175 & 176
Original -- Sep 27/28, 1983
Showcase -- Feb 28/29, 2000
John Ewart (Harry Jolly)
Rebecca Rigg (Gabe)
David Clencie (Rick Jamieson)
Joan Sydney (Matron Sloan)
My favourite scenes in this episode were the interactions between Harry Jolly and Brendan and Maggie (especially his comments and note to Brendan)
My favourite line, though, was probably when Harry Jolly was told about having cerebral malaria and he says that affects the brain, right? Maggie's response to him was "Mind you, the patient has to have a brain to begin with".
I didn't recognize him at first, what with the beard and all, but Harry Jolly was played by John Ewart who much later on appeared as Lachie Morrison, the man Maggie Sloan left Wandin Valley to travel with. You can see how well they get along in this episode.
There are only two TV channels to watch in Wandin Valley
Xavier Refuge is on Kelly Street in South Sydney
The cemetery on the Jamieson property contains headstones for nine of Rick's ancestors
Young Wylie was a young drover from the city who was gored by a bull on the Jones' property over 80 years ago. Legend has it that he called for help but no one would open their doors to him and so he died. His ghost is said to come back every year, calling "Help!" as he did in life. His headstone is still up there in the cemetery -- no one knew his last name so it just says "Young Wylie".
The chooks that were stolen from Molly were named Margo (the one with the funny eye) and Ruby (the one with the limp).
Brendan was born a twin
Rick's parents were George and Agnes Jamieson and the farm is on Jamieson Gully
Rick is 17 years old
Harry Jolly is carrying a dormant parasite of the Anopheles mosquito and is suffering from falciparum malaria (otherwise known as cerebral malaria) that he picked up while working in New Guinea

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"Pioneering Spirit"
Frank worries to Shirley about Gabe after school. He worries she might have shot through. Vicky stops by to have some OJ and Shirley quizzes her about being back at the flat and Simon. Vicky is very tight-lipped. Frank gushes about Sally Wyndham and how great she was for Simon, much to Vicky's consternation. She hurries off to see Molly and Shirley berates Frank for his lack of tact. A young man, Rick, stops to give Gabe a lift to the next farm. While waiting for Vicky, Molly prepares a supper for Brendan to take to work. It's very cold and windy outside. Rick and Gabe discuss an old bike he has at his place (the old Jamieson place). He tells her she can come have a look at it just before he drops her at her stop. A truckie, Harry Jolly, limps into the hospital clutching his upper thigh and shouting. Maggie lectures him about being so loud and then gets Brendan to have a look at him. He thinks Brendan is a doctor or orderly and can't conceive of him being a nurse (a man doesn't do nursing unless he's "one of those"). Frank arrives to question Mr. Jolly about his truck (it's blocking the road outside). Mr. Jolly doesn't want Brendan to touch him and Frank tries to explain that Brendan is absolutely straight. Mr. Jolly is very rude to Brendan and only agrees to take his trousers off for Brendan (with Frank in the room) when threatened with having Maggie there instead. Vicky gives Molly instructions for deworming Doris and remarks that even the chooks seem restless. Maybe there are foxes around. Vicky thinks Molly should have a gun around. When Molly starts to interrogate Vicky about Simon, Vicky makes a fast getaway. Left alone, Molly listens to a spooky radio play and starts imagining things.

Mr. Jolly has torn a muscle and Terence tells him he'll have to stay in hospital for a couple of days. He's not to keen (to put it mildly) on the idea of having "Brenda" look after him (massaging the affected leg, taking him to the loo, washing him, bed pan, etc.) and neither is Brendan. Terence agrees to let Mr. Jolly use crutches to get around instead so that he won't have to stay in hospital. Molly finally has to turn off the peacock radio play and hears her chooks making a lot of noise outside. She takes a lantern to check things out. She calls out to the girls (they don't answer with anything but clucks, surprisingly enough) and sees a shadowy figure running away away from the farm. She decides to count them all in the morning rather than stay outside. Terence asks Simon about things with Vicky now that Vicky is back in the flat and Simon is noncommittal. Mr. Jolly comes into the Club for a drink (a double rum) and sits beside Bob. He puts down Wandin Valley for being a hick country town full of poofs and muglayers. Bob is so close to thumping him. Terence insists that Mr. Jolly return to the hospital and stop drinking (a definite no-no while on his medication). Maggie wants to know how Mr. Jolly managed to escape from the hospital but Brendan had last seen him after giving him aspirin for a headache and slight fever. Maggie gives Mr. Jolly a lecture on inflicting harm upon himself and tells him he's sicker than she thought when he shouts "Goodbye sweetheart. Kissie Kissie." at Brendan as he leaves. Brendan is somewhat amused. Shirley confronts Gabe the next morning about some contraceptive pills she's found. Gabe explains she just wants to be prepared in case something comes up but Shirley tells her about all the reasons she shouldn't be taking them at such a young age.

Vicky is making scrambled eggs and Simon comes out just in time to suggest that she add some nutmeg just like Sally did. Vicky is not thrilled and she gets after Simon for trying to make her jealous. Two of Molly's chooks are missing. When she mentions that one of the missing "girls" had a funny walk, Brendan decides to ask her opinion about whether he walks like a real man or not. Molly's too preoccupied to take him seriously. Frank arrives to take down the details of the missing chooks. Frank thinks that it was foxes (or that Molly miscounted) and not a person that took the chooks. Gabe drops by the old Jamieson farm to visit Rick while he's cooking brekkie. He has some chooks (at least 5) in a pen, the start of his big farming operation. She offers to help him by getting some scraps. He mentions that his old man used to own the farm but Gabe wonders why he doesn't want anyone to know he's there. He shows her the bike they were talking about -- it's a mess but she wants it. Brendan put extra chicken wire over the coop but Molly insists the chooks didn't fly out. Bob says that it was probably young Wylie that Molly saw. Molly wants to tell Frank but Bob says Wylie's been dead for 80 years and usually comes back about this time of year. Molly talks to Shirley, Frank, Esme, and Cookie about her missing chooks. Everyone insists they believe in the spirit and tell Molly what they know about Wylie. Rick and Gabe discuss his plan for revamping the farm. He's borrowed everything, including the hens (it's not like they have names or anything, he says). He's from the city. He ran away from the Refuge two years ago and had a squat with other homeless teens. He and Gabe reminisce about the Xavier Refuge. He's not pleased to find out she's staying with a copper but she promises not to dob him in. He shows her the gravestones for his ancestors. Rick was born there but his father sold out to a meat company when Rick was 8 years old. He vows to farm the land, since the meat company obviously isn't using it for anything but cattle grazing.

Shirley tries to talk to Frank about the Pills she found but he's not paying attention. When he finally does realize what she's saying, Frank is shocked. Frank decides Gabe needs something else to keep her mind (and body) occupied. Mr. Jolly doesn't want his temperature taken until Maggie threatens to do it rectally. He's not doing well and is suffering from flu-like symptoms (headache, chills, sweats, fever). Terence decides to run some tests to see what's wrong. Frank grills Gabe about what she's been doing all day. Gabe wants to know where she can get some money to fix up the bike. She can get a wheel for $10 from Whitey but also needs a new chain. Frank agrees to give her the money providing she join the bike club once the bike is fixed up. After Shirley tells him about the bike club trips being coed, he changes his mind about the club. Terence and Brendan discuss Harry Jolly. Terence has a feeling about him but won't say more until he sees the test results. Brendan has booby trapped Mr. Jolly's door so that there will be no more evening outings. Rick prepares to go out and "borrow" some more items. Molly calls Brendan to say she's scared...the ghost stories have made her nervous. Vicky and Simon watch "Curse of the Swamp People" on TV. Vicky is engrossed in the film but Simon is picking apart the bad costumes and even worse acting. Vicky startles Simon by sneezing and he puts his arm around her. They both settle back to watch the rest of the film with his arm still there.

Molly turns off the radio and hears an eerie "Help" coming from outside. She calls Brendan but he thinks she's just letting her imagination get the better of her. Fat lot of help that is to her. After she hangs up, Brendan takes Mr. Jolly his supper. In spite of the booby trap, Mr. Jolly is gone...out the window with a note left behind that says "Goodnight sweetheart. Don't wait up for me! Harry XXX". Mr. Jolly has ended up, of course, in the Club, drunk and spouting the Lord's Prayer, much to Esme's horror. He insults the ladies of Wandin Valley and when Cookie tries to restrain him, he ends up wrecking the joint before falling to the floor. Molly decides to investigate the cries for help.

Mr. Jolly is brought back to the hospital. He's freezing and his fever is just below 40 degrees Celsius. Simon wonders if it might be brucellosis. Frank has determined that Mr. Jolly wasn't hauling meat or anything like that but wonders if it could be a combo of alcohol and drugs that are causing the trouble. He's found an anti-malarial drug (chloroquine) in the rig. Simon decides to test for malaria. One of the types can be fatal. Terence stops by the Gilroy house to talk to Shirley. She asks him about the Pill that Gabe is on. He wonders where she's getting it from. Shirley bristles a little when Terence seems to be putting Gabe down because of her upbringing and she asks what he would have done if Sophie had come to him to be put on the Pill. Molly puts Chloe in her high chair and goes outside to make the ghost feel welcome. The lantern blows out but Molly continues to talk to "Wylie", nearly scaring herself silly in the process.

Mr. Jolly comes to, to see Maggie getting a nice big needle to give him (she injects it into the IV drip, not him). She explains to him what is wrong with him. He doesn't immediately remember what's happened so Maggie reminds him. He still thinks he has a touch of the flu. He starts rambling about a "Peter". Molly tells Brendan about her night when he gets off shift. His bow saw and best Kelly axe are missing. Frank talks to Gabe about the petty thieving that's been going on. She jokes about her racing off down the street hauling great bales of chicken wire. Frank says he was thinking of the young man who gave her a lift the other day. Terence confronts Mr. Jolly about the malaria pills. The pills may have saved his life -- he has cerebral malaria. Gabe talks to Rick about Frank while he fixes up the bike for her. She's brought him some stuff to help out too. He gets Gabe so excited over his plans for the farm that she starts talking about "our farm" instead of "his". He's made a makeshift halter for when he's nicked a horse but he falls climbing over the fence and accidentally stabs himself in the leg.

Mr. Jolly is frantic to get out of the hospital. He hobbles over to clothes cupboard to find his clothes missing. Maggie comes upon him at that moment and helps him back to bed. She asks him who Peter is. A relative? Molly can hear the ghost calling out again. Brendan goes out to check and insists it is just the wind. Rick manages to haul himself back to his squat and tries to staunch the blood flow from his leg. He's obviously in agony and calls out for help. Gabe gets up to get a late night snack and hears ghostly calls for help. She gets dressed and rushes over to the Jamieson farm. She does her best to help but has to take him in his car to get help. Molly and Brendan both hear the calls for help. Brendan sees a car outside and Molly sees a face in the window. When Brendan opens the door, he finds Gabe and Rick there. They take him (and Gabe) to the hospital. Maggie wants to call in Frank but Brendan says they've promised not to (so as not to involve Gabe). Frank stops by the Jones' farm in the morning to inquire about the missing tools. He asks about the ute and Molly tells him about the injured young man. Frank decides to check him out at the hospital. Mr. Jolly brings a glass of water to his new wardmate Rick and they chat, about the farm and Rick. Frank talks to Simon and Shirley about the young man -- his ute is registered to a Rick Jamieson, not anyone by the name that Gabe gave them at the hospital. He goes to talk to Rick directly and Rick spins a great convincing yarn about how he cut himself fiddling with the car. Gabe arrives just as Frank is leaving and he wants to know how she knows Rick.

Frank quizzes Rick some more about what he's doing in the Valley before Gabe finally makes him leave. Now that Frank knows Rick's mom's name, it's only a matter of time before he finds the farm (and all the stolen stuff). Mr. Jolly's been eavesdropping and offers his advice (and a lecture). He suggests that there wouldn't be any trouble if everything that is missing was returned to its rightful owners by the morning. Gabe leaps at the chance to help, since Rick is stuck in hospital. Vicky is making supper but Simon's already eaten at the Club. He reads a letter from his mom -- she's recovering nicely. Vicky has also gotten a letter, one with photos from her old school chum Andy. It makes them both remember "that night" but they are interrupted by a phone call from Sally Wyndham. Vicky leaves the flat while Simon is talking to Sally. Gabe returns to the Jamieson farm and begins carrying every stolen item back to its owner via her newly remodelled bicycle. She's exhausted by the time she's done. In the morning, Molly rejoices that her chooks are back. Brendan still thinks that she just imagined that any were missing in the first place. Frank stops by the Jamieson farm to look around. He finds a roll of chicken wire netting under the bed and checks it against his list of stolen items. He also finds an empty OJ container under the table, a brand Gabe always drinks.

Rick talks to Mr. Jolly as he packs up to leave the hospital. Mr. Jolly gives Rick some last minute advice about Gabe and his future. He tells Rick about his son Peter, who is in Long Bay jail doing 10 years for armed robbery, and he offers Rick a job helping him with his rig. He'll be by in 3 days to get an answer. Frank talks to Gabe about Rick. He tells her about the roll of chicken wire that must have rolled all the way from from Ted Gunn's place. Rick leaves with Mr. Jolly later that week. Mr. Jolly gives Maggie something he bought to say thank you -- a toiletry set. Shirley wants Frank to have a facts of life chat with Gabe. He tells Gabe he wants to have an adult chat with her about sex and she asks him what he wants to know.

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