149 & 150
Original -- Jun 28/29, 1983
Showcase -- 1995; Jan 21/24, 2000
At the end of part two of this very touching episode, as Bob Hatfield leaves the hospital following Daisy's death, the emotion on the actor's face is very real -- Gordon Piper's wife died under very similar circumstances a couple of years before that and he reported in an interview years later that everything he'd felt after she died came rushing back to him at that moment.

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"The Sentimental Bloke"
*Part 2 ***

Molly scrambles to finish something she's creating from parachute cloth while talking to Vicky. Brendan arrives home from the hospital and gives them an update on Daisy. Brendan is upset that Bob hasn't been in to visit Daisy. Frank talks to Bob about Cookie taking off -- he thought if anyone would know where Cookie was, it'd be Bob. Bob's busy fixing things that Daisy had been pestering him to fix. He's obviously trying very hard to convince himself that Daisy is alright. Daisy talks to Maggie about the tendency of men to pussyfoot around the issue when the issue is difficult.

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