107 & 108
Original -- Feb 1/2, 1983
Showcase -- 1995; Nov 24/25, 1999
Maureen Edwards (Yvonne McLean)
Tony Blackett (Ross McLean)
Jessica Noad (Mrs. Leckie)
Beth Buchanan (Mrs. Kafoops aka Janis Burnett)
Kristian Thunig (Baby Mickey)
Emily Nicol (Chloe Jones)
Ruth Osborne (Sister Hammond)
Troy Wilkinson (Peter)
PART ONE: Brendan referring to the contents of his sausages as "...pork, product-type pork and any resemblance to a family member is purely coincidental"
PART TWO: VIcky tells Simon that she has changed her mind.  Simon leans in close: "Does that mean no more separate rooms?"  Vicky replies:  "I didn't say I'd gone out of my mind, I said I'd changed it."  (she was actually talking about signing the petition to get an animal crossing sign).
Episode #107 signalled the start of a new production season.
Did you recognize her? The actress playing Yvonne McLean in this episode was none other than our favorite (well, MY favourite) matron, Rosemary Prior herself -- Maureen Edwards. Also, if you were paying close attention, you'd have seen the very first appearance of Emily Nicol in the role of Chloe Jones (what a cutie pie!).

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"Little Voices"
Molly is on a "spring" cleaning binge. She wants to throw out Brendan's sausage machine but he convinces her to keep it. He makes teasing comments about Marta and Terence's budding relationship but won't say anything outright. Frank is busy with his new toy, a lawn edge trimmer (or whipper snipper as I know them). Shirl is not thrilled about the racket it makes, especially on a Sunday. A young girl (almost 9 years old), whom Frank calls Mrs. Kafoops since they don't know her real name, arrives at their house selling oranges. Her mother is waiting in the car. Simon is excited about repainting the clinic reception area. Terence would rather have hired someone to do the job. Simon didn't realize all the preliminary work that had to be done before they could actually start splashing the paint on the walls. The McLeans are desperately eager to have children.  They haven't been able to get pregnant and were looking into adoption but Yvonne thinks that this time she is truly pregnant. Ross is over the moon.

Bob and Cookie brainstorm some ideas for raising money for the hospital. Mrs. Kafoops sells some oranges to the McLeans. She also sells some to Molly and Vicky at the Jones farm. Everyone is very kind and friendly towards her and she is equally personable. Mrs. Leckie stops by the clinic to see her finger looked at and Simon, in his paint-covered overalls, pops her slightly dislocated finger back into place. She's mistaken him for a tradesman, not a doctor.

The Gilroy's empty milk bottle and milk money disappears from their front step. Shirley calls the milkman up and finds out that milk WAS left for them. It's the third call he's had from people complaining that their milk had been pinched. Clinic opens on Monday with the paint job less than finished. Yvonne stops by to see Terence about a pregnancy test. Frank stops to talk to Mrs. Kafoops at lunch time as she's walking with the bag of washing. He offers her a lift but she refuses, saying her mother wouldn't like it. Terence learns that Yvonne is not pregnant and likely never will be. He wants her to go to hospital for tests and warns her that she might need a hysterectomy. Shirley comes in to comfort her.

Terence complains of some stiffness in his back after the weekend of painting. He's upset when Brendan suggests he get more regular exercise. Mrs. Kafoops stops by the McLeans' with a load of lemons to sell. After she leaves, Yvonne tells Ross she feels incomplete. She's heartbroken about not being able to have a baby herself and he feels cut off. Molly stops by the clinic to see Frank (who is visiting Shirl) and mentions that some baby's things have been pinched from the wash line. Frank mentions that some other things have been reported stolen (food products) and Molly remarks that someone must be in trouble. Bob and Cookie are trying to figure out what to use for an eat-a-thon. Brendan happens to walk in and mentions he can make lots of sausages for the fund raiser and Bob is thrilled at the idea. It gives them the idea to break the sausages eating record (currently standing at 48 sausages) in a Snagathon at the club. Mrs. Kafoops stops by the clinic and asks Shirley about being sick. She lists some symptoms and asks Shirley what it might mean. Shirley is worried but Mrs. Kafoops runs out as soon as Simon walks in the door.

Terence talks to Ross and tells him that he had to perform a hysterectomy on Yvonne. Ross is understandably frustrated and upset. Brendan is merrily making his pork and garlic sausages. He and Molly discuss the tragedy of the McLeans. On the walk up the path to the Gilroys, Vicky chastises Simon for wanting to put up animal crossing signs. Shirley is worried about Mrs. Kafoops...Shirley has learned her real name is Janis. She contacts the fourth grade teacher, Susie Millett, about Janis and learns her surname is Burnett. Susie checks the records and says the Burnetts live at Lot 25 Acacia Road. Janis hasn't been to school in 2 days. Her mother is a single woman on the dole.  Frank thinks the address is a fake (Acacia Road is the old meat works). Bob and Cookie sample Brendan's sausages. Shirley and Frank go to look on Acacia Road while Vicky and Simon argue about animal crossing signs. They return to say that there is no one at Acacia Road.

Yvonne is very upset about the hysterectomy and tells her husband that she no longer wants to stay on the waiting list to adopt a child, that they must put all those hopes behind them. The following day Vicky and Simon are STILL arguing about animal crossing signs. She teases him by suggesting animal traffic lights or his and hers animal loos. She recommends he start up a petition, though she couldn't sign it herself. Marta arrives at the hospital, still wet from an early morning swim. Terence takes it as a poke at him about not exercising and it sparks a little tiff. Shirley is reading the Tarot to learn about Janis's current situation. She knows Janis is in the Valley somewhere. Unknown to anyone, the poor kid is in a rundown shack of an abandoned house, trying to cope with her sick and squalling little brother, insisting to him (and herself) that their mother will be back.

Bob and Cookie are readying the club for the Snagathon when Simon comes in to collect signatures for a petition asking the council to put up an Animal Crossing to save the wildlife which is being hurt or killed by traffic in the Valley.  Cookie knocks him back, thinking it's a mad idea. Shirl is at home with Vicky, checking the Tarot cards, when Frank arrives and tells her that no one has seen Mrs. Kafoops and that her mother - and her Ute - is also missing. The last time she was seen was a few days before when she put a couple of dollars worth of petrol in the Ute.  Shirl is convinced by reading the cards that the little girl is still in the Valley. In the derelict house where they are staying, Mrs. Kafoops tries to comfort her screaming baby brother, Mickey.  He will not stop crying and doesn't want the bottle she offers him, so she leaves him to get help. Shirl is convinced someone needs her, this is confirmed when Mrs. Kafoops arrives at the door asking for help.  She takes Shirl and Frank to the derelict house and shows them Mickey.  Shirl wants to take the baby back to town and Frank asks where their mother is.  Mrs. Kafoops doesn't know and tells them that she's been away for a couple of days, but that this isn't unusual as she often goes away.  Frank and Shirl ask who is caring for them while their mother is out of town and Mrs. Kafoops says that she is caring for her brother.  Despite the girl not wanting to go to a doctor, Frank and Shirl insist and they take the baby and his sister to the hospital.

At the hospital Terence and Marta discuss their workload.  Terence is worried about Mrs. McLean who is very withdrawn following her operation and considers a psychiatric referral for her. Marta agrees but says she understands - as a woman.  Frank and Shirl arrive with Mrs. Kafoops and the baby.  Despite Mrs. Kafoops' complaints, they take the screaming child and examine him, Terence thinks he may have meningitis and orders full tests.  Frank decides to go back to the house to see if there are any clues to the mother's whereabouts. Yvonne lies awake in her hospital bed and calls for a nurse.  She complains about the noise from the screaming baby as she cannot sleep.  The nurse says she has to expect that from babies and that her own cried non-stop for the first two months, Yvonne seems upset but the nurse doesn't notice, she agrees to close the room door to block the noise. As Terence tells Marta nothing more can be done for the baby until the test results come in, Frank arrives and goes into the examination room to show Terence what he has found.  He takes out a lighter, spoon, a small plastic packet containing traces of something and a syringe, all found on the floor of the house.  Terence tastes the substance in the packet and confirms it is Heroin.  He realises that if Mickey was being breast fed the drug would have been passed to the baby in the milk, so the child is suffering Heroin withdrawal not Meningitis (the symptoms are similar).

Frank and Shirl go home with Mrs. Kafoops who lies down on the sofa, they think she's asleep and cover her up, going into the kitchen to talk.  They discuss the family's plight.  They realise the mother must be in Sydney getting more drugs and as the money from the dole and the sale of oranges is not enough to buy drugs she must have other means of making money.  Frank explains that the derelict house is next to an old orange orchard, from which Mrs. Kafoops gets the fruit to sell.  Frank decides to call Welfare in the morning not realising that the young girl is listening. At the hospital Terence and Marta talk, Marta pities the children but feels nothing but anger towards the mother, she is talking as someone who wants children of her own one day.  Terence asks for more time, Marta agrees - she is a patient woman. The next morning Frank and Shirl get up and find out the girl is missing, she is at the hospital dressing Mickey to take him away before Welfare can come.  Mrs. McLean sees them through the window of the Nursery and tells the little girl she should not take the baby without the doctor's permission.  Brendan comes and takes the baby back.  Mrs. Kafoops hits him trying to get Mickey.  Brendan tells Yvonne to take the baby before he drops him.  She stands frozen for a moment before going past, back to her ward.

Frank and Shirl go to the hospital where Terence tells them that Mickey is over the worst, he examines Mrs. Kafoops - checking her arms for needle marks but she is clean.  He and Frank try again to find out if there is anyone they can contact who can take care of the children but Mrs. Kafoops says there is no-one, only uncles (which confirms Frank's fears about how the Mother raises money for drugs). Ross goes to visit his wife.  She says she wants to go away, somewhere cold like Switzerland or Norway. She doesn't want Ross to consider adoption again as that part of their lives is over.  In a touching scene she asks her husband for reassurance that he still loves her.  He does. At the club Bob is looking for sponsors for the Snagathon at 10 cents a snag. Vicky agrees and Simon offers 20 cents a snag if Bob will sign his petition.  Bob agrees and when Vicky asks why (she thinks it's a stupid idea) he says he's sign the Pledge for 20 cents a snag!! Brendan has some flowers for Mrs. McLean and asks Mrs. Kafoops to take them to her.  The little girl doesn't like the woman as she wouldn't touch Mickey but agrees when Brendan points out that Yvonne is ill and had done the children a good turn in the past by buying the oranges.  Ross thanks Mrs. Kafoops for bringing the flowers in (they are from him) and gives the girl one of the orchids.  He asks if she can get more oranges, she says she isn't selling them anymore but knows where to get some and he agrees to pay her if she does.  Yvonne apologises for the morning and asks how her brother is.

At her surgery, Vicky gets a visitor - a boy called Peter - who has brought a wombat in.  It has been run over.  Worried, Vicky rings Simon and asks him to check on Fatso and ring her back. At Frank and Shirl's house Ross asks Frank what will happen to the children.  Frank explains that they could go into a home and be separated unless a suitable foster home can be found for them.  Ross was wondering... Frank asks if he has talked it over with Yvonne but he says that he hadn't, as he wanted to check it out first rather than get her hopes up;  they have had many disappointments in the past.  Frank explains the mother was a drug addict and tells Ross to think things over carefully. The wombat dies as Vicky operates and then Simon turns up with Fatso in his arms.  Vicky is really happy to see him which surprises Simon as he didn't think she liked Fatso. She admits she does, but still doesn't approve of him as a pet in their house. Shirl visits Yvonne and gives her roses from Frank to cheer her up.  She recalls how all she wanted to do was cry when she had her hysterectomy but Yvonne says all her tears are used up.  They talk about the children and how no-one knew of baby Mickey's existence -  although Mrs. Kafoops has been around selling oranges for months.  Shirl reminisces about how this wouldn't have happened in the old days.  Yvonne tells Shirl of her plan to go to Europe and Shirl invites her and Ross round to dinner before they go.

Simon and Shirl are at the Clinic when Vicky turns up.  She wants to apologise for the trouble earlier (Simon had left a patient at the clinic to check on Fatso).  She says she has changed her mind.  Simon leans in close: "Does that mean no more separate rooms?"  Vicky replies:  "I didn't say I'd gone out of my mind, I said I'd changed it."  She agrees to sign his petition. Mrs. Kafoops is allowed by Marta to visit her brother, the little girl tells him that 'they' (ie., the authorities) won't let Jo hurt him any more.  As the little girl cuddles her brother, Yvonne walks past the window and watches the children, clearly moved by their plight. Later in the ward with Yvonne and Ross, Frank and Shirl check that the other couple know the difference between adoption and fostering.  The McLeans say they do but point out that if the mother were to return and want her children back she would have to prove she was off drugs and a capable mother and as she probably has a police record she would have a fight on her hands.  Frank and Shirl agree the children would be fortunate to be placed with the McLeans, who can offer love as well as material things to the children. 

Mrs. Kafoops comes in carrying baby Mickey.  Frank and Shirl leave.  The McLeans tell the girl that she and her brother are going to go and live with them.  Yvonne tells Mrs. Kafoops that as she doesn't know much about babies she is going to need a lot of help.  The girl agrees to help and gives Yvonne the baby to hold. Doing so she tells the McLeans that her real name is Janis. At the club, Bob has started on the snags - Vicky can't watch, but the Snagathon has drawn quite a crowd. At the clinic, Marta comes to visit Terence who is doing some decorating there after hours.  Marta explains she has been upset because of Bob Hatfield trying to marry them off.  They kiss. Back at the Snagathon, Bob gives up after 39 sausages - he has failed to break the record and is upset until the others - Cookie, Simon, Brendan - tell him that he still managed to raise lots of money and bring business to the club.  He realises that he shouldn't have had the 2 pies he had eaten for afternoon tea!

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