131 & 132
Original -- Apr 26/27, 1983
Showcase -- 1995; Dec 28/29, 1999
Wendy Strehlow (Judy Loveday)
Queenie Ashton (Mrs. Coote)
Cecily Polson (Jennifer Power)
Georgie Carr (Tracy Power)
Brian Moll (Councillor Muldoon)

The Joneses are moving into the old Redmond place

The late Mrs. McPhee was from Wandin Bend

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"Hair of the Dog"
Molly has a conference with her animals (including the visiting goat from next door) regarding their impending move to the new farm. Brendan and Simon poke fun at her but Molly isn't amused...Doris is sulking. At the hospital, Judy laughs to Terence about Mrs. Coote mistaking her for Mrs. Coote' older sister. Young Tracy Power prepares jams for Molly. She's trying to save money for a trip to Fiji. She and her mother discuss Tracy's poor showing at school. Her mother thinks she'll have to slow down her community service stuff in order to concentrate on school. They take the jams to Molly's and Molly reminds her that they have too much for now. Molly tells her to take the money she's owed out of the tin ($5) but Tracy surreptitiously takes more than that. At the clinic, Esme discusses Mrs. McPhee's funeral with Shirley. She complains that they haven't had a decent funeral in ages. Councillor Muldoon drops in to see Simon. Esme pounces on him regarding the parched grass around the graves. When Simon arrives, Muldoon jumps the queue and goes in before Esme.

Terence stops by to see Mrs. Coote during rounds and she thinks he is her brother Frederick. She thinks it's 1942. Tracy takes Mrs. Coote's shopping list to do some shopping for her. Muldoon wants pills from Simon but Simon doesn't know what's wrong with him yet. Muldoon storms out. Frank picks up Mrs. McPhee's dog from the hospital. He asks Brendan if the Jones' might be interested in taking her in but Brendan refuses. Tracy returns with Mrs. Coote's shopping but Mrs. Coote is asleep. She insists to Judy that she needs it right away ($8). Judy asks for a receipt but Tracy says she gave the receipt to Mr. Jenkins, whose shopping she did at the same time. Frank brings Mrs. McPhee's dog to Vicky to look after until Frank can find someone to take her. Brendan returns home to find that Molly and Bob have packed everything away, including the things they swore they weren't taking (like the bidet). He's not happy to learn that Bob fed Doris his six-pack of beer in an attempt to cheer her up. At the club, Muldoon and Esme discuss his pains -- she tells him it sounds like what claimed Mrs. McPhee. Simon and Terence come up to them and ask Muldoon when the committee was going to decide about the matron's position and when the Muldoon Wing for the Aged was finally going to be built. Muldoon tells him "You will be informed." in response to everything. Esme tells Muldoon he's such a forceful man, just like Vernon Locke.

Simon is upset when he returns to the flat to learn from Vicky that Fatso is locked in the bathroom because he was attacking Mrs. McPhee's dog, Goldie. Well, upset until he sees how lovely the dog is. Frank talks to Shirley about the dog. Terence returns from the Club and Frank tells him that he'd heard that the corporate tenders on the Muldoon Wing had been withdrawn. Shirley is irate and wants to know what's being done with the ratepayers' money. Mrs. Power confronts Tracy about her poor grades. She tries to lay down the law but Tracy flips out. Judy talks to Brendan about Mrs. Coote and Brendan tells her to leave Mrs. Coote alone, she's not hurting anyone. All of a sudden, singing can be heard from the direction of Mrs. Coote's room. Brendan joins in with her. Tracy apologizes to her mother the next day. Her mother wonders if she's on drugs, the difference in her mood is so great. Simon tells Vicky the dog has to go -- she pushed him out of bed and has terrible wind. He let her outside and she's now missing. Goldie turns up at the hospital and Mrs. Coote makes her right at home. Muldoon arrives at the clinic complaining of the pain and discomfort he's feeling. Shirley grills him about the Muldoon Wing while he's writhes in pain. He collapses and is taken to the hospital. Simon and Terence brainstorm possible causes of Muldoon's trouble because the xray was clear but his white cell count is up -- peritonitis, ulcers, diverticulitis? They take great pleasure in his discomfort (it's obviously nothing life threatening) and suggest Vicky when Muldoon insists on a third opinion.

Molly is reconciling her books with the amount of money in the tin and comes up $10 short. Vicky arrives looking for Goldie. She tries to con Molly into taking Goldie in. Vicky decides to arrange a party to say goodbye to the house. Brendan stops by Mrs. Coote's room to find her talking away to "the dog under the bed". He thinks she's imagining things again but it's Goldie. Terence and Simon discuss Muldoon...they may have to do a little exploratory surgery. Muldoon is making Judy's life difficult. Mrs. Power stops by the Jones farm to talk to Molly, to ask some advice about Tracy. Back at the Power house, Tracy is drinking Jim Beam while doing her homework. Brendan talks to Goldie about her presence in the hospital. Vicky stops by to pick her up and take her to Vicky's surgery.

Brendan brings Mrs. Coote a cup of tea. Mrs. Coote is very quiet and sad. Muldoon rings his buzzer, claiming he was going blind (it was just that the room was dark because it was night time). He wants to know where his doctors are and is shocked to learn that they've irresponsibly gone off to Brendan's party. Judy plays up her selflessness in staying behind and pulling a double shift so that Brendan could have his party. Simon drops by for a last visit and tells Muldoon if he's no better in the morning, they're going to go in for a look. The party is in fine form -- barbecuing and all. Frank makes a big speech. Tracy is a little excessively perky -- she's obviously drunk.

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