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Acres, Mary Mrs. Glasson 1001
Adam, John Rick Morrison 857, 858
Adams, Carol Mrs. Action 951
Adamson, Georgia Laura Vincent 1029
Adcock, Danny Antec Strzelecki 925, 926
Det. Donolly 25, 26
Adele, Jan Mrs. Howie 835
Andrewartha, Janet Lisa Davis 971, 972
Ahluwalia, Jasbir Mr. Singh 925
Aitkens, Michael Eric Brewer 38
Akhurst, Veronica Female announcer - v. o. 933
Allen, Marilyn Myfannwy Gates 901
Allen, Michael George Haddon 847
Allsop, Cassie Liz Cooke 989
Ambrosoli, Paul Race Caller - v. o. 931, 932
Anderson, Andy Colin Townsend 844
Sean Thomas 1037, 1038
Anderson, Brian Mr. Lang 27
Anderson, Brooke "Mikey" Dee Dee Mann 935, 936
Anderson, Faye Helen Hall 63, 64
Angus, Debbie Dr. Lee Trevor 69, 70
Angus, Debbie Technician 854
Anton, Louise Receptionist 854
Antonios, Kim Nadia Khoury 83, 84
Aquilia, Carla Pam Koski 983
Armytage, Lisa Jane Lindsay 897, 898
Ashby, Jeff Det. Cairns 25, 26
Ashford, Michael Johnny 849
Assange, Richard Larry Sykes 902
Ayers, Angie Jessica Owen 9

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