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  Wandin Valley Time (WVT) Warps  
  "Wandin Valley Time" is that magical time/space phenomenon in which time on the show passes at a fiercely accelerated pace to the "real world", slows down drastically, or is just plain wrong. Here are the ones that I've noticed:
  1. Frank and Shirley were married in May 1982 (#53/54). However, their first anniversary after Shirl's death came about in July of 1992 (#931 - "The Odds Against").

  2. Also, their foiled celebrations in March 1991 (#809/810 - "Doctors In Love") were supposedly for their 8th anniversary...it should have been their 9th.

  3. Darcy's sister Amber died in May 1992 (#919/920 - "Sleeping Beauty") but was said to have died 18 months ago in an October 1992 episode (#955/956 - "Falling Free")....that's about 13 months wide of the mark, which is a bit excessive.

  4. In "Wild Card" (ep #996) Tom's old friend Dave says that it's been 18 months since 17 May 1991, but the episode aired 20 April 1993...which, if you're counting, is actually 23 months (5 months more than they say).

  5. Terence's birthday in 1993 occurred in a June episode. However, in "Every Move You Make" (#944), which aired in late August/early September 1992, his birthday was stated as being on Sept. 2.

  6. In "Crimes and Misdemeanors" (ep #1024 -- which aired on July 27, 1993) Kate accuses Harry of "rabbiting on about Jules for the past 9 months". However, the car accident ( that paralyzed Jules) occurred happened in an episode which aired in May. There was an extreme case of WVT associated with this whole accident situation, in fact...2 months "apparently" passed from one episode to another when Harry was recovering in the hospital.

  7. In "Mozart Rules" (which aired in August 1987), Donna was preparing a Mozart's birthday party for Ben. However, Mozart was born January 27, 1756, so August seems a bit wide of the mark.

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