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Tacovsky, Gerry Constable Ken Waters 976
Tainsh, Tracey Virginia Richards 865, 866
Tait, Lorelei Mrs. Frazer 871
Tate, Ben Garth Pinkus 983
Tate, Nick Graham Porter 57, 58
Taylor, Colin Archie Hamill 817, 833, 843
Thane, Clarrie Kevin Mead 976
Thompson, Kerry Paramedic No. 1 887
Thomson, Helen Charlotte O'Neill 1000
Thomson, Pat Matron Galvin 68
Thomson, Shane Gary Hall 23
Tingwell, Charles "Bud" Santa Claus/Edward Seldon 1057, 1058
Tonkin, Carol Mrs. Swain 84
Toohey, Angela Amanda Rite 857, 858
Toomey, Sam Ritchie 94
Toppano, Peta Colleen Nicholls 839, 840
Tran, Phuong Tuy Mai Moo 1033, 1034
Trevarthen, Noel Doug Briggs 966, 972
Trist, Kirrilee Karen Townsend 843, 844
Truman, Jeff Tim Flanagan 853, 854
Tzoras, Toula Sister Amelia Theopoulos 974

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