53 & 54
Original -- May 18/19, 1982
Showcase -- 1995; Sep 9/10, 1999
Tim Elliott (Laurie Walker)
Shendelle Franklin (Mrs. Musgrave)
Jody Hansen (Jennifer Kealey)
Syd Heylen (Cookie)
Joyce Jacobs (Esme Watson)
Gordon Piper (Bob Hatfield)
Andrew James (Kevin Gilroy)
Martin Lewis (Luke)
Max Meldrum (Celebrant)
My favourite scenes were:
Frank and the boys showing up at Shirley's house after the bucks night, totally drunk

Frank showing up dressed in a kimono, all ready to give Shirley the wedding she dreamed of.
Frank and Shirley's wedding
congratulation telegrams:

"Looks like you've copped a life sentence, Shirl. Best wishes." -- Vernon Locke

"Welcome to the family, Shirley. Congratulations to you both." -- The Gilroys

"Honeymoons are like a kitchen table -- four bare legs and no drawers." (no signature)

"Don't buy your bed at Grace Brothers. They stand behind everything they sell." (no signature)

"It gives my husband and I great pleasure. Trust it will do the same for you." -- The Queen

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"The Odd Couple"
Vicky has stopped by Laurie Walker's farm to check on the animals. He refuses to call her when any of the animals get sick. His dog, Zack, is suffering from debilitating arthritis and Vicky recommends that they put him out of his misery. She offers to do the deed for him but he decides to shoot the dog himself. Molly is going flat out making Shirley's wedding gown and Vicky's dress while at the same time as making a costume for the Mikado. Frank and Shirley discuss the wedding plans -- Frank really wants to have a church wedding but Shirley has already booked the celebrant. He's also a little disappointed that he hasn't been consulted on any of the plans. Marta tries to juggle the duty roster so that she'll be able to attend the wedding. Jennifer is late, again, for work and meets up with Brendan on the way -- he loans her one of his old nursing texts. Marta chastises Jennifer. Laurie Walker is wheeled in bleeding profusely from the wound on his arm. Vicky had found him that way when she stopped by his farm to drop off some ointment for one of his cows.

It appears that Laurie's arm went through a glass door, severing tendons and arteries. Vicky is a little upset but feels compelled to return to the Walker farm to check on Zack. Shirley talks to the celebrant on the phone -- he is sending the papers to her. Esme drops by the clinic to give Shirley her wedding gift, a cake server. Esme wonders when the invitations are going out and gives Shirley her address, just in case she forgot it. Simon teases Shirley about getting cold feet. One of Simon's patients, Celia Musgrave, is determined to give birth to her sixth child at home, somewhat against Simon's recommendations. Cookie serves up some chili to Frank as a sample of what he wants to serve for the wedding breakfast and he and Bob tease Frank about Shirley making all the decisions. They're planning his bucks' night for tonight. Molly takes Shirley's final measurements and they talk about the impending wedding. Terence talks to Laurie about his injuries and how the accident happened. Laurie says he fell through the window, not the door. Laurie is not very communicative. At the Walker farm, Vicky calls to Zack but the dog's kennel is empty. She sees a freshly dug grave with a small marker in the field nearby and realizes who's it is. Frank insists on having a best man and Terence offers to give Shirley away. Frank calls her "little missus" and Shirley snaps at him.

Simon promises Shirley he'll look after Frank at the party and heads out to visit Mrs. Musgrave. Shirley looks through the celebrant's papers. Vicky offers to help her mother out and wonders why Shirley isn't having more fun. Marta instructs Jennifer on how to look after Laurie. Shirley talks to Terence about how cranky she's been lately and he puts it down to pre-wedding jitters. He recommends she take a little time to herself. Mrs. Musgrave promises to call Simon when the time comes. Vicky and Molly are helping Shirley by making up the place cards when they are interrupted by a rather tipsy group of partygoers. Even Frank is three sheets to the wind. Brendan comes in first and explains things to the women. Simon and Frank are handcuffed and Bob has lost the keys.

Molly takes Brendan home. He's still highly amused by the handcuffing incident but Molly isn't. He's a very happy drunk. Frank and Simon kip down on the couch (and floor), still joined by the cuffs. Simon wants to sleep but Frank is very talkative. When Simon has to attend to the call of nature, Frank is forced to join him there. The next morning, they are still joined and Shirley is annoyed. The partygoers are hungover and Frank doesn't want to ring Burrigan to get a duplicate key (he's too embarrassed). Bob arrives at the Dean house, saw in hand. Simon is afraid for his hand and Frank is worried about damaging police property. Vicky attends to Laurie's cow and on her way out of the barn stumbles across his gun, broken into pieces. Frank finally breaks down and allows Simon to call the Burrigan Police Station...they already know about the trouble but it'll be 3 or 4 hours before they get there. Shirley calls Simon to inform him that Mrs. Musgrave has gone into labour. Frank freaks out but has no choice but to tag along.

Jennifer whinges to Brendan about Marta and he explains that it's all for her own good. Vicky stops by to visit Laurie. He's not eating. He tells her how he wanted to be the one to put his dog down -- the dog meant the world to him. She asks if the arm wound was deliberate. He wasn't in his right mind afterwards and remembers breaking the gun and dragging his arm through the door again and again. She thinks he should consider going into a nursing home for awhile. Frank tries to avoid looking at Mrs. Musgrave. He accidentally looks at her just as the baby is arriving and is amazed at the miracle of it all. Marta and Brendan walk past Laurie's room and see the IV drip lying on the floor. Marta blames Jennifer for being careless. Frank and Simon are finally separated and Simon and Vicky head out for dinner. Shirley thinks Frank's wedding suit is going to be so formal. She tells him she had a ring made for him and he says that he's never had Alma's ring off and it wouldn't seem right to take it off now, Oddly enough, she isn't too thrilled with that news. Shirley is worried that their marriage won't last -- after all her first one didn't. She runs away from him and drives off into her car, leaving him standing there in her garden.

Frank hears typing at the clinic and thinks that Shirley is there. It's only Simon -- Shirley has the day off -- and Frank talks to him about the pre-wedding troubles. Frank is upset and worries that Shirley will call off the wedding. Frank's son, Kevin, arrives at the Dean house looking for Frank. He doesn't recognize Vicky but she remembers him quite well. Shirley calls the house and tells Vicky that she's at Molly's getting a final dress fitting for the wedding. Frank is thrilled that she hasn't left him and runs off to the Jones' farm, Kevin in tow. Shirley tells Molly about her day away in Burrigan, away from all the stress of the wedding plans. Kevin thinks the farm is a bit of a dump. Frank walks in the door just as Shirley is trying on a costume for the Theatrical Society's production of "The Mikado". Before they see him, he scurries off, mistakenly thinking that the kimono is Shirl's wedding gown.

Frank and Kevin stop at the club for a lemon squash and they chat. Kevin is still with Marlene -- they have plans to get engaged in 18 months. Marta chastises Jennifer for not coming in for work as expected. Jennifer is upset, thinking that Marta thinks she's a wash out but Marta reassures her that is not the case. Laurie takes his bandages off and tears open the wound with the broken end of a thermometer. A young boy, Luke, comes in to see Vicky with his pregnant snake. He's got a house full of puppies as well and Vicky asks about them. Vicky calls Terence to tell him that she thinks Laurie deliberately put his arm through the window in a nearly successful suicide attempt. Jennifer sees the pool of blood beside Laurie's bed and tries to stem the blood flow with a towel. Marta sees what's happening and sends her to find Terence. Frank sticks his foot in his mouth yet again while talking to Shirley about how emotional women get sometimes but they make up. Shirley says he can wear Alma's ring on his other hand. Esme drops by to explain why she hasn't RSVPed. She's a little put out and stalks off when told that the wedding in the garden is for family only and that the reception at the club will be private.

Brendan instructs Jennifer in all the special care that Laurie will require. Laurie isn't pleased to still be alive. Terence tries to get him to be optimistic about the future but it doesn't go well. Marta apologizes to Jennifer for having mistakenly blamed her about the knocked over IV stand earlier. She explains about Zack and Laurie's suicide attempts. Bob and Cookie bicker at the club. Terence talks to Bob about Laurie and enlists his help. On the morning of the wedding, Shirley wakes up relaxed and peaceful. Vicky offers to make brekkie after looking in on the animals but discovers that Samantha, Luke's snake, is missing. Shirley freaks out. She and Vicky rip the living room apart looking for Samantha but can't find her. Frank and Kevin show up as they are hunting and comment on them leaving the house keeping to so late. Frank is very reasonable about the whole thing but Shirl isn't happy. Bob and Cookie stop by Laurie's hospital room with a few cold ones and some flowers from Daisy. They offer to check in on the farm for him. They say they need a favour from him in return and ask him to help out with the social committee, like his dad used to. It cheers him up a fair bit. Vicky is nervous as they wait for Shirley to get dressed. Shirley looks radiant in her pale blue dress and they have a last drink before the ceremony. A honk heralds the arrival of the groom, dressed in a yellow and blue kimono. Kevin thinks it's ridiculous but Frank wants to surprise Shirley...he is the one surprised when he sees Shirley in a lovely (and normal) dress. Everyone is speechless and he rushes off to change into his suit. Bob admires Cookie's beautiful wedding cake (it really is nice). Vicky still hasn't found the snake. Frank returns before the celebrant arrives. They've never seen him, only spoken to him on the phone, and are a little surprised when he finally gets there -- dressed in a full length kaftan (how very 80's).

Jennifer talks to Marta about becoming a nurse. Marta promises to give her references whenever she decides to go to the city to train. She wants to go next week. Marta heads off to the wedding. The ceremony is interrupted by a sudden rain shower and they are forced to continue the ceremony inside the house (snake or no snake). Bob sobs at the exchange of vows. Jennifer tends to Laurie and tells him she's a little worried about going to the city. He tells her about his own youth and warns her not to waste her chances. Brendan talks to the celebrant and learns that his full time job is as a postman. A photo of Shirley and Frank shows Samantha curled up on a shelf and when the celebrant leaps up off the floor in horror, Vicky finds the snake under the couch.

Jennifer stops by after hours to see Laurie. She claims her father found a puppy on the side of the road and wonders if Laurie would like to have him. He takes a liking to the puppy. At the wedding reception, Bob reads off the various congratulation telegrams. Frank thanks everyone in a little speech and Terence offers a toast to the newlyweds. Shirley stands up to say a few nice things about Frank and the celebrant gets choked up with emotion. Esme is at the bar and Shirley feels guilty enough to ask Frank to ask her over. But Esme is quite happily talking away to Cookie and has forgotten her earlier snubbing. Esme catches the bouquet.


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