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Kaff, David Darren Bannister 989
Kam, Joshua Jack Elliott 1031 to 1034
Kants, Ivar Tom Hartley 69
Jonathon Fletcher 1001, 1002
Katts, Manny Nick Theopoulous 943
Kay, Matt Barry Carlos 827, 828
Kaye, Norman Toby Olding 997, 998
Kearney, John Coach 839
Kellie, Daniel David Roberts 1053
Kelly, Caitlin Melody Bower 824, 862
Kelly, John Farmer Grogan 42
Kelly, John Ted Delaney 953
Kelly, Lorna Vanessa Rennet 973
Keneally, Laura Madeleine Lockwood 998
Kennedy, Patricia Vera Boardman 1029, 1030
Kennedy, Paul Neville Muldoon 887
Kennedy, Susan Mrs. Rowe 872
Kennelly, Sheila Hazel Walmsley 39, 40
Kennelly, Sheila Val Laski 993, 994
Kent, Jenny Penelope Rose 891
Kermond, Dene Peter Martin 1039, 1040
Kermond, Warren Man #1 80
Kerslake, David Clive Williams 38
Keshishian, Norma Mrs. Andrews 918
King, Dacre Mr. Robertson 1040
Kingsbury, Jan Marilyn Jamieson 28
Kissin, Harold Raymond Burnett 43, 44
Tom Grainger 857
Clarrie O'Reilly 998
Kotsis, Rossi Wayne McDonald 1034
Kott, Jacqueline Jean Morrison 951, 952
Kounnas, Mark Micheal Porter 57, 58
Kouros, Stan Peter Lewis 881, 882
Kozuki, Michael Yoshiyuki Matsushima 915
Krok, Matthew Vernon Jr. 839
Kwanten, Ryan Ben Lloyd 963, 964

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