45 & 46
Original -- Apr 20/21, 1982
Showcase -- 1995; Aug 30/31, 1999
Ken Burnett (Mr. Puls)
Colleen Clifford (Miss Bird)
Jon Darling (Mr. Pearson)
John Davies (Farmer Taylor),
Syd Heylen (Cookie)
Tony Ingersent (Marcus Hamilton)
Joyce Jacobs (Esme Watson)
Gordon Piper (Bob Hatfield)
Jeremy Shadlow (Jason Spencer)
Alastair Duncan (Mr. Bourke)
Kati Edwards (Ivy Spencer)
James G. Steele (Mr. Olsen)

NOTE: The actors who played the following characters were not listed in credits...Mr. Turnbull, Ron Kelly, Mrs. Russell, the guard at the blockade (and Cookie and Bob did not actually appear in part 1, though they are listed in the credits)

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"Close Encounters of the Wrong Kind"
Shirley is chafing at being a patient in the hospital. Young Jason is back helping out at the hospital during his school holidays and loans Shirl his radio to help allieve her boredom. Molly is making her mark on the clinic by adding a splash of colour and lumping the patients with similar ailments together for their visits -- today is "below the belt non-urgent day" and the waiting room is filled with pregnant women. Mr. Puls arrives at the clinic to get a rash on his knees looked at and is embarrassed by Molly's loud comments on the subject. Mrs. Russell gives Frank something she baked for Shirley. Simon doesn't know what's causing Mr. Puls' rash. Marta frets over the lack of staff at the hospital and is still debating taking the job offer at Forbes Hospital. Terence tries to convince her to stay but she is very upset at his attitude.

Jason brings Shirley a drink and asks her about Frank visiting. Jason, of course, doesn't like "coppers". Terence drops by to visit Brendan at the Jones' farm. Terence asks after Doris and her pregnancy and he and Brendan discuss Marta and the possibility of her leaving. Simon chats with Vicky about Molly and her "restructuring" of the clinic. Someone calls Vicky about her flat but Simon hangs up on them -- he wants first dibs on it. Jason brings Shirley one of his favorite science fiction novels to read. Frank arrives and insists that Shirley make her decision abut marrying him right now. Even though she said yes already, he's not convinced she means it. She attempts to write the moment down in her diary only to find that it ran out in 1980! She's not impressed. Molly and Brendan are talking in their kitchen when they see a flash of green light through the window. They rush outside but can see nothing in the darkness. Simon and Vicky talk in the flat about him moving in. She asks him to kiss her and insists she feels nothing but friendship for him afterwards (poor sod). Jason comes into the hospital late in the evening with a burn on his arm -- he and his friends have found what they think is a piece of a space ship in Ranger's Field. He describes the object to Terence (it wasn't a meteor) but Terence thinks he's made up a story to cover up some mischief.

Esme comes in to the clinic for more nerve pills but it's "ears, nose, throat, and lungs" day (Molly forgot to assign a day for headaches). Esme is upset about the lights in the night. Another patient, Ron Kelly, comes in complaining of a rash that started on his legs and travelled to his hands. Vicky drops by to visit Shirley and learns that Frank and Shirley are getting married. Vicky isn't pleased...she doesn't think he is suitable for her mother. Brendan talks to Jason about the object he found and realizes it is related to the light that he and Molly saw. On his way to a house call, Terence is stopped by a security blockade but can't find out why. He's told there are air force exercises taking place. Frank arrives to announce his engagement to Shirl and Terence asks him about the blockade. He knows nothing. Vicky tends to one of Mr. Taylor's cows, who was injured when the herd stampeded last night after what sounded like a jet passed over the farm. Frank drives out to Ranger's Field, where he meets up with a stranger, Marcus Hamilton, who talks to him as he escorts Frank from the field. Jason is still feeling crook. While he examines him, Terence tells him he thinks an air force plane was in trouble and that was what Jason saw. Brendan gets directions from Jason and goes out to Ranger's Field himself to investigate. Sure enough, there's a big burned circle on the grass but whatever made the marks is long gone.

Shirley is depressed. She thinks that the hysterectomy makes her less of a woman and that Frank will be disappointed in her. Brendan is reading up on UFO sightings but Terence is very skeptical. Frank insists there is nothing amiss at Ranger's Field, making Brendan suspicious. Vicky stops by to talk to Simon -- now that Shirl and Frank are getting married, Vicky is having second thoughts about giving up her flat. Simon won't let it go, though. Jason is getting sicker and Terence takes more samples for more tests. Molly learns that she's ovulating and decides it's time to get down to the tough business of making babies. Terence calls Brendan to arrange for the two of them to go out to the "landing site" in the morning. They are late in to the hospital because of it. Marta isn't pleased. Mr. Pearson arrives at the clinic with the same rash that's been going around, upsetting Molly's lovely efficient planning system. Terence gets Jason's test results -- the results show that he's been exposed to radiation and Terence is horrified.

Jason's grandmother arrives at the hospital and Terence explains what's going on. He has to send Jason to Sydney for treatment. He asks her to keep it to herself, until they can investigate things, but that just makes her think he's trying to cover up some mistake made by the hospital. She wants to know who's going to pay for it. Bob and Cookie discuss the mysterious lights and other curious happenings. Mr. Pearson thinks that the lights are related to his rash. Vicky talks to Shirley about marrying Frank and gives her OK. Vicky assumes that Shirley will be moving in with Frank when they get married but Shirley insists she's staying in her own house. Mr. Pearson visits the clinic, insisting that his rash is related to the "UFO sighting". Mr. Bourke, the bank manager and chairman of the hospital board, comes into the clinic to talk to Terence about the UFO article in the Burrigan Examiner. He thinks someone at the hospital spoke to the newspaper. He also wants to talk to Terence about Marta and her attitude lately -- he seems to be angling to get Terence's support in pushing Marta out. Mr. Olsen, the BE reporter, tries to get more facts out of Marta at the hospital and isn't satisfied with her "No Comment". She phones Terence and Terence dresses Mr. Olsen down for the article he wrote. Terence is surprised to discover that the reporter hasn't even attempted to contact the Air Force regarding the incident.

Frank and Shirley have contradictory opinions over the possible existence of aliens. Shirley insists they move in to her house, not his, after their married -- she doesn't want to move into the house he shared for so many years with his late wife. Mr. Olsen is confronted by Marcus Hamilton at Ranger's Field. Marcus tries to convince the reporter to abandon his story. Olsen's geiger counter goes off as he passes it over the burn spot in the field. Esme rushes into the clinic, asking to see Dr. Elliott. Esme thinks she may be catching the rash that's going around and Molly shocks her by asking what she was doing between Mr. Pearson's knees, since that's where the rash has been. Esme lets slip to Terence the fact that Mr. Bourke is planning on bringing his sister-in-law in from Brisbane to take over as Matron at the hospital.

Mr. Kelly confronts Simon about the rashes while Marcus lurks in the background. Everyone is stunned to see a spinning light up in the sky, accompanied by a weird sound. It turns out to be Cookie and Bob trying to put one over on the town with a kite and siren. They are scared when two men in green environmental suits appear. Simon gets the test results for the rashes -- no sign of radiation in any of the samples. But there are more and more rash cases. Brendan explains to Molly that he doesn't think he's cut out to be a Matron if Marta leaves, that matrons have no life outside of their work. Shirley talks to Marta about her decision to leave. Terence brings Mr. Olsen in to talk to Jason. Jason's not very amenable when he learns he won't get paid for it. Terence offers to try to draw whatever it was that Jason saw, sparking Jason's interest. Frank gives Bob and Cookie a talking to about their stunt. They tell him the men in green suits took their photo with the kite. Marcus Hamilton arrives at the hospital to take Jason -- he has permission from Jason's grandmother. Terence isn't pleased but has no choice.

Jason leaves the hospital with the government people. Mr. Bourke stops by to see Terence and Terence confronts him about Mrs. Moore, Mr. Bourke's sister-in-law. Mr. Bourke tries to defend himself. Terence has gone through the hospital books, with Brendan's help. Since Mr. Bourke's friend/cousin Martin took over the laundry contract, costs have more than doubled. Terence lays down the law. Simon talks to Vicky about the rashes. When he sees a picture of a farmer holding a bag of grain between his knees in the paper, he suddenly gets an idea of what is causing the rash. He talks to the manufacturer and finds that there were no tests done on the stuff used to treat the bags before it got sent out. Terence and Mr. Olsen compare the drawing Terence made and a photo of a Russian sattelite and discover that they are the same. Jason's grandmother tells Marta that Jason doesn't have radiation sickness. The picture of Bob and Cookie turns up in the paper with the heading "Flying Saucer Hoax" and Mr. Olsen says that the real story will never come out now. Brendan worries over Jason's future. Simon is frustrated at their lack of options over Jason. The hospital relents and agrees to the hiring of two new staff nurses. Marta turns down the Forbes job.


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