16, 2000

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"Have I Got a Deal For You"
The episode starts off with Molly going out into the pen to clean Doris's pen. As she is trying to lure Doris out with some of Brendan's beer, a car comes into her driveway. A man leaves the car, comes up to Molly and starts to talk to her. He tells her that he is a collector, and he collects old furniture or "junk" that people don't want any more and then takes it to his shop back where he lives. Molly lets him have some tea inside and then sends him to Esme Watson's place, knowing that Esme's leasing a room in her house. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Judy and Brendan are really busy keeping up with the hospital routine when a lady comes in with bad stomach pains. Brendan and Judy finally get around to tending to her after rushing past her about 4 times. At Esme's house, Esme hears a knock at the door. When she opens it, she is suprised to see the man there. After the man explains that Molly Jones sent him, Esme lets him into the house. He tells her that he's interested in the room she has to rent, and they discuss the prospect of him moving in. You can tell that Esme likes the man a lot.

At the clinic, a man comes in with a sore leg, and Shirley tells him that Terrence is still at the hospital and won't be back for awhile. The man gets in a grumpy mood and starts telling Shirley about his arthritis. He is still talking as Esme walks in the room, and the three people start to chat. Back at the hospital, Terrence examines the woman with the stomach pain, and decides that she might have a stomach ulcer that needs attention. He orders an x-ray and blood tests. Back at Esme's house, Esme and the man start to eat their tea, and they have a nice chat while they are eating. The man asks why a beautiful thing like her hasn't found a special someone yet. She doesn't know. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Terrence has finished the operation and the woman has woken up. Judy helps her to clear her lungs, while the woman tells Judy all about the loss in her family and tells her that she knows how it feels to suffer loss and pain. She tells Judy about her time in a concentration camp and how devastating it was for her to lose her family. Judy starts to feel better.

Back at Esme's house, the man decides to go down to a bloke's house and have a look at some of his treasures. He pays him for the jug, table and dresser. He says he will bring a truck to collect them tomorrow, as the dresser will make good firewood. The next day, the man keeps his word and brings a truck, only to find out that the big dresser has been chopped into firewood for him. He sits on a stool, really upset. At Esme's place, it's night time. Esme is in her nightdown and dressing gown, as she comes into the lounge room with a glass of wine in her hands. She starts shrieking and runs into the other room. [from Amelia: I found this bit very hard to understand].

[from Amelia: Unfortunately, I found the second part of this episode a bit hard to understand, so I can only give a bit of a summary. Sorry!]

In this episode, The woman with the stomach ulcer gets a few visits from her daughter, who doesn't treat her very well at all. But her daughter Ella soon regrets it when her mother passes away during the episode. Judy has a few things to say to Ella. Frank takes Shirley out for dinner and a night out for her birthday. He buys her a bunch of roses (one for every year shes turned, which Shirley doesn't like) and a piece of jewllrey. Gabe goes to stay at Molly's, and gives her opinion on having kids. Esme still has that nice man staying, but she begins to feel sick [from Amelia: I think it's because he's giving her too much alcohol deliberately, so he can steal her stuff. I didn't understand what was happening.] Vernon warned Esme that he was a con man, and tried to attack him, but Esme didn't realise. At the clinic, Shirley comforts Esme when she tells her that the man left in the night without saying bye. At the club, Vernon also comforts Esme, and gets happy when Esme says that he's a true friend.

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