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  Top Ten Animal Ailments and Injuries  
  We're still compiling this data but some of the contenders for top cause of injury, illness, and death in animals in the Valley are:
mastitis, hydata parasite, foot and mouth, birth, cancer, pinkeye

Please check out
  HOW WILL WE DO IT? Our crack team of statisticians have assigned a numerical value to each illness in the Valley -- 3 points are awarded if an animal actually suffers from the injury/ailment during the course of the show, 2 points if a false disease scare runs rampant through the Valley, and 1 point if the disease is mentioned in passing but not actually experienced over the course of an episode. Keep in mind that our guys haven't finished compiling all the episode information yet so these rankings may change suddenly at a moment's notice and may not coincide with your memories of the many people who've been hurt on the show.  

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