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Timeline of Major Events
NOTE: The passage of time on "A Country Practice" could be very...um...fluid and the date and season in a given episode may not have reflected the date and season of the actual airing of that episode. As well, sometimes a great deal of time passed between episodes that aired only a week apart which further distorts the time period of a given episode (see the "Mistakes" section of this web site for more information about time discrepancies). The dates given below are the original air dates of the respective episodes. To see a detailed description of an episode (where available), click on the episode number.
1 11/81 Simon arrives in Wandin Valley. Terence, Frank, Shirl, Marta, Vicky already there. Judy there as guest.
4 11/81 Bob's first show (had been in Valley all his life, though)
6 12/81 Esme's first show (had been in Valley all her life, though)
17 01/82 Cookie's first show (had been in Valley for quite some time, though)
54 05/82 Frank and Shirley get married
??? 09/82 Judy's first return appearance on the show
81 09/82 Chloe Jones is born
99 10/82 Joyce Jacobs, Syd Heylen, and Gordon Piper's first appearance as regulars
107 02/83 Emily Nicol's first episode as Chloe Jones
111 09/82 Terence has a sudden heart attack
126 04/83 Marta Kurtesz returns to Hungary
141 05/83 Maggie Sloan arrives in the Valley
178 10/83 Simon and Vicky get engaged
184 10/83 Simon and Vicky get married
312 06/85 Molly dies of leukemia
332 08/85 Vicky gives birth to her twins in a barn
350 10/85 Ben Green and Kelly Shanahan arrive in the Valley
351 10/85 Vicky leaves for America
366 02/86 Simon leaves to join Vicky
384 04/86 Brendan and Chloe leave the Valley
385 04/86 Jo Loveday arrives to stay with her cousin, Judy
392 05/86 Kelly Shanahan leaves for a TV reporting job in Sydney
398 06/86 Peter Manning arrives in the Valley
406 07/86 Donna Manning, Peter's sister, arrives in the Valley
410 07/86 Judy Loveday leaves the Valley
484 06/87 Cathy Hayden's first episode
492 06/87 Peter Manning leaves the Valley
506 08/87 Donna Manning is killed in a car accident
517 09/87 Michael Langley arrives in Wandin Valley
549 03/88 Matt Tyler arrives to replace Ben Green
550 03/88 Alex Fraser and Terence Elliott get married
554 03/88 Ben Green leaves for NYwith his old sweetheart, Barbara Gottlieb
594 08/88 Sophie Elliott dies of a drug overdose
636 03/89 Jo Loveday and Michael Langley get married and leave for Armidale
638 03/89 Alex Fraser-Elliott leaves for 3 months in a northern aboriginal settlement
639 03/89 Lucy Gardiner arrives in the Valley
643 04/89 Cris Kouros arrives in the Valley
645 04/89 Jessie Kouros, Cris's daughter, arrives in the Valley
668 07/89 Luke Ross arrives in the Valley
678 08/89 Terence and Alex realize that their marriage is over and that Alex won't be returning to the Valley
724 03/90 Maggie Sloan leaves to travel the world with Lachlan Morrison
726 03/90 Cathy Hayden marries John Freeman and leaves for a new job in Kakadu
727 04/90 Steve Brennan's first appearance
729 04/90 Ann Brennan, Steve's half sister, arrives in the Valley
774 09/90 Matt and Lucy get married
812 03/91 Cris, Ann, and Jessie leave the Valley for Melbourne
813 03/91 Rosemary Prior arrives in the Valley
817 04/91 Harry Morrison arrives in the Valley
825 05/91 Kate Bryant arrives in the Valley
845 07/91 Steve Brennan is killed falling off her horse
875 11/91 Darcy Hudson arrives in the Valley
885 01/92 Hugo Strzelecki arrives in the Valley
898 03/92 Luke leaves to join the Air Force in Melbourne. Bob and Cookie leave to travel Australia.
899 03/92 Tom Newman and his wife, Allison, arrive in the Valley (Allison leaves in 900?)
910 04/92 Lucy finally gives birth to son James and she and Matt leave for Vietnam. Bernice Hudson arrives in the Valley
911 04/92 Bob and Cookie return from Darwin and Bob decides to buy the Magnolia Vale pub for them to run. Bernice Hudson arrives in the Valley.
913 05/92 Anna and Billy arrive in the Valley
923 06/92 Shirley Gilroy is killed in a plane crash
968 11/92 Tom and Anna get married (twice -- once on Christmas Eve and once on Christmas Day)
1000 05/93 Kate and Harry get married
Note: This page is still under construction. The format of this page may change as the remaining events are added over the next several weeks so please bear with me.

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