185 & 186
Original -- Nov 1/2, 1983
Showcase -- Mar 13/14, 2000

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"Got it Made"
The episode starts off with two homeless blokes who decide to move into a old, abandoned house and fix it up for them to live in. One of the blokes has just come back from the clinic after strict instructions from Terence on how to care for his sore arm. He's bought with him a whole lot of materials, including a ladder, to assist in fixing up the house. Meanwhile, at the hospital, the electrical appliances in the kitchen have blown the coop. Brendan is frantically ringing every electrician in town to find someone to come and fix the electricity urgently. He can't find anyone. Back at the clinic, Shirley is at the front desk, tending to reception, when Molly walks in with Chloe in a stroller. They chat for a few minutes, with Molly stating that Terence will tell her "she's OK". Terence's patient walks out of the clinic in a grumpy mood, saying that he waited for an hour and saw the doctor for only one minute. Molly and Shirley look at each other, and smile. Meanwhile, the two men are going along nicely with the house restorations. After testing the gutter, they are both prepared for the stormy night ahead.

At the clinic, Terence feels quite beat after his house calls, and just wants to lie down, but he can't due to a stack of paperwork that has to be done. Shirley warns Terence not to strain himself too much, to protect himself from future heart problems. Back at the old house, the storm has started, and the two men are taking shelter near the fire. A knock at the door sparks their attention. Two men stand on the other side, and they ask to come in because one of them is really sick. The blokes let them in, but about an hour later they regret it, as one of the men has a gun, and won't let them leave the house. After a few hours, the man is worse, so the man with the gun sends one of the blokes to get a doctor. Meanwhile, at Shirley's house, Gabe is sitting on the floor, in front of the TV, doing her homework, when Molly comes in and asks for the material Shirley left her. Gabe gives her opinion as to what Molly can make with it, and then she accepts Molly's offer of helping to make the garment.

Meanwhile, Terence is at the clinic, working late into the night, when one of the blokes comes in and tells him to come to the house and look at the man who is sick. Terence grabs his suitcase and away they go. At the old house, the man keeps saying that the bloke isn't coming back, but the bloke's friend says he is and that he's never let him down. Sure enough, awhile later, two cars roll up and the bloke comes into the house with Terence. Terence examines the sick man, and after checking for what he was told was a migraine, discovers that the man was shot.

Terence examines the man who has been shot. He discovers that the bullet isn't too far in, and he says that he has to get him to hospital in order to remove the bullet. The man with the gun tells him to operate in the house. When Terence argues, the man puts the gun in front of Terence's face. Meanwhile, at the clinic, Terence has patients that have been waiting there for over an hour. Shirley tells them that maybe they should leave to make things easier, but they said they will stay a little bit longer. Shirley shrugs and says if you say so. Back at the house, Terence starts to operate on the man. After awhile, he gets annoyed at the man with the gun and tells him he "can't do a damn thing with that gun in my face." The man removes the gun and gives Terence a torch as requested.

At the clinic, Shirley tells all the patients to come back another day, as "Terence has been held up", according to her. The patients leave in a fury, just as Esme walks in the door. Esme and Shirley have a nice chat, with Esme's chatter about a plane crash sparking Shirley's interest. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Judy is having a fit at Terence's dissapearance, as one of the patients needs to be discharged, and is bossing Judy about. Brendan tries to calm her down, while he tries to find out where Terence has gone. Back at the abandoned house, Terence and the two men continue to be held hostage, even after Terence has completed the operation, as the man refuses to let him go. The man with the gun tries to think of a way to get out of there. He finally decides to take Terence with him, and leave the other two men there. Terence helps to carry the man with the wound, and the man with the gun follows closely.

Meanwhile, Frank has set up a search party to find the victims of the plane crash. And, what do you know, while they are searching in the bush they see Terence with the two men. Sensing danger, Frank stays a fair distance away. Terence manages to throw the two men on the ground and make a dash for it! He runs behind the house as gun shots are fired at him. Frank jumps out from his hiding spot and fires his gun as the two men get away in Terence's car. He misses. Awhile later, at the station, Terence and the two blokes tell Frank what happened. Frank listens, then asks the two blokes if they know anything about the stolen goods. They lie and say no. But then they go back to the house and return all the goods to where they got them from. Terence heads back to the clinic and tells Bob and Cookie what happened to him. Shirley listens too.

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