89 & 90
Original -- Sep 21/22, 1982
Showcase -- Oct 29/Nov 1, 1999
Jon Blake (Jim)
Glen Butress-Grove (Merv)
Arianthe Galani (Rhonda Shaw)
Syd Heylen (Cookie)
Joyce Jacobs (Esme)
Julie Jones (Bronwyn Muldoon)
Rosemarie Lenzo (Fiona Shaw)
Sarah Lucek-Rowley (Chloe Jones)
Scott McGregor (Ray Wallace)
Brian Moll (Councillor Muldoon)
PART 1 -- "He said you were a threat to the moral fibre of the country and should be burned at the stake" - Frank recounting Muldoon's parting words to Shirley after she got drunk and misbehaved at a town meeting.
Raffled Items:
Esme's pickles (won by Frank)
5 bottles of vintage port
bottle outfit
bull calf (won by Simon)
cream satin negligee bordered with coffee ecru

Volunteers to be hospital's quest entrant:
Nurse Smith
Nurse Dobson
Nurse Farraday

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"Sign of Affection"

Brendan, Terence, and Marta wind up their committee meeting with Frank and Shirley by agreeing to hold a Miss Wandin Valley quest to help raise funds for the impending Muldoon Wing. Muldoon is keen on this because he thinks his niece, Bronwyn, will be the front runner. Marta is still looking for a new home and stops at the Shaw farm on her way to look at a wreck of a house. Unfortunately, the house was already demolished. Shirley complains to Terence about the quantity of meetings held at the Gilroy house (ten in 2 weeks). Simon comes in, raffle tickets he's bought in hand, and Shirley teases him by telling him that Beverly thought they should raffle off a night on the town with him. Simon is aghast. Ray Wallace, a young brick worker, comes in to see Simon -- he's hurt his big toe kicking a football filled with cement. Jessie Shaw pokes fun at her sister Fiona, who is deaf and won't learn to speak. Her mother admonishes her. Brendan tells Marta horror stories of owning your own property. The staff tries to figure out who to sponsor for the Miss Wandin Valley contest -- Brendan jokingly suggests himself. Mrs. Shaw takes Jessie and Fiona into town. Simon has won one of the raffle draws. Shirley is not thrilled when Frank mentions that there are more meetings in the works.

Molly is exhausted from coping with Chloe, who cries all the time. Vicky drops by for a visit, waking the baby up after Molly just got her to sleep. Molly's frustrated because the baby cries all the time for her but stops the minute Brendan picks her up. Vicky flees. Ray and several of his friends see Fiona at the shops and his friends decide to harrass her. Jessie tells them to leave Fiona alone. Muldoon coaches Bronwyn on how to look and act in order to win the Miss Wandin Valley. She's being sponsored by the Lions Club. Muldoon hits Terence up for a donation of a case of claret for the winner of the contest but Terence agrees to 2 cases only if the wine goes to raffle instead. Vicky meets up with Simon at the shops and learns that Simon won the bull calf in the raffle.

Simon worries about what to do with the calf. He considers leaving it for someone to steal but changes his mind when Vicky tells him it's illegal. When he finds out the calf is from the Ackerman herd and may be valuable as breeding stock, he gets visions of "Simon Bowen, cattle baron". They visit the Shaw farm the next day and Mrs. Shaw agrees to billet Simon's calf. She and Vicky discuss Fiona and Simon learns that Vicky knows sign language and used to converse with Fiona using it. Vicky offers to take a look at the Shaw herd while she's there. Bronwyn, Ray, and his pals are in the club when Fiona arrives to pick up a six-pack for her dad. All of them (except Ray, who restrains himself) make jokes about Fiona and she flees the club without the beer. Brendan and Marta discuss their entrant in the Miss Wandin Valley quest -- several staff members have volunteered but Marta thinks they're too busy. Terence arrives at the hospital and tells Marta about a house he'd seen for sale up on Ridge's Road. He offers to take her up there to see it. Brendan is amused by their coyness. Vicky and Mrs. Shaw are shocked to find one of the cows, Emily, falling down and very sick.

Vicky suspects arsenic poisoning in the death of the cow but they can't pinpoint any source of contamination. Mrs. Shaw casually mentions to Vicky that Jessie is ill as well. Esme drops in to the clinic for a cuppa (translation: a nice gossip) and says how nice she thinks it is. What is "it"? Only Esme knows. Shirley tells Terence how happy she is there is no meeting tonight. Brendan arrives home to find Molly completely frazzled from looking after the farm and the baby. She tries to tell him everything that's gone wrong with her day but he's got no concept of it. Shirley and Frank stop at the club after work and Shirley is shocked to learn that she won't be getting her nice quiet night in. Muldoon says his wife will provide normal sandwiches but they couldn't possibly hold the meeting at the Muldoon home. Shirley orders a stiff drink to calm herself down. Vicky laughs when Simon parades around the flat with a new hat, sharing his dreams of becoming a cattle king, with "Wandin Valley Ferdinand" (his prize bull) as the centre of his kingdom. He's interrupted by Fiona's appearance -- the Shaw's prize bull, Raja, has died as well. Simon is worried something might happen to his calf.

Marta and Terence stop at the club for a drink after looking at the house on Ridge's Road. Esme stops by their table to tell them how nice she thinks it is, no matter anyone else says. Mrs. Shaw asks Simon if he wants to remove his calf but he says to wait and see. Jessie's not eating and Simon asks after her. He offers to take a look at her and at Fiona's nose and throat (she's let her teeth go bad and he's worried about infection). Before the meeting, Shirley sits under her pyramid, extremely tipsy and singing songs. Frank is embarrassed and wants to sober her up. Bev calls him and says she's considering entering herself. Molly and Brendan argue over giving Chloe a pacifier (dummy, soother -- whatever you'd like to call it), with Brendan dead set against it. Simon pesters Vicky about his calf and she promises to find a new place for it. He asks Vicky to try to bring Fiona out of herself by convincing her to enter the Wandin Valley Quest. Ray arrives at the Shaw farm to do his brick work. He asks if he can take the old bricks from the old sheep dip and Mrs. Shaw agrees. He greets Fiona who shies away.

Shirley wakes up the next morning with a wicked hangover but Frank feels no sympathy. He tells her of all the embarrassing things she did at the meeting. Muldoon said nasty things about her as he left the meeting but Frank defended her, in spite of his anger, and Shirley is thrilled. Simon arrives at the clinic in full song and tells Shirley about all the stories circulating around the town about her antics at the party. Fiona arrives to see Simon about getting a referral to get her teeth fixed. The dentist can fit her in tomorrow morning. Molly sobbingly talks to her mother about her problems with Chloe. Vicky has the results from the government labs and her diagnosis of arsenic poisoning was dead on. Jessie stumbles into the kitchen while they are talking, clutching at her stomach and in obvious distress.


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