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5 & 6

Original -- Dec 2/3, 1981
Showcase -- Jan 1995; Jul 5/6, 1999

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"The Itinerants"

Esme sees Simon at the clinic for nerve pills. She needs them because the fruit pickers are in town and they make her very nervous. Shirl warns Simon not to try to solve the problem but just give her the meds. Simon confides in Shirl that he is unhappy with his career and that a friend of his just got a great position in the city that he hasn't even heard about. She tells him that he stands to gain much more experience in the country as he will see a much wider range of patients and ailments. Simon also expresses his frustrations re his pursuit of Vicky. Terence has purchased a Vineyard (15 acres). There was a big fight at the pub and Bob Hatfield ends up spending the night at the hospital, he apparently has a glass jaw (and hemophilia) but can't resist fighting fruit pickers. Terence makes a house call to Cameron Farm, a big fruit farm. Mrs. Cameron is bedridden and Terence fears that Mr. Cameron will put her to work too soon. While there he sees a child in the orchard with skinny arms and legs and a pot belly. Terence believes that it is malnutrition.

Lexie (the young boy with the pot belly) shows up at the Jones farm and steals a sandwich from Molly who tried to befriend him. At the Vet clinic Molly drops in on Vicky and brings her a very nice dress in anticipation of a vet bill. Vicky is very happy. They discuss the farm and how Molly is doing better with it. Terence's Flat - Simon, Shirl and Terence discuss the boy that Terence saw earlier and make guesses at the possible diagnosis. Shirl suggests to Terence that if it's bothering him, he should go see the boy. Shirley decides to cook for Frank in order to discourage him and Vicky thinks that it's cruel of course and reserves a bed at the hospital just in case. Molly meets Marta at hospital and Bob Hatfield comes in all bloody and she almost faints. She goes home and surprises an intruder who runs past her and into the night. The next day at the hospital, Brendan comments on Marta's rosy cheeks, she has been riding the General. They discuss the break in and Brendan suggests a gun for the hospital since the drugs make them a target. Marta is dead set against guns, says too many in her past. Vicky checks the dogs at the Cameron farm since Cameron is afraid they will catch something from picker's dogs. Sara, Lexie's mother speaks to Mr. Popovich, her father in law. She is looking for Lexie and he has gone to Jones farm where he has gone to be with the animals that he loves. Sarah meets Molly and they find Lexie -- he has a bad stomach ache but Sara insists that he is fine. Molly is concerned. Vicky sees Terence at Clinic and informs him that a parasite (hydata?) has been found in the sheep up north. But it can be transferred to dogs who can in turn be transferred to humans. Terence suspects that is what is wrong with Lexie and decides to go see him armed with Jelly Beans. He asks for Vicky's assistance in obtaining the Casonna Test.

In the orchard, Lexie is shy and afraid of Terence but decides to let him examine him for Jelly Beans. Sara catches them and freaks out that this strange man is touching her son. Terence identifies himself and convinces her and Mr. Popovich to take Lexie in for tests. At the hospital Terence introduces Vicky as the vet and causes a puzzled reaction. The test is administered and will take 1/2 hour to provide results. Terence is convinced that Lexie has a hydatid cyst from the parasite and he and Vicky and Simon discuss the possibility of operating as soon as possible. Sarah overhears this and leaves the hospital with Lexie. Terence goes after her and with the help of Mr. Popovich manages to convince her to come back. At the hospital Sara gets quite upset because she remembers how Yanni, her husband had become suddenly ill, gone for surgery and died on the table. Shirl's meal is a disaster and Frank takes over the cooking and makes a good veal dish and cleans up as well, much to Shirl's dismay. Operation was difficult but a success, Sara is quite worried and spends the night at Lexie's bedside. Vicky and Simon show up at Shirls and it turns out that Simon also loves to cook and the two men hit it off and the women turn to drink. Sara feels like an inadequate mother because she has to leave to get to work. She fears loosing the job that supports the three of them. Shirl goes to Simon at the clinic the next morning and begs for something for a hangover. Simon tells her that he had a great time with Vicky and wants her help but she tells him that she is going to go somewhere and die. Cameron harasses Sara for being late and threatens to fire her. He is not even sympathetic when she explains her son's illness. Gives her a couple of days to make up her quota. In order to win Lexie's confidence, Brendan resorts to becoming "supernurse" shirt and all and gets caught by Terence much to his embarrassment. Frank visits Molly and brings her a rose bush that she recognizes and appreciates. They also discuss the break in but there is not much to report. They have a hysterical discussion about pig manure also called slurry and how it is too strong for plants. Molly will be digging all up again and starting over. Sarah visits Lexie on her lunch break not eating herself. Molly and Brendan talk and he says he is really enjoying having Lexie at Hospital. they are happy until they discover that Doris has opened the door to her pen and eaten the rose Terence and Sarah talk at the hospital and Terence warns her that these cysts may come back and that he will send her with a letter. That he must avoid being licked by dogs and that he is tired from all the giggling he did that day. Sara returns to orchard and faints while on picking ladder and falls to the ground.

It's the middle of the night and Mr. Popovich is pounding on Brendan and Molly's door. He tells them that he found Sarah in the orchard and that she is conscious, badly hurt and that he cannot move her. Brendan goes out to her and Mr. P stays with Molly who calls the ambulance. At the hospital her injuries are listed as a damaged arm needing over an hour of stitching but no more serious. One leg and one foot are also sprained. She will need bed rest for at least 2 or 3 weeks and she gets very upset upon hearing that. She is very worried about missing work and not being able to support her family. At Shirl's house in the middle of the night, the phone rings and Vicky crawls out of bed to answer it. It's Bev, calling to inform her that Jacobs' prize Hereford Cow is in labour. Vicky heads out there but not without Shirl, who is worried about Vicky being out alone with the prowler out there. She comments later on how it's been a long time since she's been on night calls. She used to go with Vicky's father. Mr. Popovich falls asleep in a chair at the hospital, exhausted from worry and depression. Marta kindly puts a blanket over him to keep him warm.

At the Jones farm Molly announces over breakfast that Percival is bringing his boar over to service Doris at 8 am! At the clinic Shirl receives a new book in the mail on chinese methods of relaxation, will this replace the pyramid? Simon is going out on call. Bill Ferguson, a single farmer, limps into the clinic with abdominal pain. He suffers from cystitis but has been feeling so good he stopped taking his pills. When Shirl tells him that Terence is sure to put him in the hospital he pretends to feel better and faints upon trying to leave. Frank is discussing the break in with Marta when the call for the ambulance comes in. Frank jumps at the chance to go to the clinic where Shirl is, to go and get the patient (Bill Ferguson). Brendan gets it into his head to match up Bill Ferguson and Sarah and a shortage of hospital beds allows him to put Bill in with Lexie. Simon drops in to the Vet Clinic to get coffee from Vicky who finds this very irritating. She reminds him that unlike him, she does everything from the doctoring to the cleaning to the paper work in her job and she doesn't have time to "make coffee". When asked why she is grumpy she informs him that she was up all night with a sick animal. Someone phones Vicky to let her know that Bill Ferguson has been admitted to the hospital and she arranges a milking schedule so his farm is taken care of during his absence.

Meanwhile, back at the pig pen, Percival has sent his young son with the boar and neither he nor Molly know anything about mating pigs. So they put them in together in the freshly painted and stenciled pig pen with the crystal chandelier and both pigs curl up and go to sleep. The young boy like her clothes and later tells his mother and Molly arranges to pay for the pig servicing fee by making an outfit. Molly speaks to Brendan at the hospital and recounts the pig story to him and says that Vicky suggested she leave them alone together for a while. But she does watch them secretly from a kitchen window, hidden from their view. The generator quits again, so she heads out to the pump room and kicks it back to life, stumbling upon Mr. Popovich who has "moved" into the pump house temporarily. He has been sacked by Cameron and will only stay if he can earn his keep. Molly starts him off in the veggie patch. Terence and Marta reassure Sara about money by informing her that because she is a member of the fruit picker's union and her accident happened at work that she will be covered by Workers Compensation. This calms her down considerably. Brendan sees Bill Ferguson who is feeling much better. He lectures him on not taking his pills, informs him he is a nurse, not a doctor and that Bill's farm is being cared for by his neighbours as Vicky has arranged. Shirl visits Molly to have an outfit made.

Brendan serves dinner to Lexie and Bill and they are getting on like a house on fire. Someone is seen going through he office but he manages to not get caught and later goes to Brendan complaining of terrible pain from a kidney stone. Harris wants drugs right away but Marta and Brendan insist on calling Simon first. Simon examines him and is not convinced that it's kidney stones and decides to try a placebo instead and plans on sending him to the renal unit in Burrigan in the morning. Brendan goes home and tries to get Mr. Popovich to come inside, to no avail. Molly is busy sewing for Shirl and sends Brendan out to sweet talk the pigs. It's middle of the night and Marta catches the new patient rifling through the office trying to get into drug cabinet. He is quite hostile from being given a placebo. Lexie comes out and is in danger so Marta give him the keys if he will just leave. He takes all he can grab and runs out. Terence is depressed about his vineyard, thinking it's run down and maybe not a wise investment. Simon decides to phone all neighboring hospitals to warn them of Harris. Sara joins Lexie and Bill and the three begin to form a relationship. Molly feeds the pigs, no action yet. Shirl reads Terence's tea leaves and sees an old man and a young boy in them. She also tells him about Mr. Popovich. Bill tells Sarah that his wife ran off with some city bloke a few years ago and that he no longer misses her. Actually feels better off without her. Sara says she can barely remember what her husband looked like sometimes. Harris shows up at Jones farm at about the same time as Shirl. Molly and Shirl call Frank who arrives quickly and they go out to help him but Harris is very ill and Frank takes him to hospital. At the hospital Simon can't understand why he can't find any needle marks when the patient is obviously a junkie. Terence tells him to check the soles of his feet. Bill is discharged from the hospital and asks rather shyly if he can come back to visit Sara and Lexie the next day after milking. He is welcome. Brendan is quite proud of his match making efforts. Mr. Popovich examines Terence's vines and tells him he has the best possible red wine (Terence's favorite) vines. They are resilient and almost always do very well. Terence is suddenly very very happy and arranges for Mr. Popovich to help out in the vinyard -- thus fulfilling the prophecy Shirl saw in his tea leaves. Doris got sick of her "boaring" lover and opens the gate and throw him out. Molly cheers her on and doesn't even want to ask Percival what will happen to him.

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