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7 & 8

Original -- Dec 9/10, 1981
Showcase -- Jan 1995; Jul 7/8, 1999

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"They Shoot Cows?"

Molly tells Brendan she wants to get goats -- they are grass eaters, give milk, and are more compact than cows. Brendan thinks protection is more important since she is often alone on the farm. He has always pictured himself riding his horse across the fields with his two male Dobermans racing along. There is a stock sale that day and Molly decides to go. Arthur Turner is a very difficult man whom his daughter Pat is nursing in his old age. She also nursed her mother until her death, leaving very little life for Pat. They are arguing on the porch of their house because Pat wants to get her hair done and he doesn't think that's a good enough reason to leave him alone. Just then, Terence arrives to check on Arthur, giving Pat her chance to escape. Terence knows where everything is to make tea and Arthur seems quite comfortable in Terence's presence. Molly discusses the doberman idea with Vicky, who raises an eyebrow and says she's glad Molly warned her and she will stock up on supplies and blood. Vicky recommends that Molly get a female Keltie/Cattle Dog cross and Molly agrees. Cheryl (Cherie) is a new patient for Simon and is extremely well built, young and wears a tight fitting T-shirt with a large picture of an open red mouth on it. She's lonely and has set her eyes on Simon. Shirl tries to warn him in sign language but the message sails right over his head. Emily Page arrives at the flat when Shirl, Terence and Simon are discussing Cherie. Emily is a long time patient of Terence's and also happen to know Simon's grandfather Charlie. Emily is a truly wonderful lady with lots of class and a great sense of adventure and humour. She suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Simon lectures her on not coming in sooner for an appointment. This is the first time he had met her.

Frank talks to Marta about souping up the ambulance to make it easier to transport patients. They are interrupted by Bill who brings flowers for Sarah. Lexie has left the hospital and is staying on Terence's vineyard with his grandfather. Bill is quite nervous around Sarah and is kind of cute. He obviously wants to ask her something but keeps chickening out. She is aware of it but doesn't let on. Em is visiting because she wants help in freeing up Pat Turner, her neighbour, for a weekend so she can go away. The only solution would be for one of the Dr.'s to put Arthur in the hospital during her absence so he would be cared for. Bill gets a little braver and asks Sara what she is going to do in a couple of days when she gets out of the hospital. Pat goes to see Terence at the clinic and leaves Arthur in the waiting room with Shirl. Arthur is being a pest and Shirl is saved by the phone only to end up having to tell Bev that she talks too much. Cherie comes back in since she has lost her prescription and wants another. Shirl tells her it's going to be a long wait but she agrees to wait. Shirl gets busy again and Arthur who has taken notice of Cherie goes over to her, leers at her and offers her a handful of money. Poor innocent Cherie has no idea what it's for and Shirl catches on fast enough and rolls Arthur out of the way. In the examining room Pat is going on and on about how awful Arthur is but that he is her father and that she loves him, no matter how bad he is. She admits to Terence that she hasn't had any time away for over 16 years and Terence then declares that he is putting Arthur in the hospital for a week. She agrees reluctantly but wants to be the one to tell him. Bill takes Lexie home to his farm for the afternoon and introduces him to a calf. Lexie is very impressed. Vicky arrives to look at Lulu who has injured herself on a broken fence that Bill just hasn't had time to fix. He says he really could use some help and then asks Vicky how she would feel if a man like him asked her to marry him. He wants to know if she would laugh or be insulted. Vicky quickly straightens him out.

At the hospital Brendan is going on and on about Molly's escapades for the day and how he is getting 2 dobermans, but Marta is busy and being very patient with him. Back at home Pat tells Arthur of the plans and of course he gives her a really hard time, making her feel guilty. After doing research, getting advice, and considerable deliberation Molly makes decision. Brendan comes home looking forward to meeting his new dogs and he hears mooing instead! It's an underweight, old Jersey cow with big brown eyes and chronic mastitis. Molly is totally in love with her and in accordance with her agreement with Brendan, not to name the farm animals, since they are not pets, calls the cow "No Name". Back at the hospital (the next day) Brendan takes on Arthur who really gives him a hard time about being a "male" nurse and calls him girlie. Brendan finally convinces him to get into pajamas by threatening to tell the matron to examine him for prostate trouble. This horrifies Arthur who gives in. Brendan has the patience of a saint through all of this. Em sees Simon at the clinic. Her arthritis is the result of a back injury during the war and she makes many inquiries about Simon's "Grandy", piquing Simon's interest when she won't divulge where and when they met. Em also realizes that her arthritis is not going to get any better and that one day the medication won't help anymore. She is a very intelligent and well informed woman.

Terence sees Arty in the hospital and Arty complains about everything, including getting old. Terence is about to reply to him when Arty lights a cigarette and Brendan walks in and takes it from him and destroys it. He gets really nasty to Brendan then, and Terence walks out leaving Brendan to deal with it. Cherie is back to see Simon who tells her that he's not for her and makes suggestions about activities she could participate in to meet more people her own age. But she finds them uninteresting which is funny as Simon often makes the same complaint. She seems to accept their talk. Simon invites Shirl to dinner because he wants to have a dinner party for Em but he needs to do it at her place since he lives in a flat above the pub and that wouldn't work. He'll do all the cooking and cleaning. Frank walks in and hears the menu and offers to cook a dish himself, getting himself invited much to Shirl's dismay. Bill visits Sara and this time he brings Lexie in. Lexie is a changed child, happy, open and interested in his environment. Molly makes a special feed for her cow, making her very happy. Brendan gets Arty to agree to a shower and he seems more docile now. In the shower we hear a ruckus and Brendan comes out all wet -- Arty grabbed the hose and soaked him. Marta goes in to straighten out Arty.

Vicky sees Molly's cow and is very disappointed. The cow is ready for the knackers and Vicky doesn't see the point in delaying that since the cow is useless and sick as well. Molly disagrees strongly and vows to make her healthy and strong. The hospital gets very busy so Sara decides to help out and brings in Arty's meal. He complains and shoves all the food and trays off of the table. Sara loses it and tells him off thenleaves. At the dinner party, Emily admits to being a nurse. She was in charge of Casualty when Shirl was in training. She was called "Bloody Mary". They met when the Dr.'s had sent Shirl to the supply room to get "Fallopian Tubes", and Shirl was flustered and didn't know where to go. Frank asks "Did you find them?" Dinner looks great!! They have a great time until Em announces that she would never be a burden on her family and friends (like Art), when the time came that she could no longer care for herself she will take an overdose. They all go silent for a moment and a discussion regarding euthanasia ensues.

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